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The Real Values of Christmas

Updated on August 11, 2012

Silent Night...Holy Night...All is calm...all is peace...

The real message has always been there.

Welcome to Real Values.

Christmas is a short period we set aside every year to commemorate and celebrate the birth of a man born roughly 2,000 years ago. But not an ordinary man - on of Humanity's greats. Jesus of Nazareth, the man who became known as The Christ, was reputedly an exemplar of how we should use our lives. “Love one another.” Be kind, considerate, patience, loyal. Be tolerant and forgiving. "Have I not told ye that ye are gods!" So often we forget that.

We can close in on ourselves: or open ourselves up - the choice is ours

A few nights ago I watched on SBS Television a crime series in which a young woman had been raped and murdered. The family, filled with all sorts of emotion were to bury their child – and in the case of the other children in the family, their elder sister. They were in Church for the burial ceremony. The parents were not talking to one another. Maybe there was blame. Whatever it was they were tight-lipped, defensive and very unhappy.

Their children, the two little boys aged about five and seven, were preparing to go to Church when they accidently knocked over and broke a vase containing some flowers. They looked at the father, and then hurried off. They were very afraid of what he would do.

Later In Church one of the little boys looked up and said, “Are you mad at me, Daddy?”

Real Values - Bringing joy into a family gathering

That's what love can do

The father’s stolid, stern countenance stayed the same for a long time. Then his face cracked in a warm smile. He reached out and embraced his little boy. And at same time with his other hand he found his wife’s hand and gave it a squeeze. Suddenly everything was a lot better. That's what love can do.

In the First World War and the Korean Conflict something marvellous happened

In the Christmas of 1914, in that most dreadful of all Wars, German, French and British frontline troops decided unanimously and without consultation with their senior officers to lay down their weapons- at least temporarily. Indeed, here and there they left their battle lines to eat and drink and even play a friendly soccer game with their enemies. Christmas is not a time for fighting and killing. It is a time of good will. The same thing happened, albeit to a very limited extent, in the Korean War in 1949. Christmas is a time for peace and goodwill.

How beautiful this world of ours, and there for all to share

Charles Dickens' famous story lives on because its morale touches our hearts

In Charles Dickens' famous story on Christmas, Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge is a mean, rich, lonely man. He has no time for anyone. But after seeing his former business partner, Marley’s ghost, he goes out and shares his wealth with those who are poor. And suddenly everything was that much better. That's what love can do.

Real Values are our willingness to give and receive from the heart

Why does it make such a difference?

Because we all need it. We all want it. We all desire in our hearts to be loved – and to be able to give love. And Christmas Day is the day we set aside on our calendar to enable us to do this. It is a day of family, friends, fun and merriment. There is room for Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and Santa’s little helpers. There is room for presents, and feasting on the best food and drink. But Christmas, most of all ... is a day for love.


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  • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

    Ian D Hetri 6 years ago from Papua New Guinea

    Its a time for reflections. to evaluate ones successes and failures. Its time for reconciliation and healing.

    Great hub. Voted up.

  • sofs profile image

    sofs 6 years ago

    Beautiful!! A time to love, forgive and just give of yourself... but then it should be Christmas everyday..that is what He taught us.. a way of life :) Thanks for sharing!

  • Brooke Lorren profile image

    Brooke Lorren 6 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

    What is really sad is that if we went to war today, I doubt that people would take the time to set aside Christmas as a day free from conflict.

  • CASE1WORKER profile image

    CASE1WORKER 6 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

    A day of love! Christmas can be observed by all faiths and non believers simply because of the peace goodwill and love to all men and women, which hopefully no one will deny us the pleasure of