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The Roots of Religion?

Updated on May 4, 2013
Read your fortune? Tell your future? Give your advise based on your birthday.
Read your fortune? Tell your future? Give your advise based on your birthday.

Ever Wonder Where Religion Came From?

Because I wondered about everything and asked questions constantly trying to understand, this most important topic. The phrase, "Knock and it shall be opened unto you, Seek and you shall find" provided proof that study was required especially in this most important decision.

Primitive Man Since the beginning of time, man has searched for the meaning of his/her existence and subsequent demise. Man not unlike animal joined groups learned to communicate, satisfied their basic needs, and then begin to ponder about the meaning of things; just like you. They enjoyed the daylight, the warmth, and personalized the sun that provided them light. They recognized the light and darkness and religion began when they bow down before the Sun God to “light their way through the darkness.” Light still remains part of most religious ceremonies and family celebrations. The idea of Man “Coming forth from the Darkness into the Light” symbolizes Prophecy, Revelation, and the “Wisdom of the Ages.”

One Supreme Power Religion proceeds from Legend, Tradition, Communication and acts of Magic. The Torah, the Law of Nature, states that One Supreme Lord is all that is needed. Prophecy states that there is a connection between man and the original “Potter” of the Universe. Teachings state that the scribes applied simple terms about God to help men understand writings about the Creator. Some believe in One Solitary Supreme Being today but others disagree.

Man looked up at Heavens and pondered about the idea of one single Supreme Being. They reasoned, that if man was made in God’s image, God must be like man. As George Jones stated in his popular song, “One Is A Lonely Number.” So, whether God’s name is: “Yahweh, Ra, Re, Horus, Zeus, Apollo, Annu, Aten, Odin, Lord, Buddha, Dalai Lamas, or Titan / Helios,” a solitary existence seemed unacceptable to some. They filled the heavens with multiple subordinate Deities to provide love and companionship to the Master Creator. Companions being a heavenly host with lesser Gods, Goddess, Arch Angles, Cupids, Ghosts and Spirits living with the Supreme Being. Legends emerged about the lesser Deities. Man pictured the Supreme Being playing games in Viking Valhalla, Buddha inviting magical animals to a special dinner, and Zeus or Apollo interacting with any number of female Goddesses fighting over His attention. Ancient legends told stories of warriors interacting with powerful Gods & Goddesses while fighting for survival. To some, God’s humanity made believing in Him more plausible. A Heavenly Host interacting with man and keeping company with One Powerful Creator is still part of many religions today. But some desired a more personal Higher Power someone to help them through the darkness and stave away their fears.

Like the “Ark of the Covenant,” man wanting this personal interaction with the Almighty used various earthly beings and creatures of legend as vessels. Pagans, Druids, Fairies, Elves, Leprechauns, Witches, Wizards, Seers, and Prophets “blessed with magical power” were consulted to provide heavenly guidance. Legends spoke of Magical Earthly events. Pan with his magical flute walking in a mystical oak grove side by side with unicorns. Waters of the Lake revealing a Lady bringing forth the Mystical Excalibur sword of King Arthur; "The Lady of The Lake." These legends provided not only mystery but hope for man seeking power, protection, love, and health through Magic, Spells, Meditation, and Divination. Directions became important in Divination: North represented Prosperity; South represented Change; East represented Inspiration; and West represented Relationships and Healing. Stones or bones were cast and fortune read according to the directions they landed. The elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth had corresponding powers. It was a time of magic, myth, and legend. Man looked at nature and saw Magic.

Then from the West, came the Mysterious knowledge of Tarot Cards, and the secret language of birthdays called Astrology. Both mediums provided additional guidance to help for man to change the course of his/her destiny. It is amazing to think that each man's fate is set upon the heavens position on the day they were born.

If born Capricorn [December 22 - January 19] you are Passionate, Successful, Loyal, & Persistent. If born Aquarius [January 20 - February 18] you rule with Acceptance, Genius & Sensitivity. If born Pisces [February 19 - March 20th] you become Dancers & Dreamers with Spirit. If born Aries [March 21 - April 19] you shine with Personality & Power. If born Taurus (April 20- May 20) you Celebrate Energy & Intelligence with pleasurable activities. If born Gemini [May 21 - June 20] you have Energy, Expression & are Technically Gifted. If born Cancer [June 21-July 22] you are Secretly Romantic & an Empathic Persuader. If born Leo [July 23 - August 22] Leo you balance strength with flashes of brilliance. If born Virgo [August 23-September 22] you are System Builders & Literalists, capable of Perplexing Folks. If born Libra [September 23-October 22] you are in High Society & a Theatre Buff. If born Scorpio [October 23-November 21] you are full of Intensity, Depth & Charm. If born Sagittarius [November 22-December 2] you are Independent & Strong Originators. If born Capricorn [December 22 - January 19] you are Passionate, Successful, Loyal, & Persistent. If born Aquarius [January 20 - February 18] you ruled with Acceptance, Genius & Sensitivity. Today, some still practice Tarot Card readings and /or Astrology readings. But, not all men believe in Astrology or Tarot Cards, and some warn against their use.

Duality of Power

Two Supreme Higher Powers

Men continued to differ in opinions about the Divine. Some looked at the heavens and saw duality. Nature held together by opposites, the light and dark together in balance. They believed it made more sense, that there was a Supreme Dependent Duality. To them, man is interdependent and connected with the natural world and co-dependent with the Gods. Yin, the female, and Yang, the male, both equal in power but dependent on each other. I Ching shows Yang as a solid line, and Yin as broken lines. Both balanced, co-dependent, equally they rise from nothing, moving in tangent, occupy the space left by the other in fluid motion. Yin depends on Yang and Yang depends upon Yin.

Duality suited some Native American beliefs as well. A Heavenly Father and Mother who equally share rule and control seasonal weather, animals, plants, and the elements of earth, water, sky, and fire fit their tradition. Duality fit the Egyptians who believed in Lord Geb, Master of the Earth, and Lady Nut, Goddess of the Sky. Egyptians also enjoyed Astrology and Divination. Some religions today continue to enjoy the thought that man and woman are equal and one with the land, animals, and spirits. They still believe that the Duo Deities are as connected and dependent upon man as they are to each other.


Trinity of Power

Pagans including some in Celtic societies, Druids and those who practice Witchcraft, or Wicca believed in Duotheistic Divinity, but also embraced Trinity of Power. Their Triple Lord and Triple Lady share power equally. The Triple God, Lord has three faces of power: The Sun King [God of Success], the Horned God [God of the Woodlands, fertility and growth], and Dark Lord of the Underworld [Lord protector of the final rest] also known as Cemunnos, Satan, Gva, or the Sorcerer. The Triple Lady also known as the Sorceress, and Triple Goddess, has three faces of power: the Glorious Maiden [Goddess of new beginnings, dawn, planting seeds & youth], the Great Mother [Goddess of magic, love, knowledge & plenty], and the Dark Crone [Lady of the night, death & rebirth]. Each Ruler, Male and Female, having equal rule and three faces of power provide eternal balance to the other in each realm. Note: Two equal Gods each with three powers equal the number six.

Early Christians like those today, embraced the Trinity of Rule. The Lord, God with three faces of power: the Father who rules time and space; the Son who rules nature, and the Holy Ghost who has the most contact with man, bringing blessings, and imparting heavenly thoughts. Christianity has not remained stagnant over the years but continues to evolve. Some who name themselves “Christian,” embrace the idea of a Heavenly Host. Some have developed elaborate rituals regarding mans’ afterlife by creating variety of heavenly levels with principles on admission including more restrictions to the “Inner Circle.” Some believe since God is a man, only men can reach the inner sanctum in heaven after death. And, some further think man has authority over females including the right to deny spouses heavenly admission. There are so many versions of “Christianity” today that there is no consistency as to what Christians as a whole believe other than the Trinity of Heavenly Rule. The Catholic Pope provides annual words about contemporary Christianity on an annual basis and maintains some notarity among the leaders of various countries as a "Man of Peace." But even the Catholic Christianity has evolves throughout time, changing the Pope ends up with changes in doctrines and rules causing disharmony among the flocks.

Religious Based Sects / Clubs

 Many influential intellectuals, wealthy, progressive politicians, and rulers count themselves as members of forward thinking religious based sects. In order to join these organizations, they require a belief in a Supreme Being, any Supreme Being. Some of these organizations though they practice unique rituals, rights of passage and the like, do not consider themselves a religion. Most members of these sects interact among religious groups of their time as believers. The secrecy of belonging to these groups adds to the excitement of membership and participation. The infamous Bavarian Illuminati [Perfectabilists] and Skulls and Bones [Pirates], create political objectives in order to achieve monetary gain.The infamous Free Masons, joined together to achieve excellence in thought, word and deed. These influential intellectuals contribute to charity and focus on how to improve human conditions with invention. Many famous inventors proudly count themselves as Free Masons as do many Presidents of the United States. Recently The Skulls and Bones have also had a Presidential Leader. 

The Year of the Tiger

Year of the Tiger

Chinese Zodiac and Lunar New Year Celebration

Legends tell that the beginning of Chinese New Year started with the fight against a mythical beast called Nein but things have evolved since then. The Chinese calendar starts on New Years Day. New Years usually falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice, a date between January 21st and February 20theach year. The New Years Eve preparation begin a thousand year old annual tradition when every family thoroughly cleans the house to sweep away any ill-fortune in hopes to make way for good incoming luck. Then buy presents, decoration, material, food, and clothing for the feast and celebrations.[].

The ancient art of Chinese Astrology is a system of divination that has been used in the Orient for thousands of years. Its popularity in the West is attributed to its wisdom, and accuracy. Intricate computation are completed a personal astrology. Animal signs are assigned by year, month, day, and hours of the day. The combination of the year of your birth, the month, day and hour are a part of the 'four pillars' of Chinese Astrology, which determine one's fate. The animal signs assigned by year only tell how others see you.

The determination begins with determining if you are Yang [male] or Yin [female] -[] In Chinese philosophy and religion, two principles, one negative, dark, and feminine (yin), and one positive, bright, an masculine (yang), whose interaction influences the destinies of creatures and things.

It the year ends in 0 it is Yang Metal.

If the year ends in 1 it is Yin Metal.

If the year ends in 2 it is Yang Water.

If the year ends in 3 it is Yin Water.

If the year ends in 4 it is Yang Wood.

If the year ends in 5 it is Yin Wood.

If the year ends in 6 it is Yang Fire.

If the year ends in 7 it is Yin Fire.

If the year ends in 8 it is Yang Earth.

If the year ends in 9 it is Yin Earth

Legend states that the balance of Yin and Yang with the five elements [water, wood, firs, earth and metal] has a major bearing on a person’s life force.

Then astrologers have to determine your Astrological Symbol. Pairing with an Element and Yin or Yang.

Rat Yang, Element Water

Ox Yin, Element Water

Tiger Yang, Element Wood

Rabbit Yin, Element Wood

Dragon Yang, Element Wood

Snake Yin, Element Fire

Horse Yang, Element Fire

Sheep Yin, Element Fire

Monkey Yang, Element Metal

Rooster Yin, Element Metal

Dog Yang Element Metal

Pig Yin, Element Water

Next the personality of an individual is read with consideration made to all the information gathered including the personality traits of the animals is as follows:

Rat True vision - Having the ability to see what others do not see.

Ox Tenacity – Considers the way, the more considerable the journey.

Tiger Courage – Zest, enthusiasm and giving makes the difference and provides more.

Rabbit Virtue – Always try to understand whenever with whomever to have a chance.

Dragon Luck –Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you fail, or the unexpected happens. But it is the stepping forward that makes life interesting.

Snake Wisdom – Thinking about what is, what might be, what could be, and then acting makes me wise.

Horse Elegance – There are many paths but the most valued one is the one less traveled.

Sheep Art – Amid the complexities of life having the ability to appreciate nature is a gift for all.

Monkey Fantasy – I am open to all possibilities and more things become unlocked.

Rooster Candor – I have a clear destination, a firm will, and raise my sails to allow the winds of fortune to guide me.

Dog – Loyalty – My values and beliefs are my beacon in an ever-changing world.

Pig –Honesty – Doing, giving and playing my part makes life worthwhile.

The Chinese study of the stars is the basis of many Chinese fairy tales.

Red is the emblem of joy, and this color also symbolizes virtue, truth and sincerity. Gold symbolizes the arrival of luck, happiness, and prosperity. So our blessing for you is that you wear red and gold, have prosperity, and good luck in the Year of the Tiger!


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