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The Power of Unconditional Love

Updated on March 17, 2011
The vibration of love is our true nature.
The vibration of love is our true nature.

The Power of Love - The Foundation for All - The Key to Everything

The single most powerful truth of all is the power of love. Of all the subjects I have written of so far, the state of unconditional love is the most significant and most powerful of all conditions. Consciousness is a universal process that uses laws and principles based on one's habitual beliefs and emotions with which to create its own experiences. If one's emotional habits are not based on unconditional love, then one gets out of alignment (separated) from one's true nature, which is God or pure, unalloyed joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Love Can Bend Steel!

During the 1970's near the high point of the Uri Geller craze, many tried to duplicate his results with some claiming success. Children and young adults seemed to show the greatest signs of success in this field of telekinesis, and one such individual, by the name of Chris Kennedy stood out in my memory as having mastered the talent of spoon bending quite remarkably well. When explaining how he accomplished the task of bending a metal object, he would send out a strong vibration of love in the direction of the spoon, fork, or other object, and would get a "loosening" sensation in his third eye at the time it was actually bending. This method, of course, was also applied by Uri Geller to mend watches and bring about other seemingly miraculous changes in the structure of iron-based metals.

Of course a most obvious example of the power of love is the Christ, who manifested all manner of miracles related to healing and his famous incident when he transformed the water into wine. Jesus lived within a higher vibration of love which is the true essence of all life while seeming to be the very quantum structure of matter and even creation itself. Even reality itself can become more malleable through the consciousness of love.

Love Is a Doorway To Higher Realities

Love is the key to higher vibrational universes. "For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." (St. Matthew 7:2). This statement can also have significance far beyond the social context it is most often interpreted as being intended for. There is also a universal or cosmic perspective to this immensely significant statement regarding how one views or observes reality and creates it from one's state of consciousness. This "measure ye mete" can also be the condition of one's state of being from which one views or "measures" his or her world. If one's state of being is hate, then the same "measure" of hate will also be reflected back to the sender of that hate. We all live inside a "return to sender" universe! In other words, whatsoever you put out, you get back! Nothing exists outside of this cosmic equation. All that exists is you and the mirror, nothing else! You are all there is, and the Cosmic Mirror reflects it all back. That which is observed is absolutely and always subject to the laws, belief systems and vibration rates of the Observer! 

Those who live in a state of unconditional love will view and create their reality from that same state and receive accordingly that same effect. This is why to live in a state of love is so vital if one really wants to ascend out of the difficulties of living, because love melts all problems, and seems to heal all disorders regardless of what they are caused by. This is why it is so important to " the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind." (Matthew 22:37) Otherwise what is one doing? What is one feeling if not feeling total, unconditional love for all? Anything less than love, which is the highest meditation, is something less than perfection. 

I studied spiritualism and seance room physical phenomena with great fascination for many, many years. The one condition that must always, always be present in successful communication with the spirits of the afterlife, was, of course, love! And this vibration of love had to be an ever present shared condition with all the sitters involved who often held each others hands to consolidate this vibration. Their combined thoughts of love affected the atmosphere far more powerfully than one person ever could. The spirits who came through also say the same thing many times, that the vibration of love is the only way they can reach our level of reality. Love itself is the telephone line needed to communicate with those passed over into the worlds beyond the physical! 

Love Is also the Way of the Yogi and the Path of the Mystic

Like the sap of the tree, love is the life blood or essence of the yogi's real power. Therefore the wisest souls meditate on and dwell in love. The finer vibration of love, finer reality of love is most healing and most fulfilling of all vibrations. All other positive emotions such as laughter, joy, fulfillment, happiness, bliss, ecstasy, faith, forgiveness, and inspiration are only positive to the degree they saturate the mystic in love. Love indeed is the key emotion that makes all other positive emotional states fulfilling. Love is both the path and the goal of the mystic. We are born into this challenging physical world of separation, yet only through love, can this separation be dissolved and bring ourselves back into the oneness with Source Energy that we originally came from. Love is who we really are and is our natural state of being. The mastery of the complete immersion into unconditional love in the physical realm is extremely significant, because such mastery would snap one much further back into the Light with far greater force than in any other circumstance or situation. There are many incarnating into this world of extreme contrasts today mainly for this rare opportunity to do so.

What happens when one does actually ascend into the Light from this physical realm? Read the lives and times of the great master yogis and saints! There are so many miracles associated with these great beings of light, it simply can't all be magician/s tricks. There is a much deeper, quantum modification of reality going on here, not exactly a miracle, but scientific laws at play not yet fully understood or discovered yet.

Love Is also the Path of the Breatharian

Those yogis and saints claiming to require far less food or to live entirely without food say that it is love that they live on instead. And those who seem to be most sincere and genuine breatharians appear to be saturated in love. Love is present in their every action and spoken word while often saying that love is their most important thing in existence. 

Love is the Key to Mastery of the Law of Attraction

To bring about the fastest way possible to change one's reality for the better is to remain in the state of unconditional love. Such love enhances one's state of energy, one's brain waves, and one's vibration which attracts to itself (or creates) other parallel universes with a similar rate of vibration. The point of observation determines one's perspective within our multidimensional realm. It is important to ask who or what is really at the center of one's perspective? Who is the Observer and exactly what is it? The Observer is a unified universal state of energy (or being) that is reflected back to itself the very same energy it measures or observes reality with. 

It Is Vital to Know Who You Really Are

There are many levels of who we are; on the external physical level the eyes and all other physical senses are the observer, yet on the internal physical level, which is much closer to who we really are, is a vast unity of biochemical reactions, brain waves, electrical impulses, quantum interactions and quantum entanglements. This is energy, and is energy on various levels or organization and functioning resulting in a corporeal instrument of physical perception. We perceive and judge everything through this instrument, and because it is only energy, its perspective within any one of an infinite series of parallel universes or probability outcomes is highly effected by the emotions and thoughts of the operator of the physical instrument.

Yet the real Observer still cannot be found even in this complex field of organized energy! There is yet another level, even higher which contain the emotional or astral, and the thought or mental bodies, and then one higher still called spirit, and one beyond that which is the universal Spirt or Soul or one of the infinite number of units of the universal hologram of God. And what is God? God is Love! By meditating on our own true essence, which is love, we become very powerful and fulfilled with the deepest joy and happiness ever! Therefore it is possible for your own YOU-niverse and therefore your entire life to be healed in ways you cannot even imagine! One can live in the utter peace of knowing only absolute love and find complete freedom from all desires and all the negative effects (karma) that is often associated with desires.

One suffers only to the degree one experiences a belief system and emotions out of alignment with one's true Reality which is God or Love. Whatever thought, emotion or action that stems from being out of alignment with God, (being outside God's will) is the real source of all suffering and evil. The Ultimate Definer (Observer) of our universe is our highest Self, which is God. This is why it is so important to put God (unconditional love) first in one's life and to hold only those belief systems that are in alignment with our true nature which is infinite love, and within that infinite love is the ultimate source of all wholeness, joy, happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, laughter and ecstasy.

What I Suggest

Learn how to meditate and meditate entirely on love. Learn also how to eat more in tune with one's actual physiological needs which usually means a balanced diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables, antioxidants, and a generous quantity of botanicals (herbs and herbal formulas), because correct eating tends to increase one's sense of love and well-being within one's soul and one's ability to concentrate and meditate more deeply and blissfully.

You can use the following affirmations to more fully establish the habit of unconditional love:

I love the process of life.

I love all unconditionally.

I surrender everything into love.

I fly on wings of love and excitement!

How I observe (measure, judge, quantify) my life is how I create it.

We learned that unconditional love is the greatest power of all, and is the universal principle of harmony underlying the very quantum fabric of the universe. That which one experiences in life is a reflection of one's habitual emotions and belief systems. Love is the main way to communicate with spirit, and is the key to all good things, health and healing. Any belief system out of alignment with love causes suffering. It is therefore essential to fully understand who we really are.


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    • Shaktivirya profile image

      Shaktivirya 7 years ago

      I remember that show when Johnny Carson with the help of James Randi tried to expose Uri Geller. At the very least, Uri Geller had to have been one of the greatest showman magicians who ever lived. I read his book, "My Story" which was absolutely fascinating. His effects on metals (which are intermittent) have been tested and scientifically proven at Professor J. G. Taylor's laboratory at King's College, London University, at the Stanford Research Institute by Dr. Harold E. Puthoff and Russell Targ, and by Dr. David Bohm and Dr. John Hasted at Birkbeck College, University of London.

      My theory is, somehow the vibration of the metal is increased through the influence of an unusually strong bio-morphogenetic field which melts the steel. Ultra-high electromagnetic frequencies have actually been used to melt blocks of steel, this phenomenon is known as the "Hutchison" effect.

    • Pierre Savoie profile image

      Pierre Savoie 7 years ago from Canada

      But Uri Geller's so-called spoon-bending abilities were exposed and proven false by no less than talk-show host Johnny Carson. Carson was an ex-magician who set up conditions so that Geller couldn't cheat, and Geller failed to bend any spoons on his show.