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The Mystery of Worship

Updated on September 8, 2016

Worship is life, worship is a path, worship is a proclamation, worship is a fellowship, worship is the way upward. When we worship all our beings move towards him, for it isn't worship if it isn't towards him. Worship is "Lord what would you have me do". In worship, we see only HIM, we desire HIM alone, we want to please HIM alone and we never wish to leave HIM alone. Worship is love, worship is the testimony of Jesus.

By Worship We Die to Live

Worship is the path to life and death. By worship we die and live. By worship we die to live. In the natural world, the true order is that we must live (at birth) to die (complete the cycle of life). But in God's kingdom we must die to live. We must die by worship and we must in like-manner live by worship. Jesus died by worship, Jesus lived by worship. When we die we have access to the testimony, the testimony of Jesus and by this we become true Prophets of the new testament not merely by manifestation but by nature because the Elohim are prophets by nature.

What Worship is not

Worship is not singing but singing can be a part of worship if and only if singing at that point in time including the song is what the Father requires of you.

Worship isn't dancing or crying but dancing and crying can be a form of worship if and only if the 'dancing' or 'crying' was as a result of an intoxication of the spirit and in turn an expression the Father required at that time.

Worship is Absolute Surrenderness

This then means that worship is submission, worship means absolute surrenderness. Worship means submission to a higher authority. Worship means selflessness. Worship means rest. Worship means a reversal of the programs or instructions that expires the soul. It is the submission to a higher program or instruction. Worship is oneness with God. Worship is oneness with your brothers and fellow angelic creatures who have the testimony. Worship is willingly offering yourself. Worship is a willing sacrifice. It is an intentional submission to a rule or authority or unto His kingship and our slavery.

Worship is an Expression of Love

Worship is reference. Worship is awe. Worship is a holy fear. Worship is the fear of the holy one. By worship we can take the testimony, we can eat the scroll, we can touch life. Your sacrifice level determines your level or depth of worship. Worship is throwing away your personal ambitions and ego but embracing His plans and purpose.

Worship is an expression of love (agape). It is an intoxication of the spirit.

You can see most of our "Sunday Worship Services" and our "Worship Sessions" are far from worship.

Worship the Father in Spirit and Truth

The Father is the one to be worshipped, this kind of worship could only be found within the sphere of Truth (The Son) and the Spirit (HolyGhost). Outsde here there can be no true worship or fellowship. Adding any other thing like human methods to these would mean nothing close to worship. Cosmos knows nothing about worship because she doesn't know Truth nor the Spirit. Worship is a high level of interraction. It is an outlet of the true state of a man's spirit in unison with God. It is a God-ward expression of man's spirit

How do you evaluate what you have known to be worship?

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