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The New Moon in Virgo

Updated on August 14, 2020

In astrology, one of the most interesting concepts to study about is the new moon sign. If you’re one to find horoscopes intriguing, this article is definitely for you. You will read about the new moon in Virgo and what happens when it transits in Virgo.

The New Moon Sign

The new moon is the start of the first phase of a lunar cycle. It is not visible to the naked eye as it aligns with the sun, which is why it is also known as a dark moon. The new moon reflects our needs and ways to be nurtured and taken care of, as well as inclination towards starting new things and taking big steps. The new moon also justifies the catch phrase “It’s just a phase” by virtue of the fact that the new moon not only affects the earth’s tides, but also causes a shift in the sleeping patterns of individuals, hence affecting their moods and emotions as well. The new moon is responsible for making us copy the way it behaves, which then not only controls how we behave but also how we act.

During this new moon phase, the nights are only inclusive of the natural light of stars and other celestial objects which causes the sky to be darker than usual. During this time, one is unable to perceive the moon because it is blurred between the light of the stars. Even when the new moon cannot be seen by individuals, one can never underestimate the amount of power its influence holds and the way it impacts our personality traits individually.

Importance of New Moon

The new moon holds significance as its appearance symbolizes new beginnings and the start of new things in life. This is a sign that people are always keen to use in order to start new things when it comes to business, relationships etc. The new moon in any star reflects the old goals and accomplishment as well as the determination to set new goals. Its significance is what makes this time ideal for packing up things and focusing on new and important stuff as well as prioritizing goals in life. When transitioning in a critical sign, the new moon touches moody and emotional aspects of individuals by causing a shift in feelings.

New Moon in Virgo

Being a mutable earth sign, Virgo is, simply put, a planner. In inherent complexity Virgo zodiac energy is organized and logic oriented, assisting people in need. Since they are flexible to change, they are open to new possibilities and experience as well, but occasionally also seem to indulge themselves in the ‘what ifs’ and anxieties in a situation. The new moon in Virgo most likely always occur in the Virgo season, a time when the sun is also in Virgo. What this means is that the star sign has to handle loads of zodiac energy combined with that of the new moon as well as the sun. Since Virgo is represented by the symbol of the earth maiden, it is beneficial for new beginnings, after all the energy exerted in the Leo season. Virgo, being a service and health-oriented zodiac sign, they move towards the self-improvement as well as that of people around them.

Since this is a time of new beginnings and starting things fresh, the new moon takes place near the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, opposing the Uranus. This becomes a reason for individuals to focus on goal building exercises and activities. This is also why this time becomes a key moment for people to incorporate healthy and productive traits into their own personality such as mindfulness, critical, helpful, and analytical etc. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Libra suggests a good-spirited energy which paves way for staying motivated and inspired for the upcoming ventures where as the opposition of the new moon to Uranus suggests that people need to find ways they can organizes their activities in different aspects, likely to be one that is new and challenging.

The commitment to personal goals and expressing energy that’s positive to those around them, the new moon in Virgo is the perfect time for that. The reason for that are as follows:

  • It causes us to work constructively and be productive, enhancing our creativity levels.
  • It starts a new project which makes us focus on the little details that strengthen its basis.
  • It strengthens us to be prone to more healthy and constructive discrimination.
  • It results in us being proud of all the little accomplishments that came our way and check all the work that we got done with, realizing how far we’ve come by analyzing to-do lists.
  • It makes us focus on things that require extra attention, focus and serious work.
  • It sets our focus in the ‘power of now’ and ways to enjoy life mindfully without having to worry about perfection or being guilty as a result of that.
  • It enables us to start a healthy and fit life by incorporating nutritious diets as well as focus on body and mind exercises such as meditation, yoga, workouts etc.
  • It encourages us to make schedules and to-do lists and to set up routines, following through which we can manage and organize our lives in ways that are more mindful and goal oriented.
  • It helps us to handle and go through all the details of life that we seem to ignore in the hurry and fast pace of life.
  • It helps us to declutter the unnecessary thoughts piling in our mind and to prioritize things that are important and mindful.

Qualities of New Moon in Virgo

Being a mutable earth sign, Virgo has a need for change and diversity, hence is simply put, a planner. In inherent complexity Virgo zodiac energy is organized and logic oriented, assisting people in need. Some additional qualities and traits of the zodiac sign during the new moon are as follows:

Sign of Service

Being practical in nature, a new moon in Virgo is always looking to make the world a better place. Hence, the acts of service result from this innate need. They find satisfaction and comfort in taking care of themselves and those around them. Being organized and the one who wants things to be a certain way, Virgo make sure that the work is done in a well-planned way which gives people the desired result and outcome. This is also why a Virgo makes sure that things are planned and executed in a structural way and routines are being followed. However, this quality also comes with the tendency of being manipulated by virtue of the help one is willing to provide.

Emotional tendencies

The new moon in Virgo gives a heightened effect to all the traits that a Virgo has. What this means is, is that a Virgo is more likely to be emotionally affected in conditions which don’t give them a sense of calm inherently as compared to other signs. The focus of a Virgo becomes more of purifying their mental and material state in order to reach a state of mind that’s more serene. Hence, they will feel uncomfortable and not belonged in a condition that’s chaotic. The emotional tendencies don’t end here. A Virgo is more likely to be emotionally affected by pollutants, synthetics and food additives as well. The critical nature of your mind is also responsible for feeling like this because a calm mindset in required for them to make sense of things and organize their mind.

Eye for Details

A Virgo also has a keen and critical eye for details. This is also why they are better able to find things of their use in tasks and work with complex and complicated situations by keenly finding a way to handle them. This analytical quality is beneficial in a lot of ways but damaging to extent too because it leads a Virgo to overthink and overcomplicate a situation as well. Since taking care of yourself is important for them, they are also prone to being concerned and finding faults that are not there because they’re always looking to improve a situation.

Health and Fitness

Virgo invests in health and nutrition and focusing on their own wellbeing by focusing on what to eat. The new moon though, causes you to lose touch with your bodily needs and how to cater them in terms of taking care of your stomach and nerves as well. A practical thing for you is also inclination towards digesting pure food, which can be true for experiences too. This quality also makes you take interest in herbs, pharmacology and natural therapies and community work and nursing for those with the new moon where acts of service are more.


The need of a Virgo to find perfection and seeking things that are perfect is so strong in the new moon that they often come of as cold and nitpicky due to the amount of critical output that they seem to place on everything that they come across. Often transparent in nature, it comes off as negative and the impression becomes standoffish whereas in certain cases it is merely an inherent need to see and make things a certain way.

Celebrities and New Moon Virgo

Many celebrities have showcased such qualities through things and principles that they live by or certain suggestions that they have given. Angela Bassett, for example, said: “Drink a bunch of water and get facials regularly. I take care of my skin.” The desire of self-care is evident here. John F. Kennedy said, “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” The logical side of the sign in terms of a creative mind are also prevalent here. William Faulkner also said, “Unless you're ashamed of yourself now and then, you're not honest.”

Tips for Virgo during the New Moon

Some tips for Virgos during the transition period of the lunar cycle are as follows:

  1. An act of balancing thoughts is something you should try to practice. That is to say that being someone who criticizes a lot, you should focus on opening your mind in terms of how different people handle different situations instead of blocking them out based on assumptions. This also relates to you giving your mind the freedom from unnecessary thoughts piling up by drawing a line to your critical thinking.
  2. Being too helpful can result into you being prone to manipulation. This is why it’s important that you draw a line between helping someone and being there for someone versus always being available for them.
  3. It is of key importance that you recognize that thinking too critically can often times lead you to nervous tension which is not good for the mental health of a Virgo, especially in a new moon where feelings are heightened by the sense of rising ambition. This is why taking out time to relieve this stress that’s bottled inside of you is also important. These can involve meditating, martial arts, yoga, workout routines or other forms of exercises that engage the mind and body by providing relief from the inside. Sharon Stone, belonging to the same sign recommended, “I am big into aromatherapy.”
  4. Since critical thinking leans towards acknowledging negative aspects of things too, you should engage yourself in thinking how far you’ve come instead of worrying about having done not enough out of a situation. Finding perfection in moments that you create should be the focus instead of making yourself busy in a race of being perfect and letting go of the expectations that you bound yourself with.

The best recommended thing for a Virgo in new moon is a path to moderation that focus more on making experiences organized and special at the same time, rather than delving deeper into the negative consequences and always finding perfection.


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