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Is there a Big Place Up There Where Spirits Gather?

Updated on March 11, 2013

Heart and Mind SERIES

The melodious lanes of the Metaphysicalodrome literally do sing. Up in this realm, excuse me, I should not say "up". It's a place that metaphysically speaking is not up or down; but is in a dimension in between.

The singing lanes, the floating birds of turquoise and pink, and the pets. Oh, the place is full of prancing dogs and dignified cats; and chimps that don't screech, they just smile and hang from tree branches. People only dress to look beautiful. You can tell the attendants. I am one of the attendants, and they do their best to make me look like a transfigured angelic handsome version of a movie star. I do have this mound of gray hair, but they have done their best to appeal to the Precious Treasures. The attendants are noteworthy, not because of their outer perfection and attractiveness, but their inner serenity.

Grand Central Station of the Celestial

Being in this dimension, I don't really have an age. I am intercepting so many souls from so many eras that I am conversant in all of human history, if that tells you anything. In our way, we declare to our Precious Treasures and Precious Travelers that this dimension and this place in particular has no noisy trains, no signs, departure dates or clocks. The surroundings are made for pure reflection, puffy clouds, far off mountain peaks. Everyone likes to look at the far off mountain peaks. They are there because that's what the path of the human spirit is all about.

This is the place that no one remembers when they are on earth, but its a place where everyone comes and then leaves. We call our clients, "Precious Treasures" and "Precious Travelers". Every human here is either on their way down to earth, or returning to another dimension after a life on earth. We are above the physical, and below the next dimension, which we are not really supposed to talk about. Mainly because we can't really talk about it. We can only theorize, and even that's not allowed. Our job is to work with our clients, here and now in this nameless metaphysical dimension that I call "Tween".

Coming Together in "Tween"

The Travelers are going into physical manifestation. The Treasures are returning from physical manifestation. Excuse me, I have to get back to work. I wanted to explain the two categories so that you understand a big difference between the two. As you can see, they are both "Precious" because the Essence is Precious. The intrinsic value of humankind is utter preciousness. Their tasks are arduous, so they need to be reminded, while in this strange realm just how beautiful they are.

"Yeah, but i am Mikey from Schenectady"

The ones returning from a life on earth, the Treasures are still locked into their subjectivity. They think they are Mikey from Schenectady, their nationality, their occupation, their roles, their passions, their identities. It's hard to talk people out of that mind set. They have to clear, go up into the Nameless, then integrate their lessons and then return again. It's a psychological horror show for the Treasures. You can look at their fists relax, their faces relax, their voices untense, as they go through this process.

The Travellers have been cleared, in some cases for centuries (earth time) have been to the Nameless and are now ready to dive into a new set of human experiences based upon their desires, their lessons, their destiny.

Excuse me, I have to speak with a Precious Treasure. "Hey, Mikey, your death was sudden. Sudden death is hard, but once you accept it, then you get to work your way through your major life lessons, think about your loved ones, your relatives."

"I have a big project at work. My SOB Boss is going to finally have what he needs on me, to get me fired."

I clear my throat to allow him to think. "Your Boss is not happy you're gone. He relied on you more than you know. Of course your wife and kids are devastated. They're having a big party for you because you always said, you wanted a wake. You wanted people to laugh through their tears. "And, uhum, dead people can't be fired."

An attendant offered him a big fizzling drink. Treasures usually like to drink and munch right away. "So, this is hard. I want to break down and cry. Who I was, was all that you know? I am nothing without all that stuff.

"Old age allows you to separate slowly. When you die suddenly, we have to spend more time with people like you, before you go on to the Nameless. Go ahead and cry. Just go ahead."

He sat there sipping. Constant tears flowed down his cheeks, some dropping into the Fizz. Another attendant, of the female variety, sat down next to him and stroked his hair and shoulders. You could see him relaxing as he cried. Three humming birds flew over his table, a little Chihuahua nestled in his lap. A little boy bounced a ball next to him, but you couldn't hear the bounce.

"How Did You Know I loved Humming Birds..."

"Hey, how did you know, I loved humming birds and Chihuahua's? That looks like me, that little kid there with the ball." Mikey stood with a renewed burst of energy.

"We have ways of knowing these things." I showed him a laptop device. That gave him comfort. It is a balancing act - loving and appreciating all you did, dropping your fear and anxiety because that was a product of your brain, and yet embracing all of what you went through, because every last bit of it - your fights, your rages, your agonies, your laughs and loves and happy sillynesses, your joviality, your peaceful times and your do nothing times -- they all wrap up into what you call your life. It is here you reconcile yourself to all of that, and conclude many things about yourself.

"And then that's it?"

"Oh no, that's not it. We can talk later about that. Now, get peace, get peace."

"Hold it, now. There are a whole bunch of hateful people I knew. They're up here too?"

"Sounds like you're kind of hateful. Mikey, that's why we call you guys Precious Travellers. Many people generate their human energy off of their angst, irritability, hateful comparisons, lack of success, resentment and constant negative ideations. But once they give themselves a good scrubbing, they come out as pretty as God made them. While, after you're with us, you'll look over at some up here that you even knew, and hated. You'll go arm in arm down this corridor, get our fizzy drinks, and get ready for the next stage. I can guarantee you won't be saying: It's in my DNA. Cause it won't be, anymore."

Back from the Beyond


She placed her elegant hand on my shoulder. I'm from the beyond, and I am back for another life. I am supposed to seek out this old Hermit looking guy. Are you it?"

"Aha, you're a Precious Treasure. I referenced my laptop. You are back from the Beyond, and are ready for your next life. Based upon all of the integration you have been doing, it looks like your next life is going to be very victorious for you. It will be challenging."

"I know, I have heard. But then they said, we forget all of this and just start out as new babies."

I had us sit down. We got some light crackers that were sweet. She munched, she was displeased. "This is deeply psychic. You will remember your strength and power, your sense of inner rectitude. But it will be more of a feeling. The Human Species is very resiliant."

"is it normal to be frightened?"

"Yes, frightened means you understand the importance of a life well lived -- a conscious existence in which you are always exploring your potential and ways to give of yourself. If people only knew how much divine power has been expended on their life of aeons!"

"Have you ever been a Human?"

She looked at the scores of people walking and smiling with their attendants. "Have you ever been a human?"

I was one of those guys that used to come down and make key communications. But I have never been a human.

If humans only knew their origin and their divinity. Shakespeare wrote a great bit of dialogue on humankind.

"What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how
infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and
admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like
a god! the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals—and yet,
to me, what is this quintessence of dust?"

"Dear Girl, you are facing the biggest mystery of all and confronting it honestly."

"You mean the fact that we can not remember any of this when we become human."

"Yes. If you could remember it all, you would not grow. The sinew of man, the grace of our fate is that we can grow so mightily in one life that the heavens sing, all the way up to the Nameless. Just because we don't remember doesn't mean we don't grow. In fact, its because we can't remember that we do grow. We build off of our inner character, of which we are unaware."

She smiled. "I had 5 children in my last life. A fact that I won't carry with me into my next life. I remember the smiling joy of my children when they started walking. That joy, that twinkle in their eyes. They were very close to baby consciousness, and then they started a whole new set of experiences with walking."

"That's why we call you guys our Precious Treasures."

"I am prepared to leap back into the flesh. Is that a sign that I am ready?"

I grinned big, this crazy Hermit, who never have been a human. I love this strange realm, this world of Metaphysicalodrome. I would give all these thousand years of existence, for being a human, being able to grow and meet a new level, as part of my legacy. But yet. I still am filled with ecstasy on a daily basis.


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