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Christianity: The Philosophy Of New Creature

Updated on July 28, 2016

If you believe that you are the person that you are looking at in the mirror, you do nowhere near understand the nature of the new creature. He is a complete invisible divine person in the process of manifestation.

The new creature is an entity with supreme power over the law of sin and death, created to exercise dominion over the earth and all that is within it. It is the perfect expression of God’s glory and the voice of divine authority. The new creature is you.

Unfortunately, as awesome as this truth sounds, only a tiny fraction of Christians have a revelation such as this. Why? This happens because of the emphasis on fundamentalist teachings in churches across the country. The death, burial, and resurrection of Christ along with the gift of salvation is preached to a lesser or greater degree in churches across America. .


The deeper knowledge of God goes undiscovered, either because pastors or evangelist place too much emphasis on prosperity or they are unwilling to go beyond their denominational doctrine. But in order to launch out into the deeper things of God, the limited denominational identity must be abandoned. Instead all believers must adapt an open mind to all truth, truth that can only be given by the revelation of the Holy Ghost. All truth is of God. However, in some instances, it must be separated from falsehood. Only those who are mature in Christ and who are guided by the Holy Spirit are able to hold on to the good and discard the bad. To do this, a believer must act with the knowledge that God’s word alone is the foundation upon which all spiritual knowledge is judged. I have studied a great deal of spiritual doctrine, ranging from eastern religions to western doctrines and philosophies as well as new age material. As a result, I am fully convinced that Christianity is the eternal foundation and the only way to salvation. God promised that those who are ambitious for righteousness shall be given the “treasures of darkness and the hidden riches of secret places.” This means the deeper, unfamiliar reserves of God’s wisdom laid up for them who believe all things are possible. Therefore, I am able to understand and experience the glory of the new creature, no matter what type of truth I have studied

Bible Belt of America

Voice of Authority

The engaging personality of the new creature invested within every believer features a host of miraculous characteristics and incredible godliness, all of which is waiting to manifest by the Sons of God.

The voice of authority is a characteristic of the new creature. Speaking the truth with authority is one of the most powerful underrated practices of the children of God. If Christians understood the value of speaking God’s word under all kinds of pressure and in all types of conditions and circumstances, their lives would be overtaken by a multitude of blessings. I have spoken God’s word in many circumstances and have been rewarded with joy, peace, and deliverance, no matter what the surroundings suggested. My hold life has been a life of peace. As Christians we must understand that we are surrounded by an invisible atmosphere of demonic forces that are ever trying to destroy not only the men and women of God, but all humanity. I start using the voice of authority early in the morning and end late into the night. It is a constant warfare with no retreat on the enemy’s part. Demonic spirits manipulate the thoughts of man to cause despair, sorrow, pain, hatred, war, and death. But the word of God is like a consuming fire to the enemies of God which makes them flee upon hearing it. When we speak it though the day either audibility or silently within our heart, it truly transforms our day. On the job we will perform our work with peace and prosperity because the pressure of getting things done is no longer stressing.

Often times, when I speak the promises of God in hours of weariness, the power of the Spirit shoot through my body like an electric current. When this occurs, I am instantly revitalized. This is because the word of God is life and joy to those who trust in it.

Christians must make using the voice of authority a habit and routine. It must become as natural as eating and sleeping. The more our soul is stirred with the truth, the greater our joy will manifest. We must practice the voice of authority until we overcome the spirit of fear and self- consciousness. Many Christians are embarrassed to speak God’s word with authority or boldness, especially in public places. We worry about whether people will think of us as crazy or mentally ill. In other words, we attempt to save our reputation. But to experience and manifest the glory of the new creature, the old self- image must be forsaken. It is no longer a part of who we are. You are the new creature. To try to protect an identity that is no longer ours is to hold on to the old human ways of life. Our old thoughts, habits, and attitudes will only continue to bring us misery and pain. The new creature invites us into the newness of the Christ life where new thoughts, habits, and attitudes bring us peace and prosperity whenever we go. When we no longer think of ourselves as number one, the Christ within us, which is the new creature, becomes our main focus. We allow ourselves to be instruments for Christ, revealing His glory and speaking with the voice of authority wherever we go.


Confessing Our New Identity

Confession of what God has said about us as the new creature is to manifest our new identity. Our daily practice of this activity will lead us to the understanding that our human hood must continually vanish until it is truly no longer anything left of us that we can call human. The new creature is the representative of the new. The old is gone forever. We overcome the world as we let go of the things pertaining to our old nature, including our friends and family. As human, we seek honor, praise, and glory from our peers. We seek to be liked an admired by our loves ones. Children are raised to look for love from their parents, husbands and wives look for love from each other. Friends seek honor and praise from one another. What others say about us lives with our souls forever and determines the course of our lives. Many people follow a life of destruction-drugs, crime, and violence-because of what has been said or not said about them. This is the power of influence. We silently carry within our hearts what others have said about us since our childhood. However, parents who tell their children positive things about themselves usually raise pretty confident children while parents who scold and say negative things about their children usually raise children who cause them heartache and pain throughout their lifetime. This is the reason all Christian parents should teach their children to confess what God has said about them.

Confessing what God has said about us transforms us into the very image of Christ, the divine nature. The more we confess scripture and the promises of God, the greater our mastery over the flesh becomes. The more we confess “I am a new creature. Old things are passed away,” the more we see our lives taking on a new meaning and direction. We begin to think, feel, and act differently. We fall in love with our surroundings. We love and forgive our neighbors more. We treat people differently. We become friendlier and are drawn to them. We become eager to share the life the new creature by glorifying others with knowledge and understanding.

Expressing the Power of the Resurrection

The new creature makes expresses the resurrection power within us. The new creature contains the most empowering spiritual truths that can be applied in a believer’s life and affairs. Our daily lives are bombarded with negative thoughts and emotions as a result of our struggles and temptations. Our jobs, homes, and neighborhoods are filled with pressure and pain. Unemployment, dysfunctional families, and crime ridden communities challenge our resolve. However, if we cannot control our thoughts, we will submit to failure and victimization. This is the reason why the resurrection power is powerful substitutes for the feeling of victimization. The more we affirm the truth of our being, the more we make demands on the resurrection power within us. Affirmations can spark the resurrection power within us and lift us to a whole new level of freedom. Replacing dis-empowering thoughts and emotions about ourselves brings God’s power on the scene. For example, I stir up the resurrection power early in the morning before my daily journeys and adventures, either audibly or silently within my heart. “I am filled with power, love and gratitude.” This affirmation generates power and makes my day exceedingly peaceful and productive whether I am facing challenges at work or at home.

In fact, the believer should have at least three or four affirmation memorized and ready to use at any given moment. They will give him or her magnificent burst of inspiration and creativity in handling the affairs within our lives. Experience tells us that when we approach our activities with confidence and joy, we do well, but when we confront this same activity with worry and fear, we often invite failure. Therefore affirmations should become our daily spiritual bread.


Walking in Supernatural Freedom

Is your life full of Supernatural Freedom?

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Supernatural Freedom and Power

An attribute of the new creature is supernatural freedom. We are equipped to reveal the glory of God by displaying supernatural freedom within our lives. The glory of God’s supernatural freedom must be displayed within the children of God everywhere. Our supernatural freedom in God must shine before man wherever we go. Joy, magnetism, and healing are aspects of this supernatural freedom. According to the word of God, whenever the children of God allow supernatural freedom to operate within them, the world will be impacted in the most dramatic ways. People will accept salvation by the hundreds and thousands. People will experience healing of various infirmities as well as deliverance from the bondage of fear. Apostle Paul and Apostle Peter as well as hundreds of other men of God performed unimaginable acts of God wherever they visited. Freedom in God means that a constant flow of God’s power is pulsating through us, influencing our neighbors as well as our surrounding.


Your Authority in the Kingdom

The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom
The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom

Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom shows the believer how to obtain victory over adversity by walking in the Supernatural power of God.


The resurrection power within every believer is the gift of dominion that God has bestowed upon His children. The demonic activity of Satan cannot stand against this power and all things are possible with this resurrection power. This power cannot be measured or calculated. It is the gift beyond imagination. Fear and despair cannot exist under the activation of this power. The resurrection power destroys all sickness, disease and death in the life the believer. The resurrection power is the same power that rose up Jesus from the dead. This power offers great assurance of life and freedom for the children of God. Joy of heart and peace of mind are components of this power, regardless of conditions or circumstances. Although fears of disasters such as poverty, drought and unemployment may skyrocket, the faithful Christian will not be disturbed either in his mind or emotions. The resurrections power gives a believer the authority to come and go without restrictions. Any believer with the revelation of this power will be a security force of safety for family, friends, and neighbors. All it takes is just one saint, who is filled with the presence and power of God, to be able to destroy the negative times and the seasons, and transform a neighborhood or community into peaceable habitation and sure dwellings. Every child of God with the faith to believe that all things are possible has been given the dominion to establish God’s safety in whatever environment it is needed. I have been a believer for many years. Before I came into the knowledge of this revelation regarding the resurrection power, I was fearful of going in and coming out of a neighborhood overtaken by drugs, crime, and gangs. I often returned home before darkness descended upon the neighborhood. However, in this experience, I came to know about the gift of dominion that God has giving to all the saints. Then I was able to apply this power and witness dramatic changes within the neighborhood. Drugs and crime stopped and the gangs were shut down by the power of God. These changes happened because the presence and power of God activated within me had overthrown the principalities and powers at work in the community. Therefore, Christians should never let the resurrection power lie dormant within them; I had to activate this magnificent power by claiming, speaking the truth and exalting God above the demonic situations that I was facing within my life. Since then I am delighted to say God has never failed me.


Your Identity in God

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Furthermore, as children of God, our duty is to defeat the enemies of God in whatever environment we may find ourselves. However, we must remember that our fight is not with people but with the demonic powers that utilize people as instruments of unrighteousness. Sometimes men chose not to align themselves with righteousness. According to the word of God in whatever place with go or find ourselves is holy ground. God has given this earth to the children of God. However, this must be a revelation within our hearts and minds if we are to take command over such situations and circumstances.

Both pastors and members must endeavor to teach the mystery of the new creature and the resurrection power instilled within it. If the power of the new creature is to become prominent in the lives of the saints, it must be taught above the concepts of worldly prosperity. The new creature and the resurrection power don’t come easily; they must be earned through prayer and fasting, and through the passionate pursuit of deep abiding truth without respect for tradition or doctrine. However, Christ must always be the foundation of any teachings. Different or strange doctrines hold truth that has been contaminated by the power of darkness. These strange doctrines are communicated to tempt people into believing in doctrinal foundations other than Christ, the Lord. Therefore, we must be aware of strange doctrines. Instead we must be led by the Holy Spirit. According to the bible, God’s deep, unfamiliar truth represents the treasures of darkness and hidden riches in secret places promised to the chosen ones. However, I would not recommend this deeper pursuit of knowledge by babes in Christ Jesus. The danger of being led away into false doctrine is extremely great. Babes must first be rooted and grounded in the fundamental teachings of Christ Jesus. Christ is the foundations and the only means by which anyone can receive salvation. The Holy Spirit or the resurrection power is the only channel by which we can defeat and overcome the dragon that attempts oppress the operation of the new creature in the earth.


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