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Being Thankful

Updated on November 17, 2009

Promises You've given us
That You didn't have to keep ...
Scripture that  You speak to us
To comfort us when we weep.
Your Grace and Mercy shows us
How much love You have to give.
You ARE the Rock we lean on
When we don't deserve to live.
We're grateful, Father, grateful
And we give You ALL the praise.
We're thankful, Father, thankful
Forgiving our sinful ways.
You bless us daily, Father
In more ways than we could know
For these, and ALL things, Father
We can't help but love You so!
Thanksgiving is the season
When some open up their hearts
Let's make sure we are thankful
With every day that starts.
Let us not take for granted
ALL blessings: the big and small
Make sure God knows - OBEY HIM!
And, please, thank Him for them all!


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