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The Redemptive Names of God

Updated on June 25, 2017

God's face may be unseen by man. But it is certainly a walk of faith to step side by side his strides. Before Christ touched into time, God was known as Jehovah. Yet in Him, before being seen, He was to be known as... He was to be known as what the person needed. The unseen One smoked Mt. Sinai and cracked thunder. He required death of anyone touching the Ark of the Covenant. For hundreds of years no prophet spoke for Him before Christ. And for thousands of years sacrifices appeased Him, but still He was only seen by a select prophet, priest, and king.

But in reading the scriptures, mainly the old testament, God longed to reveal Himself, and He did slowly. Jehovah Jireh, the most popular of His Names meant The God to be revealed as a Provider. But His names don't just reveal Himself as a Provider. There are many names, names which His children use this very day to bring change to their troubled situation.

The Redemptive names of God which are most heavily used.

Jehovah Jireh

Jehovah Nissi

Jehovah Rapha

Jehovah Tsidkenue

Jehovah Shammah

Jehovah Shalom

Jehovah Rohi

The Name.

The redemptive Names of God are as potent as even using Christ' Name in authority. They are the Names of God which one can hide within as in Psalm 91.

But Jesus... That Name itself has raised people from the dead. They have received lost loved ones from hell's grip. It has reached into the miry clay of life and fished out souls. That Name reminds us of the one which restores our soul, shepherds our lives. Where angels have sung in everlasting eternity of a constant knowing of God, which whom new sides alway reveals.

It is the power of a Name which we can speak to storms and see clouds dissipate.

Imagine if a child can learn them how about you?


Standing on the Word of God. At first this walking on water type of faith may seem uncertain, fear filled. It may seem like it isn't possible, but in the Bible Jesus and Peter came across more than just water. They came across a bond. Peter had to first get out. And then he had to take a step. And then another, in spite of storm to Jesus. He had to keep his eyes on Jesus. But notice it was when he took his eyes off the Lord that he fell. And if you read the scriptures it says Jesus reached out to him as Peter was sinking. He was within reach of Jesus when he doubted! But isn't like the Holy Spirit to grasp us as we fall, after we have reached as far as we could in faith? Imagine. Had Peter had reached Jesus these insights may not have been found!

The Word of God has many promises which we can handle in the storms of life. Every season you walk with the Lord, you learn more 'faith' vocabularies. Every step taken, we find and refund Jesus. He is the Lover of our Souls, and He is more than enough in any situation. But we sometimes stray. It is like we glance a bit away a little at a time. Moments turn to weeks. Sometimes months. And some of us seem to be left stranded away for longer than we have hoped. And the undertow of doubt pulls us in until life really happens.

Returning to God's Word after years of a consistent relationship can be like learning how to walk again. Inch by inch the muscles which held no challenge must stretch into use. Atrophy of our spirit from neglect of God's Word, or the deception of the cares of this world, can leave us on the ground in despair.

Since we are on the ground, we might as well stay there. And look up. The serenity of God hastens us into Him. We can't fight the rushing winds, nor the blasts of sea. But we can experience God's sovereign Hand holding ours into the storm.

Finding God again and again. Ever notice it seems we forget this God's greatest miracles in light of new catastrophes. Most of us long for this storm to pass. But we don't normally get that miracle. The miracles are the breaths in between the waves. And there is Jesus' Hand yet again reaching out to ours.

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