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The Ouija Board Experience

Updated on December 12, 2010


Three kids, PERRY, VICKY, TERESA, bored out of their mind one summer day, loiter on a couch eating chips and drinking soda. Vicky grabs the TV remote, flicks through the channels. Teresa peruses through a stack of Teen magazines. Perry scans the room. His scanning zeroes in on the Ouija board partially protruding out from behind a chair. He gets up and pulls it out, smirking.

PERRY: Hey, what is this?

Perry brushes the dust off. Teresa glances up but ignores. Vicky glances at Perry.

VICKY: Seriously, leave it. Put it down.

Perry (chuckling) What? It's just that wee-ja board thing. Are you really serious?

Teresa: Let me see it (she grabs it from Perry). Hey, let's talk to the ghosts. Maybe I can speak to my grandma (jokingly).

Vicky: Ha, ha, ha (mockingly).

Vicky grabs it from Teresa.

Vicky: I am dead serious.

Perry makes a scary face, Teresa laughs. Vicky frowns.

Perry: So, you are telling me that ghosts and spirits will talk with us using a piece of wood.

Teresa: Maybe there is a ghost called Shazam.

Vicky: Look, all I know is that when me and my sister did this last night the thingy you put your fingers on moved by itself. At first, I thought it was freaking joke also, but, I swear, we both were not moving it. Freaky!

Perry and Teresa remain silent.

Vicky: The thingy spelled out the name satan. It moved to each letter.

Perry: Give me a break! I suppose the lights suddenly went out also.

Vicky: Not at all. Nothing happened. But neither of us were spelling satan. We were spooked.

Perry and Teresa glance at one another then at Vicky.


Thus, began my personal experiences with the mysterious OUIJA board, created and patented in 1890 by an attorney, who invented other things. The three of us would try the "wee-ja" board many more times. Sometimes, it really did seem like a hoax and joke because, I, in once instance, was gently pushing dial around until caught! However, a few times, we were mystified and spooked by seeing the dial, with our fingers on it, slide slowly, then halting, then continuing to a letter. Then, another letter, and another. We would, in the spirit of things, ask questions like, where are you? who are you? what year is it? what do you want? Then, the dialer would move across the board to letters until a word appeared, which we would write down. The whole thing was unnerving to all of us, even when we did it outside on the back patio on a hot summer day.

Many times, we blamed one another for the message the Ouija board provided, to appease us that it was harmless and that we were not talking to satan or the dead. Yet, to this day, we all vividly recall these few real spooky experiences as legitimate, at least in some way, talking to long lost souls.


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