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The Story of the Precious Doll

Updated on June 12, 2012
Made in the Image and Likeness of God!!!
Made in the Image and Likeness of God!!!

The Story of the Precious Doll

Once upon a time there was an old man who had only one grandchild, named Liliyanna. She was a beautiful girl who loved God and sought to love Him more and more each day.

One day the Grandpa decided for Lilyanna's 15th birthday he would make her a precious doll, one that you could never buy at the store. This doll would be made out of the finest and rarest materials. A doll made out of Love.

First, the grandpa traveled to Jerusalem to cut wood from a tree in the Garden of Olives. Next, he traveled to India to find cloth of the finest silk, and weaved them into a most beautiful dress. Then, he went to Russia to find the wild white ponies that had manes of golden hair, so soft and strong. He found the white ponies with golden hair and chopped some off for the doll. For the mouth he bought ruby red paint, the same one Michaelangelo himself used!

He then traveled to England to find the perfect pair of glass blue eyes. Then, he went to a flower shop in Italy to buy flowers to make beautiful hair pieces. Next, he bought some earrings and jewels made of diamonds from the Austrailian diamond mountains.

Finally, the last thing to do was the most important. He had heard that deep in the forest of the Amazon there is a rare red ruby shapped like a heart. So he traveled there and for three long weeks searched for this heart-shapped ruby and finally found it! He placed it into the carved hole in the chest.

The doll was finally ready and just in time, for it was the eve of her birthday. He wraped it and placed it in a pretty pink box with a bow and placed it at the end of her bed. Grandpa woke up the next morning and sat on a chair with some coffee waiting for Lilyanna to come downstairs. A few moments later she came down with the doll in hand and walked staight up to grandpa and gave him a quick hug and thank you, and headed off into the kitchen.

There her mother was baking the cake. As Lilyanna walked into the kitchen she threw the doll on the floor next to the dog. Her mother quickly turnned to her and told her to pick up the doll saying, "Take care of that doll darling, your grandpa took many months to make it." Lilyanna blushed and picked up the doll and huffed out of the kitchen to her brother's room. There she was going to tell her brother what she thought about the doll.

"Look at this doll" she told her brother as she ripped of the bows, "Just look". And she ripped off the beautiful dress and threw it on the floor. "What are you doing?", her brother asked, "Why are you doing that to the doll?" "Don't you know what grandpa went through to make that doll for you? "I have my reasons and besides this isn't hurting grandpa anyhow, the damage I am doing is just to the doll not to him." "See, look!" as she plucked out the ruby red heart of the doll and threw it into the fish tank, "That didn't hurt anyone."

What she did not know was that her grandpa had been watching the whole time. He had tears in his eyes, his heart was broken, not because of the rejection of the doll, nor because of the damage done to the doll, but of the rejection of Love. He had made it with love and had given it with love, and she rejected that love.

So now think of how we are the precious dolls of God, made from His own materials, His Image and Likeness. We reject His love just as Lilyanna did when we mistreat each other and disobey His loving commands. And just like it did matter when Lilyanna did the damage to the doll thinking it had no affect on her grandpa, so too when we for instance, disobey our parents (The fourth commandment) it affects God and Him most of all. Just as the damage done to the doll had the worst affect on the maker (Her grandpa) more than the doll itself. Therefore it does matter what we do and how we act.

By two sisters, Anastasia and Alexandra Clark

Is it important that we are made in the Image of God?

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    • profile image

      Joanne 5 years ago

      I agree with Tiffany. And the pictures you used enhance the story. Beautiful!

    • profile image

      Tiffany Clark 5 years ago

      A really wounderful story and straight to the point of the moral. God Bless you and keep you safe.