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How Godliness can Revelutionize Your Lifestyle

Updated on April 1, 2016

The Key to a Life Empowered by Godliness

Godliness is a divine practice which empowers the believer with joy, love and boldness to perform the work of God’s kingdom on earth. Without a certain degree of godliness, the work of God cannot prosper in our lives. If the work of God is neglected in our lives, we cannot represent the light of the kingdom. Instead, we are in league with the kingdom of darkness.

The promise of godliness is the abundant life. Godliness produces grace and favor, constant energy, invincibility against evil, assurance of life, great confidence, unspeakable joy and unwavering peace. In a world full of stress and pressure, godliness is a surefire comfortable for those who have accepted its grace.

The number one skill necessary for Godliness

To fulfill the promise of godliness requires one key spiritual skill: the willingness to engage in continuous prayer. Our connection with God is the key to sustaining his godliness in our life and affairs. When we pray to God, he infuses us with supernatural power and might that regenerates our physical bodies inwardly and outwardly. Continuous prayer lifts our heart and consciousness into the supernatural realm. When we participate in constant prayer, including worship, praise and meditation, we walk in the peace of God that passes understanding.

Deep Spiritual Wisdom

The acceptance of deep spiritual wisdom and knowledge is another prerequisite for godliness. Obtaining the wisdom and knowledge of God’s kingdom gives us revelation into the divine image in which he created us. That image is His very likeness. When we understand His likeness, then we are equipped to practice His very nature. We will believe all things are possible. However, we cannot come close to practicing God nature without an appreciation of His divine wisdom and knowledge. In fact, according to Old Testament scripture, the people of God are slain due to the lack of God’s wisdom and knowledge.

Spiritual Thinking

Spiritual thinking is another important aspect of godliness. If we don’t know how to control our thinking than His godliness will elude us. We must become aware of our thoughts in order to control them. Thousands of thoughts enter our minds every day, some of which is very damaging to our nature. Thinking on the wrong thing can produce a state of depression, anger and hatred. However, a believer in this state cannot demonstrate godliness to those around him. Therefore, we must bring our thoughts in alignment with God thoughts discovered in His word.

Loving Kindness

Loving kindness is another aspect of godliness that denies self in order to serve others. The believer must develop a sense of oneness for each encounter. No matter how dark the track record of an individual the image of God can be unearthed within him. Loving kindness is the shovel that is designed to do the digging. Without loving kindness or supernatural love, the promise of godliness is impossible. One thing that brings our godliness to the world stage is the practice of love. The more we deny ourselves for the good of others, the more we stand out as a beacon of light in a dark and unloving world.

The Content of Godliness

Rating Your Godliness

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Authority and Dominion

Executing authority and dominion is also a necessity in the pursuit of godliness. To grow in godliness, a believer must be capable of taking authority and dominion of the demonic principalities and powers. The kingdom of darkness uses violence against the kingdom of light. Therefore, whoever desires to demonstrate a life of godliness must engage in ongoing warfare against demonic strongholds that may attempts to suppress the joy and glory of God’s inner kingdom. He must be willing to overcome fear and suffering, no matter how long the battle may be. During such battles the inner expansion of godliness, strengthened through struggle, destroys the darkness.

Beware of Earthly Distractions

However, selfishness and the desire for worldly prosperity interfere with the pursuit of godliness. Growth in godliness requires that a believer concentrate on the divine. Divinity concerns itself only with heavenly things, including inner peace, spiritual wisdom, and love of mankind, self-denial and boldness to do the work of the kingdom. Selfishness and prosperity consciousness places one’s attention upon the things of the earth, thereby blinding the mind toward true godliness.

Citizen of God’s Kingdom

Most importantly, the practice of godliness identifies you as a citizen of God’s kingdom. Whatever environment you may enter into is your assignment from God. He is looking for those who are willing to give up all and take the journey into His divine glory. Godliness is a new beginning that will usher you into an abundant life of peace, joy, righteousness and boldness of spirit. Although the cost of godliness might be high, the investment gained from such a choice is unimaginable: eternal freedom.


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