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The One you really are!

Updated on November 11, 2015

Our real nature!

You are the God of the Universe!

The mind is in the habit of hopping from one subject and other subject. Yes, the mind is the most fickle element in the world! It knows no steadiness. It is steadier in ‘unsteadiness’. When there is no focus, what is the very purpose of the mind itself? What is the utility of the mind? For what purpose, the mind exists? When we ask such questions within ourselves, we can understand the very purpose of the mind. In fact, the mind is the thickest veil over the Self! It hides the self and projects the universe instead. Yes, it is quite capable of hoodwinking the entire humanity like a conjurer or trickster. Do you believe the magician? No! We go the magic show for entertainment and time passing. None rely on the magician since most of his performance is based on tricks or sleight of hand. Some of his feats depend on mass hypnotism! The mind is cleverer than a street magician. It will never let us know about its credentials or purpose. It will make us believe that the world of creation is very much real and everyone here is individuals who perceive the universe through the senses and mind.

If one wants to believe something, it should be helping him. We find that the mind pretends that it is interested in our wellbeing. If it is really our well-wisher, it should never confuse us and guide us towards the correct path and solution. But, we find that the mind is so wavering in nature, we get agitated due to its pranks. The mind may be compared to a ‘pendulum’ oscillating this way and that way. It knows no steadiness. In olden days, we had ‘wall clocks’. There will be a pendulum at the bottom of the clock which will be visible to us through the glass. Unless we wind the key, the pendulum won’t oscillate. If you stop winding, the pendulum will come to rest and the clock needles which point to time stops abruptly. Similar is the function of the mind. Desires induce the mind to oscillate this way and that way. If you remove all the desires from the mind, it will come to a standstill. In fact, during deep sleep, we enjoy perfect rest and happiness. It is due to the absence of thoughts which are the main cause of existence of the mind. Bereft of thoughts, there is no mind at all. Then the vital question is ‘how to quiten the wavering mind? It can be possible only through the elimination of the thought process!

Now, the next question is, ‘how thoughts happen? Which is the cause of thoughts? There are many answers to the typical question. Food and environment creates thoughts. Very minute part of the food becomes the ‘thoughts’. Also the environment where we are put in is another reason for thoughts. If you want to eliminate the thought process, first of all, you must become an impartial observer of the thoughts. You must become a mute witness! As each thought arise in the mind, observe it standing apart from the thought process. It is possible to observe your own mind by practice. This kind of observation makes you a witness to the thoughts without involving in it. Usually, whenever any thought arise in the mind, we immediately form an opinion about the thought. This is the fundamental mistake we commit. Just observe the thought and do not form any opinion or judge it. In fact, the thoughts themselves become desires, resolutions, plans and dreams. If you become ‘indifferent’ to any thought that is arising in your mind, you are on the path of eliminating the thought process. Never mind, it may take a few months or years to completely eliminate the thought process.

I have said that the thoughts become ‘desires’, once you start implementing its provocations. Then, the next question is ‘what are desires? Desires arise due to body attachment or body consciousness. The mind is attached to a body, otherwise it won’t survive. It is associated with a body. Bereft of a body, mind cannot function. Thoughts and desires pertain to a body and without an associated form; there is no meaning in ‘desires’. Shri Ramana Maharishi of South India used to query the visitors who are interested in his philosophy, “Who are you? The visitors then will reply, “I am so and so from such and such place”. He will quip, “You are talking about the vehicle called ‘body’. But that is not your real identity! Inquire within, “who you are? Then you will say, “I am the body/mind complex”. He will prod further. Bodies are born and die but are you the ephemeral body? He will clarify that you are neither the body nor the mind. You are neither the senses nor sense organs. You are not the intellect you profess. What you are really is the immortal self within which has no birth or death. It neither goes nor comes. It is always Present everywhere all the time. There is no space devoid of the Self! Of course, this is the most difficult point of his teaching. Unless you focus inside, you cannot know that you are the Self within.

Sri Sathya Saibaba once told a gathering of devotees, students and visitors. “You are not one but three, “The one you think who you are; The one, others thinks you are and THE ONE YOU REALLY ARE!. He asserted that you are the God of the universe! Many may not buy this argument since we are deeply attached to the perishable body!

Atma or the Self!


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