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The Science of the Spoken Word

Updated on May 29, 2010
Hindu AUM
Hindu AUM
Greek Philosophers
Greek Philosophers

The Sacred Word AUM is God

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God" (verse from the Gospel of John, Holy Bible).

"In the beginning was Brahman, with whom was the Word; and the Word was truly the supreme Brahman" (verse from the Rik Veda, ancient Hindu text).

"The sacred word AUM, releases the frequency of the Word, the same Word that went forth as the origin of creation. The ancients knew the power of the word. Civilizations have risen and fallen in the power of the spoken word. The mantras of the East, sacred intonations, came forth out of the sacred AUM...The sound of the Word-the Word of the is a Sanskrit word that means 'I bow, I agree, I accept...AUM!'

AUM is the affirmation of true being; to declare that being, is to know who I AM. AUM intoned is the indestructible sound...the immensity...out of the AUM comes our oneness with God as an acceptance of our responsibility to BE, acceptance of immortal destiny, reason for being, acceptance of the Flame as God within ones-self." 1

"The philosophy of the Word may be traced, in its various forms and modifications, down from the ancient Hindu scriptures through the teachings of Plato and the Stoics to Philo of Alexandria and the author of the Fourth Gospel. Perhaps an actual historical link can be proved to exist between all these succeeding schools of thought; perhaps it cannot. The question is not very important. Truth may be rediscovered, independently, in many different epochs and places.

The power of the Word, for good and for evil, has been recognized by mankind since the dawn of history. Primitive tribes enshrined it in their taboos and secret cults. Twentieth-century cultures have prostituted it to the uses of politics and commercial advertisement.

Words and ideas are inseparable. You cannot have the idea of God without the word to express God. Hindus claim that because God is the basic fact of the universe, he must be represented by the most basic and natural of sounds. The AUM is God."2

Swami Vivekananda says, "The first letter, A, is the root sound, the key, pronounced without touching any part of the tongue or palate; M represents the last sound in the series, being produced by the closed lips, and the U rolls from the very root to the end of the sounding-board of the mouth. Thus, AUM (also OM) represents the whole phenomena of sound-producing."

Guru Ma says, "Each of the letters of the AUM stands for a component of our divinity. Each letter is intended to be sounded separately. When we blend the trinity, we intone simply the AUM. Past, present, and future form the Trinity. We are all that we are as past, as present, as future realization of the AUM. In the East the Hindus refer to the Trinity as Brahma. Vishnu and Siva; and in the West- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The concept is the same.

The A comes forth from Alpha (our Father) as the initiator, the creator, The Beginning-the origin of spirals of consciousness, of being. It is the thrust of power. The M is the OM of Omega ( our Mother) the conclusion, The Ending-matter, one with the Holy Spirit as the integrator and the dis-integrator of form and formlessness. AUM. Thus the positive and negative polarities of being are pronounced by Elohim across the span of cosmos for the sustainment of the worlds.

From A to the OM, all of the vastness of creation is contained. The U in the center is the cup of creation cradling You, the Real Self, the Anointed One, the Christed One, the Buddha of the Light- you in universal manifestation, in particular manifestation. A-U-M. The Trinity in Unity. You, the centerpiece-the masterpiece-the Unity of the One and the Word, the fulcrum and the nexus. The Universal Christ is the power of preservation, of concentration, of cohesion as identity. From the thrust of the Father to the return of the Mother, you are embraced as the identity of their love. AUM."

The Power of the Word

The sacred Word AUM is God in you as you intone it and/or meditate on it. Sanskrit is the most ancient written and spoken language known to date on earth, it was here before all other ancient religions and philosophies. Every mystical tradition appreciates the power of the Word as thought and spoken word. They understand that the accumulated use of particular words as ideas has power, for good and evil. Hence, silence is golden, patience is virtue; choose your words carefully.

Because humanity is God in manifestation, what we create with our vocal chords is just as powerful as what is within our subconscious. We are meant to create love with both; and one can create the other.

Use the Power of the Spoken Word for Health and Healing

Because we are chosen of God, as much as we choose to be chosen, as co-creators with God we can use the power of the spoken Word to bring health, healing and happiness to our self and to all others.

Truly, meditate, contemplate on the ideas in the beginning of this hub. We are children of the Father and Mother God. We are unique and are here for a specific purpose to fulfill. No one else can do what we came here to do. As individuals, we matter...and have great power!

Please understand that I speak in this way to the soul; the soul that is burdened or abused, that does not feel special or chosen, but corrupt or denigrated, depressed or confused. It is not meant to prop up the human ego that can get too "full of one's self" or believe they are better than others and deserve more than others, and in response misuses one's power to harm. Psychologically speaking, a soul gets that way because at a core level they don't truly feel or believe they are worthy to do better. So, this is the process of healing that the power of the spoken Word can heal and bring a soul into balance, to true virtue, out of delusional darkness and corruption of power.

By practicing the intoning of the Word and the ideas of love behind them, one can "transcend" the corruption, the burden and depression, etc. Use the AUM as a mantra. When we accept our responsibility to use our power of the Word constructively, to help heal our self, it goes deep into the subconscious, into memories and records we may not know we have, that are controlling our life to no good end. Believing we are God, of God, Children of the Most High, and proving that belief by using the Word...the power of God will heal us, because we chose to be chosen, we are asking for the Unity to be more manifest.

Affirmations are a kind of mantra. "I AM" means, "God in me, IS".


I AM healed of this condition of depression. I AM joyful in knowing I AM One with God. I AM better and better each day. I AM a good person. I AM forgiving those that have harmed me. I AM not confused. I AM free from fear and doubt. I AM finding the knowledge that I need to help myself get better... from whatever condition!

Prayer, Invocation, Chant, Decree, Mantra, Fiat, Affirmation, the Call. These are forms of the spoken Word, used from the beginning of time. The accumulated power of the thoughts and ideas within the power of the spoken Word of God and Creation, are saving a planet and humanity.

Consider the bible verses about how the walls of Jericho came down. The priests shouted all at once after days of encircling the city walls with the idea they wanted to manifest. How did Buddha chase Mara away? He touched the ground and affirmed his Right to BE by saying "I bear you witness". There are many, many verses of scripture from all ancient texts...what are your favorites?

The more we use/intone the Word of God and ideas of Love, the more we believe and have faith...there is no Greater Power in the Universe! Be a Humble Warrior and use IT !

end-note: So with such immense power within us, consider how it is used in speech, conversation, thought, music, education, etc...every realm of life ! Does that not bring a greater sense of Awe and responsibility; and a recognition of what we are doing to ourselves and others and the planet?

The concept of a core Unity reaching across all religions, philosophies and belief systems is one of the spiritual aspects of a Wholistic Lifestyle (please refer to my other Hubs for more perspective). Harmony creates Unity, we are all on a path seeking our Truth of our place in the Universal Creation. We are All Sons and Daughters of the One God.

Many Blessings to You All !


Sources: 1The Science of the Spoken Word, by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Copyright 1965. Summit University Press, Livingston Montana.

2 How to Know God, The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali, translated and with commentary by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, Copyright 1953 by Vedanta Society of Southern California. New American Library, a Division of Penguin Books, USA


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    • knlub2 profile image


      11 years ago from Adrian, Michigan

      You are amazing! Will you be my fan?

    • SparklingJewel profile imageAUTHOR


      12 years ago from upper midwest

      Hi MetaP. Thanks for stopping've got it!


    • metaphysician profile image


      12 years ago

      Word becomes flesh. What we speak, we do and what we do we become and what we become, leads back to what we think and create the same word.

      That's why we become what we speak. It's a self incantation!

    • SparklingJewel profile imageAUTHOR


      12 years ago from upper midwest

      I AM so happy you stopped by !

      It feels great to hear Truth, does it not !?

      Have a beautiful day !

    • eovery profile image


      12 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      Wow, the words I Am, is basically who Jesus said he was, when the Jews asked him who he was, and he basically replied that before Moses was I am, I am being one of the name of god, and just to say the word meant you were him, I am. Or the self existing one.

      I believe there are many ties between the old prophets and the oriental faiths. I believe one day, there will be records found about prophets and teachings there.

      Thanks, I always like to learn thinks, and when I find thinks that tie in and affirms my other knowledge, it is great.

    • SparklingJewel profile imageAUTHOR


      13 years ago from upper midwest

      Yes, CJ, it is so much more exciting than you know! There is more unity behind all the world's religions than division. But one has to come to understand that the original "Word" as instruction/definition from "God" was interpreted differently across cultures and of course, also, subverted and perverted, and/or mis-translated as to meaning and significance, etc...through the ages. It is all so fasinating!!

      Thanks for your comment :D

    • CJStone profile image

      Christopher James Stone 

      13 years ago from Whitstable, UK

      Brilliant. I just wanted to add - I can't remember where I read this but it makes sense - that the Judeo-Christian word "Amen" has the same root.

    • ahmu profile image


      13 years ago

      nice hub u make

      i like it


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