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The Real Meaning of Life

Updated on April 17, 2013
Clear Water
Clear Water

The Journey Begins

When I was small and naive, life didn’t seem to have much meaning. As long as my stomach got fed and had the toys that I wanted, that was life. It was nothing more than simplistic. Every kid loves that.

But as I was growing up, life was no longer equaled to simplistic, it got transformed into a complicated structure pace by pace. Life was no longer of what I perceived as food and toys. They do not fit in my old definition anymore, as life itself cannot conform with the little space that it occupies.

My dad woke up at six every morning and he would be heading to work after getting dressed and has his teeth brushed. He would only be back around seven in the evening and sometimes later than that. My mom, on the other hand, stayed at home and handled all the house chores. She did all the cooking, washing, tidying, taking care of my brother and me and lots more. She did sewing too for extra money.

I saw the world as what it was. I saw the same thing happening in my neighbors, dad went to work and mum stayed at home. Kids like me which I was then, naively played around the neighborhood and perceived the world as nothing more than our brains could fit in.

But somehow, I began to ponder, “What was the meaning of life?”

My dad had a brief explanation to me, just two words, “That’s life.”

What did he really mean?

Was he mentioned that life goes the same for everyone and which I was not an exceptional too, or perhaps the ‘two words’ that he spoken out has a different deeper meaning which he thought I couldn’t grasp at that time?

It was confusing but I accepted what my dad told me, whether it sounds too good or bad. From that moment, the seed of “life” started to grow in my mind and the journey to discover life began.

Around two thousands and five hundreds years ago, one man by the name of Siddharta had asked these questions to himself, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”

These two questions had led him to the most important journey towards his own life and I believe that he never knew that his decision could have a huge impact toward the world's community. Having dedicated his whole life for the truth, he found it and it was his mind which seeking for expansion and truth that led him to nirvana, a term that used to describe the highest consciousness state of being, which one has ceased the cycle of rebirth and death. The wheel of 'Samsara.'

What made the Buddha to get started with his journey to discover the Truth?

As has been stated, it is not other when the life is seeking for expansion and in his case, spirituality. Whatever that you are trying to reach out for, regardless of spirituality, physical, financial, relationship, or health, you are indeed looking for expansion. You are not comfort with the way of your being and you try to reach out for more, to seek and expand as what the Buddha did to expand his consciousness. Everything is made up of consciousness regardless good or bad because at the highest level of existence, there is really no boundary that separates two opposite things.

The Meaning of Life

Passing On

My mum passed away when I was seventeen. I never expected it to be happened that soon. No one and I believe that my mum herself never expected it too. My dad visited her the day before she passed on and everything seemed to be alright, no health issues, nothing wrong. The doctor even expected her to check out the next day.

But when it came, it just came, no one could escape. She departed when no ones noticed, when she was expected to live for another few decades. Her room mate during that time even thought of she was having a good sleep.

The point is, did she make the decision to move on even though she did not know it consciously?

I wouldn’t know but I definitely sure that she still loved me at the moment of her death and even now wouldn’t be any differences too. Love is eternal but hatred isn't and it is great to overcome hatred with love.

Here comes the great question, "Is passing on, a way of life expansion?"

Some say that life does not end, it moves to the other realm of existence, to continue it’s infinite journey. So wouldn’t that death is just another way of life expansion, which is beyond the reach of our physical form?

(Notice that I don't use the term pass away.)

What is your opinion?

Or it is the end or the beginning?

Scientist now believe that the earth is the center of the universe although few centuries ago a great man named Corpenicus had proven that the Sun indeed was the center and earth together with other planets and stars orbitting around it.

Why would scientist could definitely say that the earth is the center of the universe?

This is simply because the universe is ever expanding and infinite, any points could be the center and every moment of passing, the universe is keep expanding itself, faster that you could ever think. So as well for death, it is both an end and the beginning because like the universe, life is infinite.

In certain religion, death is not the end, it’s a graduation to move on to a higher level. The same thing as we do in pursuing our education; you move on to college afther your high school. For that, death never perceived as the end. It’s the beginning of a brand new life. (Though it is not my intention to discuss about life and death, I find out that it is relevant to point it out here.)

Back to my dad. The way my dad perceives life is just one of the way and the way he sees life shapes the life of what he is experiencing back then or even now. You and me are not exceptional too.

But one thing for sure is the way I perceive life now is it goes on every dimension. Life is infinite and it is always seeking for expansion. Life tries to express itself whenever and whichever it finds possibilities.

It is impossible for life not to move as it follows the trait of the universe which is never stop moving and expanding. Your life expands regardless of your conditions and circumstances, be it great or not, up or down. It’s just the matter of which way life expands.

I couldn’t agree more than how Deepak Chopra gives meaning to life;

“The meaning of life is everything. Life is pure potential until someone shapes it into something. Life is infinitely open which leaves nothing and no one out. ‘Everything’ is just another way to embrace the infinite range of possibilities.”

So you aren’t more than how you perceive you are, as when you give meaning to your life, it begins to fold according to your purpose. This is the process of cause and effect and your reality is nothing more than how you perceive it. Your life spans as far as you perceive and life get bigger as you expands your perception.

Nothing is impossible in the field of universe.

You are part of the universe.

And thus, you are everything in the meaning of universe.

Without you, there is no world …

and without the universe you wouldn’t be here…

For that, the meaning of life is everything.

Life is full of possibilities and nobody can define life as it is and thus, the title of this article does not lead you to the definition of life, it merely shows you the way of life.

When you feel that life is hopeless, just think about the universe; Does it ever give up expanding itself?

Being hopeless is actually the way that 'The Self' is seeking for expansion. Being hopeless leads the self to become hopeful and to realize the true potential of the real being, "life is revealing itself."

Deepak Chopra - The Meaning of Life

Walking Wisdom: Deepak Chopra on the Meaning of Life


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    • view profile image

      view 8 years ago

      I loved the quality contents in this hub. I agree with your article, as I myself believe that we are not different from universe but a part of it. Everything that just happens in our life is a process of life.

      Everyone has his own meaning of life, as everything has a right to survive in this universe, whether some people consider it good or bad, as nothing is actually bad but it has its own role in the process of life.

      Good expression, keep it up.

    • metaphysician profile image

      metaphysician 8 years ago

      Thanks Brenda for taking your time and effort to read my hubs. Appreciate it.

    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

      i am enjoying these hubs...... but am not into heavy stuff, so cannot take it all in on one sitting,,,,,,, never the less, I will be back, like the shorter hubs, as my attention span is lacking...

    • metaphysician profile image

      metaphysician 8 years ago

      Thanks SJ for dropping by. Yeah keep on hubbing.

    • SparklingJewel profile image

      SparklingJewel 8 years ago from upper midwest

      Hey MetaPhysician,

      I appreciate your have read a lot of the best spiritual works.

      Keep on Hubbing ! :D