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The Pope is a Bloke

Updated on September 20, 2010
crassnsilly profile image

crassnsilly is not a real name. It's made up, like everything else in the world.

What the Pope's pipe may look like
What the Pope's pipe may look like

What does the Pope do all day?

The Pope gets up in the morning and goes to the toilet. He puts on his socks, one at a time. He has his breakfast. Then he goes to work. Remind you of anyone? Yes, it's you! But you haven't got the same job as the Pope. You have to physically DO things, whereas the Pope, whichever Pope he is, just talks. He doesn't have to do a thing, lift anything, dig a hole or even work a computer keyboard. Brilliant job. He must be able to read, but he doesn't even have to write anything himself, because he has people who do the writing for him. And the Pope's writers have an easy job as well, just grabbing quotes from the Bible and re-wording the same old condescending blather. Great jobs for all of them. Plus, no money worries. Everything is bought in. It just arrives. No cost-cutting, belt-tightening, budget-consciousness. Wouldn't you like to be a Pope? It has its downside.

God is watching you. And laughing.
God is watching you. And laughing.

The vestment of smugness

Catholicism is horrible. Out of all of the factions which purport to widen the teachings of Jesus, it is the most spiteful of the lot. Catholics, including the Pope, have committed 'sin' from the moment they are born, and are forced to spend the rest of their lives with guilt hanging over their heads. Not only that, but every time they enter one of their churches, they must make the sign of a cross on their chests, because 'God' is watching their every move. The poor things were trapped in their own CCTV world, fearful of 'sin', long before Benjamin Franklin invented electricity. Catholicism gives its leaders a cloak of invincibility. They feel free to treat people however they want, because they are representing 'God'. They know more about 'God' than other Catholics, are both a bridge and a barrier between.

What kind of spiteful bloke (and they are all blokes controlling it, women not allowed) would tell a baby that it had 'sinned'? What is this 'sin'? Well, it's whatever the Pope or one of his priests, who also go to the toilet and put on socks, tells you it is. It's sinful to wear a condom, or have an abortion, or love whoever you choose, but the Pope will not apologize for his priests who have shagged little boys. Will not. Not did not. Or can not. Will not. St. Richard of Dawkins has explained all of this, much more clearly than anyone.

And they didn't even have Photoshop in those days
And they didn't even have Photoshop in those days

What Jesus said

Do unto others. The only three words in the Bible which you need to understand. Give love, respect, and you will get it back. Frightening, bullying and trying to control others is a horrible way to live. Catholicism is a disgusting, hurtful lie.

Do you know what Jesus looked like? No, you don't. His first portrait was painted 600 years after he died, if he ever lived or died. But look carefully at your next latté or cheese sandwich, and you might just see him. Anything is possible if you just believe.


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    • crassnsilly profile image

      crassnsilly 5 years ago from leigh-on-sea

      zzzzz. Wake me up when he's drivelled off.

    • profile image

      Birdwhisperer 5 years ago


      A Rondo Terza Rima Vaticana???

      Your Holiness, I crave your leave

      To question you. Whilst in your bath.

      You wear your swimsuit, I believe

      And many members of your staff

      Believe you do, through modesty.

      Your Holiness, why do you laugh?

      My son, the thought amuses me.

      I laugh for I am not annoyed.

      My reason is not privacy

      And yet, my gaze seeks to avoid

      To look on that which makes me grieve.

      A vision of the unemployed.

    • NateB11 profile image

      Nathan Bernardo 5 years ago from California, United States of America

      "Catholicism is horrible." Concise and factual.