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The Names of God - Part III

Updated on May 24, 2011

Welcome friends and Hubbers! This is the final part of three that I hope will help you learn the many names of God. Most of these are unfamiliar, as they were to me, but they appear in the Bible many times and reveal the character and nature of our Heavenly Father. The Bible was written to help us form a personal relationship with Him. It is God's guidebook on how to live and how to have a fulfilling, joyful, and content life! Hopefully, by the end of Part III, you and I will see how mighty, loving, and awesome our God truly is.

Again, I want to express my thanks to several hubbers for helping to inpire me and encourage me on my walk with the Lord. Weathmadehealthy, Dave Matthews, Skye2day, JinyMarte, Barrydan, and many other believers! I want to give a special thanks to my dear friend, Pastor Pycraft, who really showed me what a true, Bible believing Christian is like and leading me to Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Pycraft presented this study to our adult Bible study class many years ago and I wanted to share it with all of you. The credit goes to God and Pastor Pycraft for the information!

SUR or PETRA - Rock

This is one of my favorite names. Throughout the Bible, God/Jesus are known as the Rock. It means a massive, immovable Rock, whose strength provides security through any storm we encounter in life! Sur or Petra speaks of God's stability, power, and unlimited ability to meet every need a Christian needs, no matter how difficult the problem is. (Deuteronomy 32:4, 15-18, 30-31)

Sur(Petra) is the Rock of our soul's salvation. God pulled us up from the pit of sin. Psalm 40:1-4). King David praises God for being the Rock of his salvation. David uses the term Rock throughout the Psalms. We are to praise God for our deliverance (salvation) from our enemies.

Sur(Petra) is also our eternal source of strength. Our Rock is always available to provide us strength in the midst of every storm and trial. He does this through answered prayer. (Psalm 28:1-2) When the Israelites were in the wilderness, Christ was the spiritual Rock they drew strength from. ( I Corinthians 10:4)

The New Testament Church is built upon the Rock. (Petra) Jesus Christ is the Rock on which the church is built...a "rock of offense" to the world. (Romans 9:33, I Peter 2:8)

When life gets to be too much for us to handle, we have a Rock we can climb, cling to, find comfort in and can withstand any trial or storm in life.  He is Jesus Christ!

EL-ROI - the Strong One Who Sees

El-Roi is revealed back in the time of Abraham, specifically to Hagar, his maidservant with whom he fathered a child. Sarai, Abraham's wife, is angry with Hagar because of this. Hagar is treated horribly and finally flees from Sarai into the wilderness. Hagar's name means, "fugitive, or to flee". Hagar ends up by a fountain of water and a man, El Roi comes to meet her needs.

El-Roi sees every situation in your life. Meeting Hagar in the wilderness shows that God takes a personal interest in us and sees the good and the bad.

El-Roi desires to give us all direction and guidance to every one of these situations. Hagar received specific instructions from God. (Genesis 16:9) Job understood that God sees and directs. God wants to guide and direct every path of every believer! He is there to provide help and encouragement. God promised Hagar to help her and was present with her.  When we stumble and fall, God picks us up and we move forward with Him.

Jesus in El Roi, since He sees all and will judge even our secrets which no one else knows! (Romans 2:16)

SEMAH - the Branch

Anyone who has read the New Testament knows that during Jesus' ministry he often used the 'branch' and the 'vine' in his teachings. That was not by accident. Semah or Branch is a Messianic title that speaks of Jesus as the sprout or branch that shoots forth from God the Father, who is the vine or tree. Christ is of the Father and we must remember that. Jesus is and always has been a direct stem from the Father. It is often used in reference to the Second Coming of Christ in which He will rule and reign with power.

The Branch has certain characteristics. (Isaiah 11:1-110. The Branch will be filled with the Holy Spirit and rule in righteousness. Earth will be restored to its original state of peace. Israel will be restored also and protected. (Jeremiah 23:5-8).

Jesus is our Branch. He is called the 'dayspring from on high." Christ grew out of Judah and is the legitimate heir to David's throne. (Hebrews 7:14)

Believers are also called branches since we are all shooting off the vine, getting our divine strength, which is Jesus. (John 15: 5-8)

PARACLETE - Comforter

Another of my favorite names of God! This relates intimately to the believer. Paraclete is one who is called alongside to help. The blessed Spirit of God is in the world to dwell with the Christian as their consoler, helper, and source of strength.

Paraclete is the third person of the Godhead - The Holy Spirit. He is equal to Christ and an earthly representation of the Father. (John 14:16-18)

In these times, Paraclete is to represent us and present our needs to the Father as Jesus does in Heaven. Paraclete is revealing to us God's truth as our teacher, to remind us of Jesus, and to offer comfort and encouragement.

He comforts us by being our prayer partner, sometimes praying for us when we don't know what to say. He is our teacher and is there to comfort us when we are hurting.

Jesus is knocking on YOUR door.  Please let Him into your heart!
Jesus is knocking on YOUR door. Please let Him into your heart!

THURA - the door

Jesus Christ is the living door. Like a shepherd who will lie across the entrance to the sheep pen, Christ cares for us who are the sheep in His pasture. We that come through the living Door find peace and safety from life's trials and removes our burdens. Jesus is Thura of life itself...without Him there is no life. (John 10:1-18)

Jesus is the living Door of Salvation. Jesus is the only way to enter God's sheepfold (Heaven) No other way can get you to Heaven. He is the Door because He is the only one accepted by God, the Father. Jesus gave His own life for us, the sheep so the only way to the Father is by Jesus!(John 10: 7-18)

Jesus is our Shepherd. He is our leader, protector, and our voice. Jesus is the way to abundant life. He didn't just give us existence, but exceedingly super abundant life. (John 10:10).

Doors are not only used for an entrance, but they also divide. You cannot be on the inside of a door and the outside at the same time. To be on the inside with Thura is to turn your back on the world. If you choose to be outside, you turn your back on Jesus Christ and follow the world!

Jesus literally saves!
Jesus literally saves!

YASHA - Savior

Another favorite of mine...Our God of the Bible makes it perfectly clear that He is the only Savior who can deliver mankind from himself and sin. In the Old Testament, Yasha delivered people from real life enemies and catastrophy. Yasha, through Moses parted the Red Sea to allow the Israelites to escape Pharoah's army. God used human saviors in the book of Judges to deliver Israel. (Judges 2:16, I Samuel 17:45-47).

Yasha also delivered Israel from spiritual problems. He delivered them from idol worship, which they did repeatedly.  

Yasha, in the New Testament, rescues us from sin and its effects. Yasha provides salvation for sinners because of His great love. He also saves us to redeem us from our iniquities in order to produce good works. He will finally save our souls and our bodies forever.

Asah created the Universe from nothing.
Asah created the Universe from nothing.
Let there be Light!
Let there be Light!

ASAH - Maker

Asah means to mold or shape into a certain form. God uses the potter to illustrate this. A potter can mold and shape clay into whatever shape he desires. So our God, our Maker, the one who made the universe and everything in it by His creative mind enables us to recognize that He formed us and gave us life by His awesome power. (Isaiah 54:5)

Asah is the creater of earth and the heavens. His Creation gives us proof that He exists and is Sovereign. (Romans 1:19-20)

The world rebels against Asah. Sin has been ruining our planet for thousands of years. It is groaning in pain to be delivered from these effects. Man has always rebelled against the idea that God is his Maker and rebels even against the way God has made him.

Since Asah is our Maker, that makes us responsible to Him. We are to be willing for God to mold and shape us as the Master Potter. We are responsible to worship Him and enjoy God's creation and praise Him for it!

Old Faithfu
Old Faithfu

PISTOS - Faithful

This name of God provides assurance to believers. It means faithful, realiable, and absolutely certain. Pistos carries with it the idea of God being totally worthy to be believed. When John, in Revelation 19:11 sees Heaven open and the Lord descending on a white horse, His name is called Pistos! He is named Faithful because He promised He would come back to fulfill His blessed promises. (Revelation 19:11-16).

Pistos' presence is faithful. The past saints have called Him this. Today, He is faithful as our High Priest and will be Faithful as our coming King.

His promises are also Faithful. God's Word clearly states that his promises will be kept...all of them. He guarantees our Salvation and promises to forgive us and keep us from evil.

We, in turn, are to be faithful to Pistos! We will be judged for our faithfulness (Luke 12:42, 16:10). We are chosen by Pistos for service according to our faithfulness and as God's stewards we are expected to be faithful as well.

Jesus crucified at Calvary.
Jesus crucified at Calvary.
He endured this, and then died...for US!
He endured this, and then died...for US!


Once again, the shepherd and sheep illustration is used. This name, Lamb, describes the loving heart of God. The love so strong that Jesus' sacrifice was carried out. Lamb speaks of how great God's loving heart for mankind is. The Lamb, Jesus, was slain, actually butchered, for our sins. Jesus is due our praise for this monumental act of love! We need to learn and practice praise now, for when we are in Heaven, we will praise Him with the angelic hosts for eternity!

Amnos is the sacrificial and glorified Lamb. Jesus fulfilled all of the Old Testament prophecies, concerning the lamb being slain for sin. He is the final sacrifice and His sinless Blood paid for our sins. (I John 1:7).

Arnion, the Glorified Lamb only is found in Revelation. When Jesus died he earned the right to be worshiped and adored. The Lamb has been given great power and authority, who will begin the Tribulation period by opening the first Seal Judgment. Arnion is to be worshiped, and will give power to the saints to overcome Satan. (Revelation 12:10-11, 14: 1-5). He is the Lamb of Glory for all eternity.

We need to worship the Lamb daily, since He was slain for our sins and we will be worshiping Him throughout eternity in Heaven.


I find it interesting that Jesus, Himself says, "...I am...the bright and morning star." Revelation 22:16. It appears that God wants to set the record straight about who really is the Morning Star. Venus is the morning star most of us know. It appears in the morning that heralds in a new day. When all the other stars are dimming, the morning star stands bright. So, Christ became the morning star to bring a new light and forgiveness into a world full of darkness and sin.

Jesus is called the Morning Star to bring Him glory. Jesus wasn't the only one that claims to be the morning star...Satan claims it also. (Isaiah 14:12-15). He may be the "star" with the keys to the bottomless pit. (Revelation 9:1-4)

Jesus is also called Morning Star for magnification. In prophecy, Christ was foretold to come as the "Star out of Jacob". As the "day star" which lives in our hearts, it should cause us to magnify His name.

Finally, Jesus is called the Morning Star for evangelizing. Christians who have overcome, by the blood of the Lamb, have been given the Morning Star. Jesus made it clear in the New Testament that He is the "Light of the world."

He will be known as Wonderful Counselor!
He will be known as Wonderful Counselor!

PELE-YAATS - Wonderful Counselor

The Lord is our Wonderful Counselor.  His wisdom and counsel shall stand forever because of His infinite wisdom.  The Lord has the correct advice for everyone on the face of this planet.  There is none, not one problem that we will ever have for which Pele-Yaats does not have the answer, not AN answer, but the BEST answer.  When Jesus was on this earth, His wisdom amazed multitudes and it still does amaze us!  You can't go wrong when you are being advised or directed by an incredible, all knowing, wise God. 

His counsel will stand forever and cannot be refuted. (Proverbs 21:30).  It never changes and produces riches, honor, and righteousness.  It is full of compassion since Jesus has encountered our weaknesses and infirmities when on this earth.  This compassion will continue into eternity.  (Isaiah 11:1-9).

Today, Pele-Yaats counsel is available...through His Word and through the Holy Spirit.


This concludes my 3 part series on the Names of God. Even though I took this study many years ago, I had forgotten much of it. I hope you learned as much as I did. Creating these has recalled the Truths I previously learned and reinforces in my mind and heart the awesome power of our Lord. I hope you will visit some of my other hubs. Many have been inspired by others on the Hub and also by the Holy Spirit. And most of all, get into the Word of God.  It was written for YOU, by an awesome God that loves you more than anyone could!

God Bless all of you!

Turn to God, confess and will be forgiven and gain eternal life!
Turn to God, confess and will be forgiven and gain eternal life!

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