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The Pineal Gland, the Third Eye and the Christain

Updated on August 17, 2016

Location of the Pineal Gland

The Mysterious Pineal Gland

Oh the mysteries of the Pineal Gland and (or) the Third Eye. Much has been written and said about the Pineal Gland in the last several years. When it comes to a physical part of the body being related to the things of the spirit this one little gland about the size of a pea has stolen the spotlight. From blogs, articles and YouTube videos the Pineal gland also refereed to as the third eye has brought almost as much confusion as it has brought understanding.

I thought it my duty to add a little more understanding (or misunderstanding, Ha-ha, I hope not) to the mix.

This gland has been described with two seemingly different and almost unrelated functions. Its relation to the physical body and its relation to the soul and (or) the spirit.

1. The physical function of the Pineal gland is mainly to release the hormone Melatonin. Light from through your eyes such as sunshine or interior lighting cause the Pineal to stop releasing Melatonin to aid in staying alert. Then at night or in the dark the Pineal gland releases Melatonin into the blood stream to aid in sleeping or sleepiness.

2. The spiritual function of this gland is still a mystery, though it has much attention and many claims. It is said to be one of the chakra's and said by some to be the seat of the soul.

Third Eye on Dollar Bill

Study To Operate in Your Call

It is not my intention to make slight of either of these two functions. I feel that to do so because I may be uneasy about them is to act in fear or defense.

The spiritual aspects of the gland may or may not be somewhat speculation, but there is no doubt there is some truth laced in with everyone’s views.

I also know that the sciences probably have only begun to understand things and will truly reveal more in the days ahead.

My only advice is to study the Pineal gland or the Third eye with an open mind and at your own risk.


Rods and cones similar to external eye
Rods and cones similar to external eye | Source

The Movie Theater in Your Head

These two functions of the Pineal gland are more tied together than it has appeared. The second part of the physical makeup and function of the the Pineal gland is that it appears to be similar to a photo-receptor. It seems to receive light forms or images, thus the reason it is seen as the third eye.

So it releases Melatonin and it receives light impulses.What does this mean any way, and why are they connected.

As you go through your day you are continually received input through your sense gates. Your eyes are receiving the things you are around and the things you have direct relation to such as work, driving, playing, eating, talking etc.. The images you receive are upside down when you get them. The brain takes them and interprets them and shines them as a projector upon or into the Pineal gland which has shut down the release of Melatonin to keep you awake so as to receive the interpretations that come through the brain.

It has been proven that the witnesses of an auto accident may have varying stories equal to the amount of witnesses you interview. Nobody saw the exact same thing. Their stories vary accordingly to their different perceptions about life. Their opinions, fears, prejudices, loves, desires have an amazing effect of what they saw. Example: Suppose a person has a dislike for red sports cars for some reason. If there was a red sports car somehow involved in the accident then this person may have a less than perfect view of what this red sports car did to aid in the accident.

You Experience More Than You See

The Physical with Spiritual Process Use

Let me explain by breaking down the process you go through during an awake state.

  1. You receive input through your sense gates. Your eyes are one of your main sense gates. The images are received upside down (not sure why).

  2. The images are transferred into the brain.

  3. Your mind or heart of your soul interprets the images through the filter of your perceptions about almost everything you believe, then tells the brain what it sees.

  4. Then a set of images that are relevant to the souls beliefs, perceptions, prejudices, loves and fears are projected on the Pineal gland like a movie external to your body. Although seemingly external to you, in reality the movie is played inside your head. Although inside your head it is also separate from your brain, thus also giving you the feeling it is external to you.

At night the process is similar but the external receiver is not being relayed to your brain so the picture or movies you are seeing are coming from the combined opinions, prejudices, fears, loves, contained in your subconscious mind. Remember the Melatonin has been released into the blood stream at night to separate you from external input. The less external input from your eyes and any of your other natural senses then the more purely the movie you are seeing is coming directly from the seat of your soul, the things you really believe about yourself, and not necessarily what you want to believe.

A More Pleasant State

Summery and Use of the Pineal Gland

It has been said by some that the Pineal gland or the third eye is the seat of the soul. It might be better said that the Pineal gland is a movie theater playing the movie that is coming from the seat of your soul, or your state of being. As a man thinketh so is he.

It is good to know that what you see through your soul is not permanent, it is only a state of perception. Through heart searching and repentance (change of thoughts) you can change the state of being that you have operated in to a newer more pleasing one.

If you can become aware while you sleep you can interpret what your mind truly believes, which is from a deeper place than the things you say or wish you believe. This is done by making note of what you see and feel in your dreams. The brain mostly thinks in pictures so you will most likely not dream a bunch of words telling you what you believe, only pictures. Most of the time people in your dream have little to do with the actual persons but what they stand for to you personally.

Since 90 percent of your mind operates in the subconscious arena then most likely you really don't know consciously what you truly think about yourself. This is necessary though if you are to obey the first command for a greater life “Meta Neo” for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Change the way you think for there is a more productive way to use your dominion than how you been using it.

Jehu Nugget. The Pineal Gland, the Third Eye and the Christain

Understand More of the Spirit's Use of the Body

The Word in You and the Creating Womb: Learn The Reason Everything Goes Your Way
The Word in You and the Creating Womb: Learn The Reason Everything Goes Your Way

Deeply rooted inside who you really are is a being with an unstoppable ability to create the life that will bring not only what you desire but will also emerge you into the life that brings the fulfillment for what you do.



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    • Tony L Smith profile image

      Tony L Smith 19 months ago from Macon

      Thanks for the response Dr CHE Sadaphal

      I'm not sure about direct proof, I just see how the things I have read and the things I understand about changing your internal thoughts fit so well with what this gland does and what other functions it may have with the soul by way of the brain, but maybe not the spirit because spirit don't need a body to see or understand.

      Thanks for the comments concerning the biological and neuro-chemical functions. I understand that the picturing function concerning the pineal gland may be a stretch to some, but the fact that there is a picturing system existing in the soul realm should be well excepted. That part is expressed in the bible in relation to dreams and visions. Not trying to magnify the pineal gland though, it just seem to fit. Your insight is welcome

    • Dr CHE Sadaphal profile image

      CH Elijah Sadaphal 19 months ago from New York, NY

      As a physician, I am very familiar with the biological and neuro-chemical functions of the pineal gland. There is tangible proof on these matters.

      Is there any Biblical proof on the "spiritual" functions of the pineal gland?