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The Privilege of Becoming A Company Nurse

Updated on August 21, 2017
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Gladz loves to read and express thru writing. She started writing during her childhood days just to express her opinions.

What is an Occupational Health Nurse?

An Occupational Health Nurses are employed by companies to provide basic healthcare services to employees.

These nurses specialize in providing healthcare in a workplace setting.

They assess exposure risks, aid employee recovery, promote health, and assist injured employees.

They work hand in hand with the ESH Officers/ Safety Officers.

Becoming An Occupational Health Nurse/ Company Nurse


  1. Take an entrance exam in your chosen university.
  2. Take the Nursing Aptitude Test (NAT) and pass the exam.
  3. Enroll in your chosen course ( Bachelor's of Science in Nursing)
  4. Study all subjects to pass those subjects.
  5. Study for 4 years.
  6. Graduate
  7. Apply for board exam.
  8. Take the board exam and pass it.
  9. Get your license.
  10. Pass your Occupational Health Certification Exam.
  11. You are now certified Occupational Health Nurse.
  12. Apply in a prestigious company and be able to pass the exams and interviews.
  13. You got the job.

Roles Of An Occupational Health Nurse

To be an occupational nurse is like doing extra job or roles in the work place. They have to do things as part of their job. These jobs at times is not supposed to be their work in the nursing profession but they have to perform those tasks as part of their job being a company nurse. Although different companies and different countries have different set of tasks for company nurses. Below are some roles which company nurses do most of the time.


Nurses conduct health teaching to workers through different activities of their companies. The moment workers visit the clinic and tell some problems or concerns regarding their health conditions, nurses immediately give advice, advice, or health teachings. Some company also require their nurses to be active in educating the workers/employees by conducting a forum/seminar twice a week.


The nurse administered first aid treatment and provide medication as needed. They assess the condition of the worker especially when the worker/employee met an accident inside the company's premise.The nurse also assist the employee to the nearest hospital.


Nurses facilitate Random Drug Testing in the workplace because we know that drug can impair one's judgement and can place an individual at risk. Then, it can lower the productivity of the business.


The nurse assessed job hazards and incorporate health teachings to minimize work related accidents. The nurse help in monitoring unsafe situations and planning of immediate action to assure worker's safety. The nurse together with the safety officers and management of the company also conduct safety meeting to discuss the unsafe acts, causes of previous accidents in the workplace, and the plan to get rid off those unsafe acts which cause accident. They do this daily, weekly and monthly depending on the management.


The nurse maintains an up-to-date inventory of medicines and supplies and replenishes supply on schedule; maintenance of medical instrument.

6. HRD Officer.

The nurse also perform some clerical works as advised by the management.


The nurse reports daily headcount, illness of employees, monthly illness and headcount, and monthly accident reports depending on the management.


The nurse might manage employee sickness, develop sickness and health policies, rehabilitate staff or carry out the pre-employment medicals needed for some professions.


The nurse conducts research to help minimize work related accidents and maximize work force.


According to Nancy Banfield Johnson, a nurse is like a detective in 8 ways. Detectives and Nurses

  • Both must be Knowledegeable
  • Both need to cultivate an eye for detail.
  • Both must learn to read people's faces
  • Both get good at searching for information
  • Both skillfully ask questions
  • Both document well
  • Both know how to use a computer and find information via the internet.
  • Both Value their team


To become an Occupational Nurse is not more of the salary and experiences were some nurses were after for. To be a company nurse is a privilege because a company nurse was given the opportunity to get to know every worker/employees in the workplace. The Occupational Nurse is a able to do something meaningful and fulfilling.They were able to see the beauty in everyone and earn the respect that they deserve.

Working in a prestigious company is never an easy task but it is still a privilege since they were able to meet different people with different personalities. They are not after with the monthly salary since most companies especially private companies offer a minimum salary just enough to used in daily expenses.

Do You Want To Be a Company Nurse?

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© 2017 Gladz


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    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      3 years ago from Houston, TX USA

      Hello, I have worked in insurance, law and law enforcement and am now retired. I have never been aware of a company nurse on staff. With more and more people working part time or contract, I wonder who has company nurses.


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