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The Power Of Thought Forms To Harm or Help You

Updated on March 24, 2015

Bad Luck And Good Luck

Copyright 2001 VVeasey Publishing


Bad luck and good luck are historical thought forms that have influenced the minds of people for thousands of years

People from all cultures believe in their reality.

This belief can bring people together in a configuration of good or bad luck that can be beneficial or detrimental to all involved.

If you believe you’re unlucky and expect bad things to happen to you.

You may find yourself attracted to situations that confirm your belief.

Gods, Goddesses, Demons, and Ghosts are all historical thought forms that can be activated or called up by those who believe in them.

God And The Devil

God thought forms can have a beneficial effect on you. Devil thought forms can have a detrimental effect on you, depending on how intensely you believe in their power to help or harm you. Not only can they affect those who believe in them, they can affect others through the telepathic projection of the good or bad will of those doing the projecting.

This is how the idea of cursing or blessing someone came about.

God, the Devil, demons, angels etc, are thought forms that are thousands of years old.They were created sustained, and passed down from generation to generation, as the psychosocial inheritance of those who believe in them.

Are Demons Real? Are Dreams Real?

There has been some controversy about whether demons are real or not or just split-off parts of the possessed person’s personality, as in multiple personality disorders.

If you believe that dreams are real then demons are real, as real as any vivid dream you’ve ever had. If you’ve ever awakened from a vividly real dream or nightmare with your heart racing and your palms sweaty.Then you know that dreams are realities in they’re own right. They're just a different dimension of reality, than waking reality, but just as real in their effect on you.

Jesus healed people by casting out demons and forgiving sins, when sickness was believed to be caused by demons or the commission of sins. People believed Jesus had the power to cast out demons and to forgive sins and they responded to his words of healing and forgiveness with the appropriate psycho-physiological response.

Mental Matter, Thought Forms

Thought forms are mental or psychic matter. This mental matter is not normally perceivable by the senses, but some, yogis and spiritual mediums are to be able to create thought forms so dense, that others can see them.The less dense the thought forms the more sensitive those who see them, have to be to see them.

Cultural heroes like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses and others, whether they actually lived or not, are now all thought forms, unless you believe that they exist, right now, in flesh and blood reality.

Heaven, Nirvana, The Pure Land, Paradise, Hell etc. or any other heavenly places, are all thought forms.The only way to enter them is through the mind and imagination of those who believe in them.

Now the question is can a thought form (or a free-floating complex as the Jungians call it) exist independently of its creator, if it has attained a certain degree of substantial reality?

Or can you exist as a thought form, without a physical body, after you die?

Although you are a flesh and blood reality, you’re more or less perceived as a thought form by others, depending on how well they know you.The less they know you, the more they unconsciously impose thought forms over your sensory reality, based on their memories of previous interactions with you.You do this to others too.

Even those who know you, only notice that they do this, when you act in ways that are different from the memories and expectations they have of you. his is the way, the spiritually un-awakened perceive others, by reacting to their memories of others, as if they were actually the others, they’re projecting their memorized thought forms onto.

Thought forms can seem just as real as the actual person they’re a reflection of.That’s not necessarily a good thing. And may get you into a lot of trouble, if you don’t know that you’re doing this.

So beware of the power of thought forms to help you, hurt you or to help you help or hurt others.


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