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The Orb Man prophecy

Updated on March 10, 2013
New Mexico Magic!
New Mexico Magic! | Source

The Orb Man prophecy

The Orb Man prophecy... I walk between two worlds.

My intention was to “live off of the land.”

In 1978 I loaded a very used postal van and moved my young family to the hills of Humboldt County, California.

With a book on homesteading and a chainsaw in hand, I attacked the over-logged land of the region. In a genuine and earnest attempt to convert the near moonscape like land into a sustainable homestead, would soon discover that the task at hand was a difficult one!

As the goats I had purchased in hopes of making milk and cheese ate several months of garden to the nub; in a matter of moments, I realized that once again I would soon return to construction work in order to support my young family.

My dream of “living off of the land,” was over-shadowed by the realities of pressing financial responsibility.

Looking back,as a child of the 50s and 60s growing up in America, I was afforded very little time for the entertainment of the “alternatives.” to my parrent's world.

In my young life, I quickly came to realize that other than a handful of pre- Hippie day Bohemians, one was generally expected by a post war driven middle class society, to go to trade school; learn a vocation or earn a degree, generally from a university our parent attended. As society dictated, most were placed on the path to the perfect 2 1/2 child; tax paying middle class existence of the ‘ideal’ American life style.

For more than 50 years, I was a party to that ideology. Growing up in a relatively successful, middle class upbringing is a tough cast to break out of! After working a decade in the city... In 1978 I moved my young family to the rural outbacks of Humboldt County, California. All in the hope of reaching a sort of Nirvana.

As a surf city kid, I knew nothing of the country life. As positive affirmation, fueled with a fist full of dollars; mostly borrowed from my Grandmother kicked in, we loaded up the old van, and headed north. Within months and without realizing it, I would returned to the ways of my parents.

My dream of ‘back to the land’ sustainability was over before it began.

Thirty five years and several properties later, I've returned to an alternative ideology lost to the necessity of family, as well as a quest for wealth that would be quashed by a world economy; buckled under the weight of relentless and unbridled speculation.

I've opened my now much older and hopefully wiser mind to the “possibility of all things possible.” And this is where my awakening begins.

Granted, in Eugene Oregon I live an exceptionally comfortable life.

Sure, there remain a few financial as well as psychologically substantiated interpersonal relationship challenges, (human) and Yes, I have my off days. But what I’m beginning to do is leave self-doubt, as well as a want for more, behind me. These days, I’m finding myself to be progressively and at times excessively happy. Is that possible? I think so!

I've found empowerment, in the belief of the infinite possibilities of the existence of a realm that exists beyond my present layer of reality.

I've found that it takes conviction as well as faith in self, to step way outside the box; as to the excepted perception of reality held by the majority.

Letting go of one’s concern as to what others think…. Often leads to personal revelation, as well as unimaginable mental expansion. Often, we are our own greatest obstacle on the path to enlightenment.

Two years ago while on a journey to Taos, New Mexico, I discovered an inner spirituality that until that moment, I did not know existed. This self realization of inner spirituality was not one of structured religion,nor even what I perceived to be God. To me, and to those that accompanied me, it was more a realization of the power of self.

Sitting in a 400 year old church chapel in Taos, I was introduced to the world of Orb photography.

I didn’t ask for it, and I certainly wasn't expecting it. Suddenly tears ran down my cheek as I accepted the possibility of something much greater than myself.’ A self realization that was humbling as well as empowering…

In daylight without the aid of a flash I captured several Orb images

At first I dismissed the images as a flaw in my digital processor. Returning home, I examined the hundreds of photos taken by Nancy and I on our 2800 mile journey across the Western United States.

Blown away by what I discovered while viewing these photos, I decided to examine the several thousand photos stored on my computer. In doing so, I discovered that Orb images had been captured on several cameras over a period of no less than 7 years.

Daylight; dusk; dawn; nighttime, it didn't matter. Either the Orbs were following me, or, they existed in my present dimension and I simply hadn't been receptive to their existence in the past.

I was hooked. My life as well as my perception of reality would change forever.

I would become the Orb man. And Oregon Orb house would be born.

You are invited to participate in this journey. As millions awaken to the possibility of layered dimensions, as well as the possibility of communication with the departed. I welcome your participation in this project.

Wishing you much happiness…

Oregon Orb House visits New Mexico

Taos Pueblo 9.00 a.m., cold and as clear as a bell. 1200 years old; and full of spirit.
Taos Pueblo 9.00 a.m., cold and as clear as a bell. 1200 years old; and full of spirit. | Source
Oso Caliente Hot Springs. Welcome! 165 years old and counting. Full of the spirit in the land of enchantment.
Oso Caliente Hot Springs. Welcome! 165 years old and counting. Full of the spirit in the land of enchantment. | Source

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