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The Parent/Child Connection ~ Astrologically Speaking

Updated on July 3, 2008

The Parent/Child Connection (Astrologically Speaking)


The Aries as a parent is a bit controlling. Although they mean well, it is of the utmost importance to them to see their child achieve greatness. Sometimes at any cost. They must be careful to understand the fine line of motivating their child and placing unreasonable demands and goals upon them. The Aries Child has unlimited exuberance and energy. They need a firm hand to pull them back in before reaching an extreme that would make it difficult to return from.


A Taurus as a parent is one who loves rules and regulations. They take it upon themselves to instill discipline and setting a mind that plans and follows through to accomplishing their goals. The Taurus child on the other hand has a difficult time with being told what to do. They are more of a methodical mindset and will do better with a tempered coaxing than with harsh words or lines.


Gemini's are very loving and playful as parents. Easily becoming their children's best friends. They may, however, forget that they are the ones in charge and constantly need reminding that the have to consciously switch roles when the situation calls for it. The Gemini child should be gently persuaded to keep his priorities in order and how important it is to set goals and follow through.


The Cancer parents worry and worry about their children until their last breath. They are incredibly loving but have a hard time letting go of their children and encouraging independence. They must remember their children will always return to their roots and never forget their homes full of warmth and love. Kisses and hugs will be plentiful with the affectionate Cancer child. Remember though, the Cancer child is ultra-sensitive and care needs to be taken when showing this child the difference between right and wrong. Carefully chosen words matter.


Leo Parents Expect a lot from their children, but only as much as they expect from themselves. It is not rare to find the Leo parent looking for perfectionism in their children. Standards are not easily met. Although, very loving, Leo parents have to remind themselves to look outside of a situation to grasp a better understanding of the bigger picture and what their child may be going through. The Leo child is full of dreams and enthusiastic wishes. Their spirits are to be handled with care. Praise is necessary.


The Virgo parent is a bit obsessed with a clean and tidy home. So much so, that heartfelt conversations can be swept to the side. The Virgo parent must always keep in mind, how powerful emotion can be when brought into parenting. The Virgo child sometimes can be withdrawn and aloof, but will always try their best to excel with their school work. It would do wonders to carefully bring the Virgo child out of their shell so that they can truly and fully bloom.


The Libra parent loves to show off their ever so polite and genius children. They can also be overwhelmingly affectionate and caring with them. They, however, sometimes lack the mindset that makes them their primary focus. They need to be wary of bogging down their minds with needless worries that could be better redirected to motivating and inspiring their children. Libra children should be given proper tools to help their decision making process.


The Scorpio parents can very easily get lost in stern rule making and the taking away of freedom. They need to remember it's not always about bed at 9:00 and rooms must be cleaned and ready for inspection at 8:00. Scorpio parents will be rewarded grandly when they take the time to sometimes "bend" the rules to show their children they do possess the ability to have fun. The Scorpio child is inclined to be vague and keep to themselves. They also tend to compare themselves with their siblings and become jealous. They need to be complimented and attention paid to their nurturing.


The Sagittarius parent somehow feels overwhelmed in the Parenting department. They'd rather play dress-up with their children or indulge them in the all too sugary ice cream and soda. Discipline needs to be dealt with as to not lose control. The Sagittarius child will have difficulty with obeying curfews and boundaries that are set. They must be regularly reminded of the dangers of the world and how it is vital to their happiness to take care in making their choices.


The Capricorn parent may have unrealistic dreams of grandeur when it comes to their children. Almost living through them in a sense. It will be extremely important to realize when lines get crossed. They also may confide too easily in their children about grown up issues that do not concern them. They need to take action before their children grow up too fast before their time. The Capricorn child will excel in sports and be excellent team players. They need constant reassurance and praise though for their highest well-being.


The Aquarius parent will desire their children discover the world in their own ways. They will encourage their children to seek answers to questions they have from great books and higher powers. They will also seem as the most forward thinking parents that more often than not will be non-judgmental, especially with the mistakes their children might make. The Aquarius Parent needs to be a bit more guided in their approach to raising their children, in order to achieve their highest welfare. The Aquarius child is sometimes hyperactive and prone to making the wrong choices. They are very intelligent though, and will thrive when approached creatively.


The Pisces parent is incredibly warm and the greatest of listeners when their children choose to confide in them. They do, however, cringe at the thought of laying down the law when it comes to their precious children. A mistake that might lead to very sad regret. They need to approach their children with loving guidance and they need to never be afraid of their children remaining angry with them. The Pisces parent will always remain with only the most loving thoughts in their children's minds. The Pisces child is a hard one to keep in line. Hard-headed and stubborn doesn't begin to explain their personality. They will rise to ultimate new heights though, if their creativity is nurtured and allowed to inspire other facets of their personalities.


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    • profile image

      Lourdes 5 years ago

      I am a cancer mother with a 19yr old Pisces son, who is very manipulative, dictator, rude and disrespectful to me. Him and his girlfriend live with me for over a year without paying one single cent. I provide them with housing, utilities and food. We are always arguing because he wants to tell me what to do in my own house. Any suggestions??? I've already told him to rent an apartment but he says he is still looking. Need help desperately, Lourdes.

    • profile image

      Lourdes 6 years ago

      Im 22yr old pisces mum to an 9mnth old pisces baby girl. after reading about pisces i cringe at the thought of the things i did and said to my parent. unruly and careless wud aptley describe me. and im afraid of my little girl now. hopefuli il do a beta job n take heed of the warnings about laying down the law.

    • profile image

      judy 6 years ago

      I am a leo mom of a sagittiarus daughter. We were very close until she was ten, since then she has become increasingly controlling and aggressive especially when I set boundaries.

      Has anyone any advise to give me regarding parenting.

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      My mom has sun in scorpio, but the Capricorn defenition describes her to a T! Her moon is in Capricorn I suppose that explains it.

    • Mystique Scorpio profile image

      Mystique Scorpio 7 years ago from Edmonton Alberta ;)

      LOL I love the Scorpio mom one lol my husbands said that's me lol thank you :)

    • profile image

      marissa 7 years ago

      Danielle, the below site has parent compatibility info...

    • profile image

      Linda Cundiff 7 years ago

      I'd like to find more information on the compatibility between virgo mom and cancer daughter.

    • profile image

      Danielle 7 years ago

      I'd like to find a site that shows the compatibility of two parents [like a cancer mom and leo dad] and how they are together as parents.