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The Shinning Serpent Tupac Amaru Shakur Black Jesus

Updated on April 2, 2015
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Gods Poet Nkosi has been writing Poetry for the past 18 years. Writing can help you learn about your hidden desires and help you grow.

The Shinning Serpent Tupac Amaru Shakur Black Jesus


The Shinning Serpent Tupac Amaru Shakur Black Jesus

The Shinning Serpent Tupac Amaru Shakur

2Pac Died 8 September 1996. I was 16 years

old doing grade 8 at a Christian Boarding School

called Assemblies of God. I grieved I cried tears of

disbelief he was so young yet so militant, brilliant

poetically ‎and musically.

There is no way in hell while living on Earth 2pac

would have faked his death.

"I would rather die like man than live like a


"Ain't no disguise ima die as a Man"2Pac

2pac had a troubled life, yet those dark days

should you over come them, they shall shape you and mold

the brilliance that you may desire. What ever

passion or dream that lies in your heart.

2Pac Studio Albums


Strictly for my niggers

Thug life volume 1

Me against the World

All Eyes on Me 2Pacs First Double Disc selling over 6 million records in 8 months while

2Pacs soul was on earth. Perhaps Elvis the Beatles Queen and Saint Michael Jackson

are one of the few legends and musicians prior to 1996 who have achieved this feat

of viral record sales in the music history. Yes Eminem The Marshall Matters LP and 50

Cent ‎in the Club went Diamond selling over 10 million albums after the year 2000.

By age 25 2Pac had 5 studio albums.

After 2pacs death:

Makavelli was released.

2pac and the Outlaws Still I Rise‎.

Remember Me, Are you still Down,His Second Double Disc

Until the End of Time. A double Disc.

Better Days. A Double Disc.

Loyal to the Game.

Pacs Life‎.

That is 12 Studio Albums Original and Spanking Brand New Material by the age of 25.

Preaching a scorching message, free yourself from the chains of the past and witness

your dreams in your living reality, while you on earth.

Why was 2pac silenced?

It's simple, he was born witnessed hardships, yet he did not despair,

he believed in himself, God he prayed as hard as he worked.

Yet was he really silenced?

His life made the world a better place‎, no government wants us to know

that paradise is on earth.

Evil becomes redundant when you can see the value of goodness in life and all

souls, mankind, lush vegetation, wildlife tame, wild and tame.

East Coast West Coast Beef

The elements and plot to 2Pacs Death.

"Money brings **tch*s (bad girls that are not loyal) **tch*s bring LIES

‎N*gg**s getting jealous, and innocent brothers DIE". 2Pac

" All I want is Money forget the FAME, I am a Simple Man".2Pac

Weather 2Pac made "Love to thee Notorious B.I.G s Wife and mother

Of his Daughter Faith Evans, that is a secret known by few. kept in the shadows.

That was Tupacs Biggest Mistake, "that moment of Passion and Revenge

Cost him his Life on Earth", at the end of the day we are all Human, Yet nobody

deserves to die unless The Angels Saints High Priests and God is CALLING.

"Get your MONEY get RICH and let's Kick IT".2Pac

Tupac is Black Jesus.....

See YOU in Ghetto Heaven THUG Angel....

Gods Poet Nkosi


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