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The Rapture. The certainty of questions, the mysteries therein.

Updated on March 21, 2019
David Frank Lopez profile image

Author, artist, musician, and inventor, David Lopez has been a follower of Jesus Christ most his life.

Just imagine.

Imagine if the rapture never came. It is understood this event written of in the Bible (the actual word Rapture is not in the Bible but the event is) carries an important thought. It is not known when it is to occur, even some believe it already has. It is not known it's time of in the importance of prophecy. But there is a God, our Father and Creator which knows everything, and yet is merciful to lean toward any lost soul with true repentance in heart. A God who gave prophecies centuries before events would occur and yet honors free will. This is God.

In a moment.

What will happen in a moment? What darkness will be withheld until this event unravels? Why is it so important for this event to be such a mystery? Why must we, according to the Bible, to not know the time, nor hour? What mystery does God keep before us that He would write the end so many centuries before it even begins? While a world slumbers, why does God fascinate His children with such mysteries? Who knows the beginning from its end but its Creator? And yet why do we seem to have dropped our guard? Why does this world in all its technology still feel alone? It feels like souls are more expendable than ever. No one is reaching out as before toward a sighing, dying, crying world. Except Jesus. Except the Father God. Except the Holy Spirit.

What is the purpose then for a soul with no knowledge of its greatness in the Bible?

The priority of Christ in these moments and the moments to come.

It is important to Christ we fulfill our work on this side of eternity. We are ignorant of our lost loved ones. Most of our lost loved ones are living for the devil and are on a way to eternal punishment. Reaching out to our loved ones who are lost can be important to us. But this world is cold, and unforgiving. The roots within an unbeliever go deep and it may take time for the soul to come to the light of Christ. Yet Jesus is said to return for His Bride, not the lost. The tears we weep in Heaven may dry, but the forever of eternity shall stand. Our lost loved ones will have to answer for their actions. But will we have to answer for them in Christ's eyes?

The importance of the rapture

Weather one believes in a rapture before, during, or after the great tribulation one thing is certain. People will be left behind. And also what is certain is only the prepared will be caught up. Who are considered His elect? Who will He look aside? What of the times the lost will face? Will the lost be aware of the eternal consequences the times will bring? Coming Heaven can purify the soul. Now comes the important part, our lost loved ones. What is their awareness now of Jesus' eminent return? Will a piece of bread offered from the Anti-Christ in exchange for their soul be to tempting? Truly the lost loved ones of most of those snatched away will face damnation, but what preparation did we as brothers, sisters, cousins, relatives have for them?

How about a prayer...

As the days grow colder, and closer to the Bible's last page, it is important to imagine having done everything we could to honor God's promise in His Word to save our lost loved ones. But they not only need to be saved. They need to be without blemish. Already faces are coming to our minds which we are accountable to reach for Jesus, and to disciple them. We have to wait on God's timing for that perfect connection. But for now, let us pray for not just our lost loved ones, but those whom we can reach for others.

Our prayer: Jesus we confess our sin and ask You to wash us of all our unrighteousness. Please help our lost loved ones, and those we can reach on this side of eternity in Jesus' Name. Angels minister to our lost and draw them to people who can present the Bible to them in Jesus' Name, amen.


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