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The Rusty Old Saxaphone

Updated on August 4, 2012


So I was at a yard sale yesterday picking through all kinds of stuff. Most of it was expensive, worth what it was priced, but over what I wanted to pay. So I was wondering around and I looked down, and I immediately saw this old, tarnished, rusty saxophone. It was so old and decrepid looking, but I saw it's potential. I have always wanted to play the saxophone. So I thought it was the most beautiful thing. It looked amazing. So I Picked it up for closer examination. I couldn't believe someone had let it go so rough. I couldn't believe no one took care of it better. It was amazing. It needed some pads, some key covers, a bunch of oil and rust remover. It needed some serious restoration. But I knew, maybe I could afford it. So I carried it over, and I said, how much. He said, how much will you give? I said, well how about 10 dollars. He was like, sold. I immediately put it in his hand. A 10.00 bill. I was fascinated. I put it in my car. I was going to get in my car, and I suddenly heard intense yelling. I got closer and it was a woman praising God. She was getting with it. I tell you what, she was rebuking the devil and praying for deliverance. I wanted to jump up and down and yell. She started speaking in tongues and I just started saying thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus. I wanted so bad to go in that house. I wanted so bad to go in there and join. Eventually, I left, renewed a little bit. So here is my point. That saxophone, beautiful even though it's tarnished and scarred, can come out beautiful. Just as we, when we have gone away from the Lord, or maybe have never found the Lord, the world can leave us tarnished. The pain of this world can leave us rusty and old and needing oil. The ways of the world can get on us and we appear old and abused, not taken care of. However.... Someone, sees our potential. God sees our potential. And he can lead us to a church that sees our potential. He can lead us to a pastor and friends that see our potential. Then they can help the Lord gently start scrubbing away at the tarnish and rust. The Lord can remove the dirt and the rust and the tarnish. He can make us new. He can restore and renew us to better than our original condition. He can make us shiny and new. He can Oil our hinges with the Holy Ghost. He can make us strong. And someday, with a new mouthpiece, we can make beautiful music once again. An instrument played by the King of Kings. He paid a lot more than 10.00 for us. He paid for us with his life on the cross. God is so good! In JESUS NAME!


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