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The Price of Freedom

Updated on August 3, 2010
Caption out of the front page news,
Caption out of the front page news,


If you read the news everyday I don't need to say anything further. What's import the placement of this Mosque.

Is it in poor taste or just a calculated event to weaken the backbone of Americans religious system. I have never been to a religious ceremony in a Mosque nor do I really care to do so.. In America however this uprising group of Muslims feel the need to build a new Mosque close to ground Zero because?

Over the last 50 or so years we as Americans have seen Blacks being allowed to eat at the same counter as white people, as a kid I didn't have a clue what the hell was going on with that.But as an adult I have lived long enough to place myself in the same angry crowd of people that were standing outsider the first restaurant serving Blacks.

We lived through that then and have a far better understanding of why things had to change,and I feel that all conditions are better for all because of that day back in the early 60's. That was an a human rights issue that was just cause and needed fixing.

Today in the area of political scepticism as it is in this country, having a Muslim President and all.This country is undergoing a change that has no prior understanding.The one thing in life that means the same thing to all Americans is the Fallon Tween Towers in New York City. It will be many years and many families grieving over the lost of a child,mother,father or just a friend, forever gone, do you understand what this means to these special people who survived this day September 11,2001.

I tell you what lets find a nice little Jewish settlement in some sleepy little town and let a German historical group build a museum next door, wow, what do you think would happen in that synaro. Folks I'm not trying to start trouble here but we need everyone to step up to the plate and voice your opinion and objections to this Mosque it doesnt feel right.

Can you just Imagine that the country of Iran started to build a walled manufacturing plant within a quiet little area of town and refused to offer a letter of business intent. Would The government find a way to stop this project under the Homeland Security powers act, or just find some other reason. All I'm saying is that if we keep allowing our enemy to enter with our personal space, space that has been sacred to us for years and years our country will become something from out of the bar room scene from Star Wars.

If the American people keep loosing sacred ground to them one day we may wake up and start paying homage to a new GOD. Please I beg of you from a small bench in a small town in north Georgia, if I care about what happens to New York and the wounds 0f the first invasion of American by a foreign enemy, its to soon to turn the other cheek.


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