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The So Called Modern Pillars (Including Bishop TD Jakes) of The Christian Faith Are Succumbing To The Gay Agenda....

Updated on August 9, 2015

The So Called Modern Pillars (Including Bishop T.D. Jakes) of The Christian Faith Succumbing To The Gay Agenda, and Moreover, The World....

Close to five years or so ago, the Holy Spirit told me to tell my beloved brother, the latter who was a sapling in the Traditional Christian faith, to be careful of Bishop T.D. Jakes, one of the mega Christian churches renowned preachers out of Texas. I do not know if the Holy Spirit spoke to me because The Comforter knew then that my brother and I held Bishop T.D. Jakes in high esteem as a modern pillar of the Traditional Christian faith; nonetheless, I travelled to Philadelphia and conveyed what was then the cryptic strange message from the Holy Spirit about Bishop T.D. Jakes to my brother... and, in the interim, I observed and waited. Anyone worth his or her salt in knowing the modern players in Christianity knows who T.D. Jakes is - he has been on the cover of Time magazine, and according to the iconic magazine deemed as the heir apparent to Billy Graham. We have also seen T.D. Jakes' movies and his influence he has had on the dialogue concerning the Gospel; however, today, I read that Bishop T.D. Jakes said his take on gay marriage is 'evolving, ' which means that another modern pillar of the Christian faith has succumbed to the homosexual agenda, adhering to the world instead of the insular Gospel of Christ Jesus.

With that backdrop discussed above, this 'nobody' in the Body-of-Christ started looking at the clues as to why the Holy Spirit had warned me about Bishop T.D. Jakes. I was told that one of the local churches, here in Brooklyn, had invited Bishop T.D. Jakes to minister and the church was told that it had to come up with $60,000.00 before he could come and convey the Gospel. When I heard that, I took offense for the good Bishop asking for that type of filthy lucre because asking for that kind of loot was akin to the selling of the Gospel - imagine, what the Apostle Paul could have charged, after all, the Lord chose him to author more than one third of the New Testament, which spelled out the tenets of Salvation for we Gentiles.... Another clue to T.D. Jakes being part of the world is his frequent appearances on Oprah Winfrey show - this is a woman who believes in the plurality of gods... whose fulcrum is dependent on secular advocates who are in essence motivational speakers.

To my Traditional Christian brothers and sisters, you must always be wary of Christians who are constantly being invited on shows like Oprah, CNN , or MSNBC - this simply means that these Christians are no threat to these worldly personalities, and, moreover, that these Christians mostly see eye to eye vis-a-vis with the world what is defined as morality. It is why you will always see a Joel Osteen on these shows, but you will seldom see a preacher like a Franklyn Graham who does not compromise the Word - for example, a preacher who will always see Fornication, Adultery, Abortion or homosexuality as being immoral! No doubt that Bishop T.D. Jakes' evolution on gay marriage is not borne out of his conviction to the Constitutional's 'Separation of Church and State,' like he stated, but it is all about the money. To that morally venal end, Bishop T.D. Jakes has many business endeavors tied up with the secular world, and, although his church is large enough independently to support his needs - it is not enough... so like the Rappers who once castigated the gays in their lyrics and who now support the gay cause and lifestyle, so too Bishop T.D. Jakes morality is 'evolving' to keep enabling the cash to flow into his ministry.

I often wonder what happens to someone like Bishop T.D. Jakes when he starts perverting the Word of God - does he now skip over that part of the Bible that says homosexuality is an Abomination when he preaches? Does Bishop T.D. Jakes and those like him keep 'evolving' to match their new norm in morality? Suppose that I want to sleep with my sister or with animals or engage in chronic Fornication or Adultery... does having influence like the gays will cause the Bishop Jakes' of the world to 'evolve' and change the meaning of plain Scriptures concerning these Sinful trespasses? When the Lord said I change not - does He means until the world decides what behaviors are deemed moral?

We are told in the Bible that in the last days that there will be those of us who will be going after 'strange doctrines (having itching ears)' and that the love for the Gospel will wax cold - look no further than what is happening to the so called pillars of the Traditional Christian faith like Bishop T.D. Jakes. Incidentally, if we as Christians do not see the sheer demonic damage that the Obama Presidency has done to the Body-of-Christ, then we are truly in trouble. The question that begs itself is that if President Obama is not the Anti-Christ and we are not killing Christians in America yet, what happens when it really starts getting tuff to be a Traditional Christian?


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 2 years ago from New York

      I am not here to condemned anyone - but if the Bible says a behavior is immoral - it is so, even if I myself engage in said behavior... I believe that homosexuality or lesbianism is borne out of demonic spirit that gain entrance in one's life some where along the way.

    • profile image

      FreeHelpForFelons 2 years ago

      I as warned about him over 10 years ago. He is anointed by god but like many great pastors many are going by the wayside preaching things things are immoral and unethical for man to do. I at one time was apart of a gay church after spending years of from the Strong's Concordance I realized I had been fooled . Half of the church died from disease and another quarter suffered from severe depression.

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 2 years ago from New York

      I am told that he asked for $60000 some years ago too....

    • ThePastor profile image

      ThePastor 2 years ago from California

      I lost all confidence in him when I Pastor I know along with two other Pastors wanted to bring him in for a city-wide outreach. He required of them $65K. This was at least 10 years ago.