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The Potter's House Pt.2: The Wheel of Transformation

Updated on February 23, 2015

Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying,

O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the Lord. Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel. Jeremiah 18:5-6

The Potter’s House: The Wheel of Transformation

Many things in life are subject to change, and every season holds with it a different weight of glory. Summer, winter, spring and fall, all have an assignment in the order of creation as purposed by God. It is here that we must answer the Lord’s question, “O house of Israel, CANNOT I DO WITH YOU AS THIS POTTER?

Life has a way of calling us to a place of hearing. You were created to bring glory to God in some way, shape or form, but it is God that brings us to that place, transforming our life with shaping, testing, and trial in varying measure until Christ be formed in us. God has purposed through HIS Son to birth many sons (not gender specific) to glory. In other words, mature ones, children transformed into the image of HIS DEAR SON (the original pattern for all Sons). Even now as I write this particular study, I have great witness with the work of The Potter in my own life as HE works on me; I sit upon the wheel of transformation, cutting, shaping, pressing, squeezing, and forming until I become what HE has purposed me to be, in this moment, and in this hour. The Potter doesn’t stop to ask the clay what HE can add or subtract from the clay, neither does HE seek out permission to do the work in our lives; for even when we think that God is far removed from us, HE is yet, closer to us than we think, using everything seen and unseen to bring us to the wheel.

To venture to the potter’s house is where the ecclesiastic process of being CALLED OUT from the world and from religion takes place. We become agitated as The Potter looks to bring us to that glorious place of being finished, polished, a ray of beauty at the expense of an innocent man dying on that old rugged cross so long ago. Great is the mystery of godliness, Christ in us THE HOPE (the expectation) OF GLORY. We are called to die daily as HE, the mystical potter establishes us unto GOOD WORKS.

Ephesians 2:10 - For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

Even now I hear the LORD’S VOICE that seven-fold orator calling my form to another level of change, another level of transformation, until I come forth from my cocoon of death; for HE calls us every day of our lives to sit diligently upon the wheel, HIS wheel of metamorphosis. Before coming to the message of salvation, I understood my flesh; I was at home with my body, my emotions, my way, my truth and my life. However, Christ did not die to keep me in that form of comfort, but HE came to work in me HIS WAY, HIS TRUTH, and HIS LIFE; and this requires that I be purged from my sinful nature: THE OLD MAN ADAM.

If the truth be told we like who we are, in fact we love ourselves and would even kill if someone attempted to violate our space; even retaliate when someone attempts to change us. Before coming to the Lord, we are that GARMENT SPOTTED WITH THE FLESH, but we must be presented without SPOT, BLEMISH or WRINKLE and in order to do this we must go through our sifting time where the HOLY WIND blows the chaff from our lives.

When we truly come to Christ, we are candidates for more than some future mansion in the sky; we are candidates to be worked, poked, prodded and purged until we lose our beastly nature, or our awareness of it; the nature that is worldly and full of hypocrisy.

I have been called to hope but in order for the hope to spring forth, I have to pass through the fire of HIS word. We are ordained to walk in GOOD WORKS; therefore, I cannot lose my cool when THE CHRIST OF PURITY comes for my EARTHINESS, to trample underfoot ALL THAT is EARTHY, SENSUAL and DEVILISH.

We must be changed because in our flesh dwells no good thing, therefore, Christ is not interested in “my” talents, “my” dreams, MY ANTHING, because we were BORN IN SIN and get this, WE WERE SHAPED IN INIQUITY. We have been influenced by a BEASTLY system, A WAY THAT SEEMS RIGHT, but the END THEREOF IS DESTRUCTION. On a personal note, I can feel the transformation of God taking place, calling for things, I want to hold on to, yet I know, in order to be a citizen in the kingdom of God, I must lay aside every WEIGHT and THE SIN that would easily beset me or hold me back from coming forth into the image of HIS DEAR SON (the original pattern for all Sons).

I realize that DEATH must take place in order for LIFE to come forth; and admittedly so, I do not always like it; and you do not either! Sometimes, we feel justified to cuss someone out, or to trample someone with our words. We like to get all worked up to the point of killing someone because they have done us wrong. In our flesh, it is alright to hate people of another color, white Christians shunning black Christians, well to do Christians thumbing their noses at less fortunate Christians. We love to operate in self-righteousness, snubbing the un-saved because after all, we are on our way to heaven and we are so glad. Beloved let it be understood; you and I must get on the wheel and allow God to work our clay, to shape us as HE sees us to be in HIM.

God is CREATING US and the substance that HE is using is CHRIST JESUS! We are to be patterned after HIM that was triumphant over HELL, DEATH and THE GRAVE. We are to be FITLY FRAMED TOGETHER, and this requires shaping, and measuring, and even some reshaping and some re-measuring, so we can render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and render unto God what is God’s – the image of life and not of death.

Those who understand how the potter in the natural does his work must become acquainted with his tools. Looking at this natural occurrence enables us to understand fully how God will work HIS image and likeness out of us. I say, “out of us,” because if we accept God’s word to be the truth, we must acknowledge that we are a finished work, and through the allegory of the potter and his working of the clay, speaks to what we are in the mind of God. The working of the clay is merely God’s method to free us from the adamic illusion that we are human beings, verses spirit beings possessing a body.

To provide you with some natural understanding I am including some links to give further insight into the potter, the clay, and the tools necessary for seeing how we are made spiritually.

The potter takes the clay and throws it upon the wheel to enable it (the clay) to be positioned for the shaping process. The word potter in the Hebrew is “yatsar” which means; “to squeeze into shape,” or “to mould into a form,” to fashion, form, frame make purposeful. This is the same word used in Genesis 2:7: “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

The work of the potter in our lives is not a new concept; it is how God works in our lives to do of HIS good pleasure. While many of us strive to be Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, etc; God is squeezing us into shape using both HIS left hand and HIS right hand, a perfect balance of love and hate to bring us forth into that envisioned place of glory.

God is able to do an awesome work with our clay when we submit to HIS authority, becoming still and silent upon the wheel of transformation. Even in Genesis 2:7, the formation of man took place when man lay as dead upon the ground, silent, still, quiet, non-resistant to the plan and in-working of God. The creation of man and the formation of man are two distinctive things that take place.

Creation is what takes place in the spirit, while formation is the natural processing of the Lord to bring us forth; using the right measure of “winter” and “summer,” “hot” and “cold,” things “sweet” and things “bitter;” to produce Christ in us, the expectation of glory.

When you understand God’s left hand and HIS right hand being used together to bring you forth, you no longer view testing and trial as being something formed against you. No longer do you find your mouth filled with religious understanding, “the devil is on my track trying to turn me back.”


While many who go to church and abide faithfully year after year, they must answer two callings, one being TO LOVE GOD, and the other is to be CALLED GOD’S PURPOSE; and because you and I go to church does not establish either of these two requirements.

The working of God, through the use of both His hands, is instrumental in bringing us face to face to what God already knows to be evident. The Christ is resident within every man, yet, every man is not awakened to this reality. Most, only know of one man, and that man is but an illusion, a mere distraction to who we really are.

When the potter produces a work upon the wheel, the work is already resident within the clay. To the non-skilled, the lump of clay appears to be just that – a lump of clay. However, love of the lump of clay sees beyond the lump, unshaped, unformed reality, it sees a beautiful vase, a resilient platter or cup, a finished work. Can I tell you that we are a finished worked, being revealed through the loving hands of the potter? Born in sin and shaped in iniquity is an illusion that we must break free from.


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