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The Subject of Religion and Non- Religion

Updated on April 4, 2023

The Approach

This is an odd subject for me to speak on. I have spent much of my life searching for a spiritual path and even spiritual clarity that can help define my life more. Atheism or agnosticism could not define my world.

There was an excellent reason why too. The concept of atheism and even agnosticism is fairly terrifying. The absence of a higher power or state or even the questioning of that power's existence has a limit, personally. That limit is accepting religion, atheism, or agnosticism, as the only way to exist without considering other possibilities.

It is easy to be agnostic and atheistic. Well, not easy. Life is hard. The idea that a higher power does not help influence and define the world around us, as a possibility, is very one-sided. In the same way, some people believe the world around us is in God's or another spiritual being's hands, religious belief can be one-sided. In that sense these two opposing ideas are similar.

Consider This:

1) Do you have a specific belief or non-belief? Name one thing that makes it concrete for you.

2) If you have a non-belief, agnostic, or atheist, what makes it a positive state of mind for someone wealthy, middle class, and poor?

Comment below if possible:

Two Sides

In any case, if one side is wrong, one might jump from their base of support and find a new life or fall for picking wrong. One has to be right and someone has to be wrong, correct?

I had a great friend once who talked to me about Islam. It was great because he wrote for me, through his speech, glimpses of the ideas and concepts he followed. He told me how at times I, being Catholic, followed practices that are confusing and possibly even disturbing for him.

He was funny in his portrayals but he has his right to make sense of what he sees, reads, or even hears about other religious or spiritual paths.

Now, to bring this back around to atheism or agnosticism, the choice to follow a certain path is fine. The concept of that path is always something to be up for debate.


Today's debate about religion, spirituality, and non-religion can come down to the concept of what you can prove. If that is the sense, atheism, and agnosticism have won that debate hands down. Islam even won.

In those spiritual and religious paths, that have research and backing, a true physical form of a being, God, or state of being, is up for questioning.

So Agnosticism and Atheism are the way? In my opinion, that is just too cynical. I like to try and look at all things in this way. It has to do with a whole focus. What happened five years ago, ten years ago, and up until today?

Life has moments you own. This life has moments that need explaining. In 2020, a virus had a message spiritually. There is a science to define it, but progress, expansion, and world stoppage highlight the issue(s) in spirituality, in my opinion.

We have to be on this planet together. With respect for everyone's beliefs, we can find a path to enlightenment. We control ourselves and what we pass on to everyone around us. Inside, we can remain open to those things we do not understand.

Thank goodness that is done. I hope you comment below. Talk to you later.

Speak On It

I find the subject of religion and spiritual belief versus non-belief to be interesting. This page is absent of scriptures or textual facts. It only highlights and gets to the heart of people with non-belief or those who question their beliefs.

Agnosticism and atheism are at the forefront. People without beliefs, mostly, but anyone can comment below.


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