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The Spirit of Disrespect

Updated on December 31, 2018

The Spirit of Disrespect

In the Church - Numbers 12:1 -15

Many people have a problem in showing respect.  Not just to one another, but to those who God has put over them. To lead, take care of and protect them. In looking at this scripture the reason is made clear.  Miriam and Aaron felt that they should be on equal par with Moses.  Some scholars say Miriam was a prophetess and this is what her name means.  We know by the scriptures that Aaron was a priest. Also Miriam and Aaron were also Moses’ sister and brother.  If we break this down, we have two situations going on here. The first, being a prophetess and a priest, Miriam and Aaron would have heard from God and because of this they saw themselves as the same as Moses.  But in reality they were not.  They did not have the plan and the vision for the promise.  God spoke to Moses face to face but to them, He spoke in visions and dreams. Also being brothers and sisters would mean that they should be equal in the yes of God.  Although they were equal, as God is no respecter of persons and loves us all the same, He had given them different functioning’s.  Moses function was as the overall leader.  Miriam and Aaron were his assistant leaders who had their part to play in the fulfilling of the vision. 

The Seed

The spirit of disrespect starts with a seed which then spreads.  In this case the seed was sown by Miriam.  She sowed the seed by talking about Moses in regards to the wife he had married. This situation in Moses life gave opportunity for Miriam to show up what was in hers and Aaron’s hearts. Through jealousy and lack of humility, they began to disrespect Moses by speaking about him behind his back. This is what happens in the Church today.  Many are disrespecting those God has put over them. Those who pray and encourage them to keep on going when the going gets tough.  Those who sacrifice their lives and their emotions for the sake of the people.

I have heard many say, we are all equal and that we should not have titles.  Yes we are equal, but we do have different giftings and rankings which requires us to have titles to identify who we are.  In Ephesians chapter 4 verse 11, it clearly states ‘It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.’  God gives gifts and titles for the benefit of the people, the Church. Jealousy is a bad thing.  It can kill someone’s spirit.

In the Home – Mark 13

Today we see a reverse in roles in many households.  Children are rising up against their parents.  They are refusing to submit to their parent’s authority due to rebellion.  I have noticed that when a child becomes a teenager and begin to learn certain things about adulthood their behaviour changes.  They have some knowledge of the things we know but not the experiences, yet they refuse to remain humble to their parents and learn to live the right way in order to have a productive life.  This was such in the case again with Moses and the people he was called to deliver.  Moses was faced on many occasions with the groaning and moaning of the children of Israel whom he was called to lead from slavery under the yoke of the Egyptians and into the Promised Land.  They continuously rose up against him and in doing so they did not receive the promise.

Children may well think they know best, but wise counsel from their parents should lead them to a better and healthier life.

God a God of Order

God is a God of order in regards to spiritual gifts and the different functioning’s He has given us.  The anointing comes from the head down not from the body up.  Order is in place for the benefit of the Church. Not all can be the same.  I Corinthians 12:17 gives an example of this. ‘If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell be?’

Someone has to lead the way and it is someone who has been given the wisdom, the knowledge and authority from God, to ensure that your best interests are seen to.  We are all accountable to carry out the will of God.  If those who God has put to care for you mistreats you, God will deal with them accordingly.

King Saul was jealous of David.  Although King Saul was in a higher position than David at the time as he was king, David showed respect to him even when he tried to kill him. King Saul knew that David was chosen by God and that there was something special about him and especially as King Saul failed in his duty as king.  Although David had the opportunity to kill King Saul, he refused to as King Saul was God’s chosen king at the time.  David respected the authority established by God. 

I was once mistreated myself by those who God had put me in their care.  I did try to leave as it became overwhelming.  But God told me to go back.  It was during this time, he sharpened those rough edges in me and in my life.  These people showed up the areas of my character that I needed to change in order to have a heart like David who became the next King after King Saul. 


Malicious gossip spreads like gangrene and God sees all.  God summoned Miriam and Aaron to Himself and then punished Miriam for instigating the disrespect.  If God had not done so at this point, can you imagine what damage they would have done.  I can imagine them going their separate ways after their conversation to tell put Moses down to many others, causing more rebellion against him. If we are honest we have all been caught up in malicious gossip at some point in our life’s, especially when we have been hurt. Jesus commanded us to love one another.  Let’s do just that and watch and see what a better place we will live in.


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