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The Prostitution Of Truth, Justice and America Weighed.

Updated on November 23, 2009

The Prostitution Of Truth....Justice And Our America Weighed 




She stands
gazing at nothing
often blindfolded
to the facts
and bound by honor.

She is hopelessly
enslaved to the greed of
those who refuse to release her
so that she may again
dance joyous amidst the
confused and misled multitudes.

Stool Pigeons splash yesterdays
handouts on her shoulders
symbolic of the crap
that truth gets labeled with.

Her ears are blocked by
the endless waxing and waning
of politicians promising paradise
who then gamble with it
shaking that pair of dice
on a hunch for wealth
and leaving many poorer for
the numbers cast and spent.

Lawyers strive to bend her
to her knees to service them
suckling their cash cows
in udder depravity
getting a rise out of
all the John Q. Law's
that set the guilty free
in a spray of satisfaction
that gags the virtuous.

Lovers whisper sweet nothings
promises of future dreams
in the hollows of truth's ears
expecting them to ring true
for two...but often no rings
appear, and lust rears it's
hideous smirking head
and deceit brings separation.

Oh, how the fair maiden "Truth"
is blinded, butchered
and raped by false leaders
preachers, teachers
and prophets who seek to gain
from her flesh all
that is worth lusting after

They parade her dreams
in halls of marble and
sell her flesh to those
who need its comfort,
but it is used, bruised,
confused, and tattooed
with lies and dark pictures
that hide the scars left
by what was taken

All this is rendered
under cloaks of concealment
where honesty perished
and charity was given
up for gold....
a single tear bleeds
down the cracked granite
facade of her once pure face

over 4,300 have died so far
in a war of lies
and twisted truths
and hundred of innocents
perished as well
when she sent sincere warriors
to battle for her faith

She kneels on one knee
crippled with grief
integrity has fallen
he was her biggest supporter
in times before

the world is a
whacko jacko place
with no real face now
and she can not be wed
to society much longer
for it is built on mistrust
and dishonesty among thieves

Thus when she finally turns her back
and the fair maiden of truth exits
the world will know chaos
and goodness will perish
under the banners of
all the necessary evils
perpetuated on men
using the false hopes
of truth to promote their causes.


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