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The "Rich Radiant Substance of the Universe"

Updated on November 12, 2019
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I'm an Ordained Minister, seasoned Wedding Specialist, a skilled Spiritual Counselor, and a professional Master of Ceremonies.

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My ministry is and always has been built upon the belief that we are all from the same Source. The True Source. The "Rich Radiant Substance of the Universe" ...thank you Anna M. for this wonderful Anna-ism!

You may call It the Creator, God, the Universe, etc., but when it comes right down to it...the name isn't what's important. I believe the basis of all true spiritual work is Unconditional Love as we all come from that Source. Love is the one true Source. It does not discriminate.

There are many religions with their particular rituals and belief systems. If you look at them closely, you find the vast majority of them all have Love and connecting with the Divine as their central themes.

You may have your own belief system or perhaps subscribe to dogma. Perhaps you believe in "nothing". There have been many great works produced which provoke thought and debate, and of course throughout history, these concepts morph and evolve, but there is always one constant: We as humans look into the heavens, we explore continents, go to the deepest depths of the deep blue sea. We marvel at natural wonders and give them supernatural qualities. We explore both outward and inward. We have always asked that one burning question: "Why?"

We watch life unfold, slowly over the course of time. Everything is alive! ...and then it dies. ...and then all is reborn again. This happens constantly all the way down to the most minute particle of matter. There is a definite cycle here in this realm. Science proves this as fact. Birth, life, death, rebirth. We are all just one big heap of cosmic stuff with a heart and a soul...thoughts, dreams, pain, joy, love, hate, good, bad, and all which makes us very...human!

If you believe in Jesus, the concept of rebirth is found in his example. Jesus the human man showed us how to be compassionate, how to do good works, how to love thy neighbor. He gave us a blueprint by which to live our mortal lives. Jesus the Son of God, gave the greatest sacrifice, himself, to show us there is more than this life on earth and souls can be "re-born". If you are Pagan, your deities and rituals show you grace through the organic practice of revering and loving nature and respecting that everything has its season, including we mere mortals.

But what happens to us when we reach our expiration date? Where do we go? No... wait ...stop, for just a moment and ponder this: No one really knows for a FACT what happens to us when we die. Regardless of your faith or lack thereof...NO ONE KNOWS! Until we take our last breath and the spark of our soul leaves our vessel, we can only speculate. And… this is where having faith or a belief system works, not only as a coping mechanism, but as a necessity of life for a great many of us.

So if this is true, why are we here, making plans, getting married, starting families, and living our lives… if we're just going to die anyway? What is all of "this" for? Surely, it can't be for nothing.

Well, I believe we are all here for the experience of being... here this place. It's a very simple concept, but really for me, that's what it all boils down to. My belief is that our bodies are just like a pot we plant flowers in. The flowers grow and thrive for only so long and eventually they are gone, but the pot remains. It’s empty without the life force the dirt and flowers bring to it.

So, what is truly important to me, is that while I'm here I make a positive difference. I am here to be of service. Regardless of my next destination, what I do here is what makes my experience better or worse. My personal goal of salvation is not to be a “good person” so I get to go to Heaven. It’s really not about “me”. It’s about “us”. My goal is to do the best I can with what I have. To embrace my human-ness and forgive myself and others for being an ass occasionally. My goal is to do my very best to be of service while I’m alive here on Planet Earth.

We aren't born with an instruction manual that tells us how to live this life. We don't get a “cheat-sheet” with all the answers to life's mysteries. We were all born into our material existence on Earth as blank slates. We write the pages of our individual stories one day at a time. Does ego get the best of us from time to time...well, of course! Have we done things we've been ashamed of? Well, who hasn’t? But, we can overcome ego and we have the ability to forgive. We have free will. Through prayer and meditation, we can become the best version of ourselves as we continue to grow and evolve.

My ministry will continue to grow and flourish as the "Rich Radiant Substance of the Universe" continues to provide me with opportunities to serve my purpose as It sees fit. Being a wedding officiant is an honor and it helps me fulfill my purpose by allowing me to be of service to others. My intention is to make a difference and do good works. Being an Ordained Minister allows me the opportunity to help others in ways I had never imagined, to be a channel for the love and wisdom of the Creator. Being a wedding officiant is an honor and it helps me fulfill my purpose by allowing me to be of service to couples as they embark on a journey together united in a commitment of love and partnership.

In the meantime, regardless of our beliefs and station in life, let's all do as Garth Brooks suggested and "Just keep taking chances and having fun!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Reverend BAKarcher


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