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Sacred Deed: The Most Effective Compass For The Amazon 6-10-19 Flight.

Updated on October 10, 2019

In search of Aviation/Navigational Compass for the Amazon Synod

By Fr. Kenneth Chinkata Evurulobi, PhD.


Between the Blessed Virgin Mary who came to the Church at Fatima, the Unity of the Church, the Priesthood of Christ and The Tower of Babel, the Catholicism has a choice to make at Amazon. The SACRED DEED - a practical doctrinal device fashioned and employed by the Our Lady of Fatima and Queen/Patroness of Nigeria through the instrumentality of Nigeria's MARYSROSE, to lay an ambush against Global Satanism in the manner of the War of Lepanto, shows the Amazon Synod the way forward.

The SACRED DEED (which has been placed in the custody of the Tribunal of the Apostolic Tribunal) is designed in such a way that makes it the most effective compass which has the capacity to disable the atmosphere of doctrinal decay which currently hangs over the Amazon Synod and place it on a pedestal of valid and legitimate reform even as it leaves the contentious issues of debate open and respects the final conclusions of the Synod.

It is highly insensitive and arrogant to categorize it as a mere reactionary or fundamentalist attitude for one to believe that the Amazon Synod must clarify and justify the costly and expansive renovations it has started to effect on the edifice of the Faith.

The emphasis is on the fact that somebody - the Holy Spirit or in the act of a special Petrine Delegation - must take responsibility for the Faith of the Universal Church which has been been tied to a stake at Amazon, and that, starting from here, the evidence of this responsibility must be visibly accessible to all and must also have the capacity to outlive the present generation. The picture of the Cross will provide some needed illustration - while Christ the Redeemer was, through the embrace of the Cross in obedience, working out the Divine Plan of Salvation, the Devil was also at work in an effort to subvert and destroy the true image of God hoping that it will provide it provide it with access through which to destroy the Divine Plan before the plan could ever be finally and irrevocably ratified and sealed by the events of John 19:30. Two parallel and irreconcilable powers and forces were at work at Calvary but each had its signature and fingerprints clearly defined.

The basic outlines of a would be Amazon Synod that is devoid of all trappings of heresy, schism, apostasy, insensitivity, arrogance and dictatorship could be adjudged from this extract below:
" thing to be said is that, concerning the Celibate Priesthood, what is written is written. Beyond the sex abuse scandals, the Celibate Priesthood stands. What Adam forfeited was restored in the Eucharist. At the last Supper, Jesus Christ got the table set and sat at the Eucharistic table as the Chief Celebrant (the Priest). Then he laid himself (symbolically) on the Eucharistic table and went to the Cross (Victim) to cause to happen that which is the will of the Father. It is embarrassing and unnecessary to spread raw blood and human flesh on the Altar table and invite people to cannibalism. But so long as blood was shed and body broken at the appropriate place – and since this was perfectly and irrevocably accomplished once and for all, and that there is the need to recall and make present (without subjecting the son of God again to excruciating agony and treachery in connivance with Satanists); and if the inexhaustible values and treasures merited for us by Jesus Christ at Calvary are readily but symbolically abundant under the specie of bread and wine, all to the delight and praise of God, then the law of Remembrance is a forceful legitimizing factor of the Real Presence. Between sincerely dedicated bishops and priests together with the powerful institutions of the Church, even in their weaknesses, God takes evil upon himself at the numerous Calvaries of our time symbolized by the Holy Masses and burns it to nothing and reduces it to non entity – to total annihilation. The devil, whether in the form of P2, Freemason, Ogboni Fraternity, Traditional/Students Cults’, the evil genius himself, is a nobody; a non-entity. All of them put together and challenged by the Eucharistic Jesus is “a worthless bunch of nameless nobodies”. In this regard, the Church must not hesitate to go to Calvary and watch Satan destroy himself to the point of total annihilation. And because Satan does not believe in the resurrection, he has no hope at all. For the Church, the resurrection beckons on us to “resolutely” match on with Christ on our journey to God via the Cross. There is nothing to be afraid of. But there comes a time in the Church’s life when the journey becomes tough – tough and rough such that married family men need only to wait so that like Jesus Christ would take Peter, James and John, the Celibate Priests who have no fear of loss for anything, may match forward to pave the way for these men and their wives and children to continue on their match towards God and at the same time defend the pilgrim Church with their sweat and blood. This is the reason why the Priesthood is about celibacy – the state of not getting married or being attached to any person in a marital obligation. The question of the sin of fornication does not arise out of this obligation but is a universal binding moral norm espoused by the sixth commandant, but to foolishly assume that it does not add to or detract from the celibate obligation, like it does with marital obligation, speaks volume of an escapist’s attitude to life and responsibility. The celibate Priesthood is about the open – secret army. It is the most powerful cult in the world designed and totally committed to the service of divine government as made manifest in Jesus Christ and the implications of this for the world. It therefore stands in a directly inverse proportion to every satanic cult like P2, Freemason, Ogboni Fraternity, Students’ cults and humanistic traditional cults. < >


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