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The State of Christiandom - Accepting That Christians Can Be And Are Demonized And Oppressed By Demons....

Updated on February 8, 2015

The State of Christiandom - AcceptingThat Christians Can Be And Are Being Demonized and Oppressed By Demons....

There is an alphabet soup of Christian teachings and interpretations, and of more import, lifestyles in Christiandom predicated upon these teachings and interpretations of Christian doctrines; as a consequence, that is why there are such ingrained conflicts among the so called Body-of-Christ. To that end, I must convey that I am a Traditional Christian - meaning that if a given behavior was considered a Sinful-Trespass when Christ walked the Earth in the flesh, it is still so now and forevermore. I just did not come to that conclusion arbitrarily because I am piggybacking off what God gave to Moses; His Son, the Christ; Peter; and the Apostle Paul about certain behaviors. Now, it is true, that I, among my Traditional Christians brethrens, literally believe every Word in the Bible as coming from Christ Jesus and that He, being the epitome of Perfection, conveyed His Word to his conduits, some of whom are named above. And though these conduits were men and women of mere flesh and blood, the Word was written down perfectly in the Old and New Testaments for all to know Salvation through Christ Jesus alone.

The problems and conflicts among the Body-of-Christ occur when many of us, to justify our lifestyles and biases, deliberately and willfully misinterpret Jesus’ Word. That is why many of our gay brothers and sisters, who claimed that they are Christians, can justify their lifestyles by telling us that because of Christ’ ‘love,’ they need not worry about homosexuality being an abomination. If this is so, then why Jesus, in His own word and repeated through the Pillars of the Christian Faith, would deem my sleeping with a married woman (Adultery) or my having sex before marriage (Fornication) be considered a Sin - and mind you, this is sex between a man and woman, yet, somehow, that same Jesus Christ would condone sexual relations between two men or two women?

None of the advocates of homosexuality are able to answer that question, without them resorting to saying that it is a misinterpretation of the Bible or they themselves going so far as to lie about what the Scriptures have to say concerning the gay lifestyle. Another tactic is to say that one is engaging in ‘hate’ for conveying what the Bible plainly says about the gay lifestyle, and, they not realizing that speaking out on any given Sinful trespass is actually an act of love on the part of most Traditional Christians. Case in Jesus’ loving point, why did God tell Ezekiel to warn' them (all sinners) for me (Ezekiel 3:17) or else their blood will be on the Prophet’s back? Why is it, my sleeping with married women or having sex before marriage, or lying or bearing false witness or worshipping actual idols (all gods outside of Christ Jesus) or anything becoming an idol is a sin - but not engaging in the homosexual lifestyle?

Another tactic used against Traditional Christians is to say that we should not judge… but there is ‘judging’ not borne of Christ’ love; however, there is judgment borne of God’s love like when the Apostle Paul listed behaviors, that the Lord gave him, that would keep us out of Heaven, if we were to partake, and, which, therefore, would place us in a literal burning Hell, if we do not ask the Lord for forgiveness for partaking in those proscribed behaviors. In a connected vein to this topic, there is now a tendency to say that all Sin is Sin - but this may be so, but not so when it comes to their respective punishments. Did not God specifically frown upon having sex without being married by conveying to the Apostle Paul that when we engage in sexual immorality, it is different because it is an act involving our bodies, which is the Temple-of-God where He resides (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)? This again augments and buttresses the Traditional Christians take against same-sex-marriage because, once again, if sexual relations between the unmarried different sexes - man and woman - are deemed Sinful… then how could it be morally ok for sex between the same sexes?

Of grave import to Traditional Christians is their belief in a literal burning Hell were they to die in their sins. It is true that many Christian denominations do not believe in a literal burning Hell, believing that a ‘loving God‘ would not send none of His children to such a place of utter perdition/Hell; but if this so, why did the Lord say that Hell was not made for humans… but for the Devil and his angels (Matthew 25:41) or why would the Living God say in Ezekiel that He takes no pleasure in the death of a sinner? The Lord’s admonitions on engaging in behaviors that warrant going to Hell must be logically borne out of the fact that Hell is a terrible, literal place, and moreover, it is an indescribable punishment that will last after forever.

Many of us Christians are having sex outside of marriage and some of us are even playing prominent roles in our churches, while openly engaging in these Sinful behaviors; for example, the gays in the Praise-and-Worship Ministries or the choir members who are ‘big-belly’ pregnant without being married. What is so scary, notwithstanding that many of us have gotten away with some of those Sinful behaviors, is that we make the mistake by thinking and using Jesus’ ‘Grace’ as a license to engage in all manner of Sinful behavior. Lest I forget, the sole listed Sinful Trespass Christ Jesus used - as an example - for the reason why the rich man was burning in Hell… was the latter’s failure to give to a hungry Lazarus food (Luke16: 19-31); yet we deliberately engage in Fornication, Adultery, and gay sex, and other Sinful Trespasses far worst than that of the rich man and think that we are not going to suffer the fate of that rich man in the Lazarus’ parable. Think for a moment the scary admonition from the Apostle Peter who opines that: ”If the righteous are barely Saved, then what would become of the ungodly and the sinner” (1st Peter 4:18).

The question that begs itself is if it possible for many of us to enter Heaven, notwithstanding our moral failures. There are specific behaviors - some due to what some of our ancestors have engaged in... with these ancestral Sinful actions working Corruption-of-Blood in our forebears' lineage. And please do not tell me that Christians cannot be demonized or influenced because I have seen it and have heard the testimonies, and moreover, it can be found in the Lord’s Word. What did the Lord say to Peter when the disciple insisted that Christ wasn’t going to die – “Get thee behind me Satan (Matthew 16:23)…!” In addition, demons operate in some Christian believers lives because we have willfully or inadvertently opened portals - something that seems as simple as getting a tattoo - for said demons to operate. Incidentally, if those of us Christians who are oppressed were to die, we would still go to Heaven. The problem arises when those of us under the influence of such demonic influence then call God a liar by saying that engaging in the proscribed Sinful behaviors are not Sinful, when the Bible specifically says so.

I know that Christian believers being demonized and oppressed by demons is a hard concept top grasp and accept and even I had a difficult time accepting it; however, I have seen and heard from those delivered by my very own blood brother, Wayne, through Christ Jesus. I end by telling you a mystery that there are Christians who are aware that they are being demonized and oppressed, but have become accustomed to such a state and refused to be delivered. No wonder the Lord opines that: “… My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6)!”

At this juncture, one might be tempted to say that all is lost, in light of the seemingly, difficulty in gaining admittance to Jesus' Heaven, but we get a reprieve that is conditional by way of a clue from the very Word of God when Christ says that many are going to proclaim all the deeds that were done by invoking the Lord’s name, yet many who did those wondrous deeds are not going to enter Jesus’ heaven. This is so because we are all born with Spiritual gifts that were bestowed upon us, and though we may perform these deeds, through our respective Spiritual gifts, if, in our hearts, we do not believe that Christ is the Son of God and that He came in the flesh and bore the Cross for our trespasses and was crucified and raised from the dead, then we are not going to go to Heaven... and it must be noted that not meeting this condition means that the opposite of such a fate is spending eternity in a literal burning Hell!

I write on this subject matter not out of hate or piousness, but out of love and the fact that the Christian truth should never be compromised by myself or anyone else, I believe what I write is taken directly from the Bible, which, for me, has in it the Living Words of God. To that end, I entreat those Christians who will read this blog to pray for me and my family that we may be steadfast in the Christian Faith and not be cast-aways… so that we can say in Jesus’ confidence, Maranatha!


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    • Verily Prime profile imageAUTHOR

      Verily Prime 

      3 years ago from New York

      Sister, many do not know why we pray for one another - iron sharpens iron and it is commanded by the Lord.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      3 years ago from The Caribbean

      Christians who believe in the teachings of the Bible, and who live what they believe are powerful testimonies to the grace of God. I pray that you and your family will always fit this description. Pray for me, too.


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