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The Seventh House in Astrology

Updated on February 12, 2014

All Partnerships

An angular house, the 7th house has Libra as the natural ruling sign and Venus as the natural ruler of the planets. Contracts, counsellors, mediators, lawyers, your ‘shadow self,’ competitors, business partnerships, your significant other, the first marriage, marriage in general, relationships that are monogamous, partnerships, the alter ego and companionship.

Business Partners

The 7th house depicts whether or not you will tend to form partnerships in business or not. A 7th house full of energy, such as if Mars or the Sun is here makes it likely that when you work as a team you will go faster and far. In this house, if you find Jupiter, this is auspicious for working as a team and increased your chance of getting rewards financially. Karmic lessons or difficult aspects in this house turn your partnership into crucibles, where what you gain transforms you greatly in the end. If you hurt in love, you may be going through higher degrees of hardship. Those that emerge from this house full of difficulty and lessons learned know that the shadows of love are part of true intimacy and are expressions of the soul.

The Shape of Your Identity in a Partnership

If identity is what is involved in the 1st house, the 7th house across the wheel shapes the way relate in a relationship. Are you a singleton, or do you find it easy to pair up? Are you lucky in love or do you have a tragic love life? Will you marry just one time or a few times? Will it be a tumultuous marriage, a happy one or neither? Just like your palm’s line of love, this house gives you a clue about the challenges you will come across.

House of Marriage

This house is where you will find insights in a relationship. Traditionally, this is called the marriage house. On the other hand, it defines the way you are paired up, whether it is a business partnership or one of friendship or love. This house holds all-important clues on ties that are 1 on 1, including the way you deal with arch rivals and enemies. The many different variants of relating, from power struggles, life or death or harmony is expressed in this house.

Themes of Life

The 7th house has themes that include fairness, giving and taking, struggles for power, 1 on1 deals, balance, seeing yourself in someone else, business partnerships, projections and relationships.

Venus Ruled

Ruled by Venus and Libra, usually, the seventh House is referred to the partnership house. Here, you will notice a shift towards another and away from the self. Through relating to and cooperating with others, you are unified for the objective of the achievement of something. To the seventh house, purpose is significant. The acts of being able to accomplish something small or great for the self, society or for a partner. When you unite with others, you become a valued member of the globe, making contributions. In the life wheel, you then have a purpose and become a cog that matters. Partnership and cooperation assist in expediting your life purpose.

Lessons Learned

Within a partnership, tensions also serve for teaching us lessons. Because of this, the 7th house also takes a focus on your union’s darker side. Treaties, lawsuits and divorce also fall in this astrological house. You create enemies in a partnership at the very worst case. On a more worldwide scale, these discords can even worsen and become war. It is the way you react to adversities such as thee that will help shape the partnerships you form in the future.

Becoming a Partner

You are shown in the 7th house that a partner can take different forms. This can include agreements, negotiations, legalities, contracts, business relationships and marriages. You are cooperating to a lesser or a greater extent in various forms of partnerships. In essence, the quality of these relationships related to the 7th house.

Your Partners

Why is this a partnership you chose? Is it for social considerations, practical reasons, for money or for love? When uniting with others, there are many reasons. You can decide to fill the apparent void you see in yourself or you simply want the companionship and the company of someone else. The formed partners you create speak much about who you are and teach you a lot as well. The 7th house wants you to realize that the quality of your becoming a partner enhances your life, makes it better, special and more fulfilled for all involved.

Completion Through Partnerships

Because you are in a partnership, you fulfil your essential being. In an instant, you see yourself in perspective. Through becoming a partner in the way you create, love or play, you are completed and fully formed. The other part helps to make yourself complete. In the end, the way in which you are relating to another being will assist in defining success you have as a member of humankind and as a human being.

Serious relationships of commitment are found in this house. In the old days, this was the marriage house with the understanding that marriage is a contract you enter into with a partner. Also included in this house are adversaries, opponents, the law, justice, rivals and verbal commitments. If the fifth house governs love affairs and romance, this one is about love’s deep commitment. It also shows what you need in a partner and in a relationship.

7th House Cusp

The seventh house cusp is also known as the descendant and is formed by the line of the horizon directly across from the first house of ascendant.

Your Dream Partner

When you have important progressions or transits in the cusp of your seventh house, this is usually when you finally meet the woman or man of your dreams. For each and every person in the world, this is different. On the other hand, when planets move in the 7th house you will know for sure as this is when you start an affair or when you fall in love. It is highly charged and exciting but you are not really responsible for the other person. Traditionally, it says that when you make a legal commitment such as getting married, it becomes a relationship in the 7th house.

Mars and Venus

The planets most important to consider are Mars and Venus, followed by progressions and transits to the natal Moon and Sun. The outer planets along with Jupiter might be the planets that will define a relationship’s character. There may not be transiting planets in the seventh house but usually, there are connections such as planets on the cusp ruling the sign. This house shows you what you can be expecting when you enter into marriage such as unity, separation, sorrow, happiness or passion. On the cusp, Pisces, Sagittarius or Gemini could mean not just one marriage. Scorpio and Taurus indicate obligation or loyalty.

7th House Issues

This house is where joint partnerships for projects, business partners, live in companions and marriage are found. Any confrontation or agreement between another party and yourself is an issue for this house of partnership. The natural Libra the Scales house, this rules your life balance and the balance between light and dark, negative and positive, bad and good. This is the house that is the ruler for written agreements which are legal contracts between yourself and an institution, company or person. This house is the ruler for final judgements, courts, mediators, lawyers, judges, indictments, lawsuits and divorce.


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