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The Sun In The Capricorn

Updated on March 28, 2020

If you are someone who is interested in horoscopes and fascinated by astrological signs and symbols, this article is definitely for you!

The article would discuss what exactly the “Sun” means in astrology and what happens when the sun enters the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

What is The Sun Sign?

According to Astrology, the sun sign is the symbol of what the personality is based upon. In other words, it represents the center of someone’s personality, their major traits, innate characteristics, passions, aims, drives and ambitions in life.

The sun is basically the individual sense of self of a person around which he bases his life.

Why Sun Sign Is Important?

It is important to know and understand your sun sign as it dictates what the true personality of a person is. If someone would recognize his/her true self, then he/she would be able to reach the maximum potentials of the personality.

Sun sign tells about a person’s strong and weak areas which can help a lot in making the right decisions for oneself. Knowing about the aspects of the personality in detail aids in every step of the way from work-life to finding compatibility with a partner.

Sun In The Capricorn

After talking about the sun, let’s take a look at what happens when the sun enters the zodiac sign of Capricorn

Transition Period

Capricorn actually comes under the “Earth” sign and is ruled by the Saturn planet. So when the sun transits into the Capricorn (which is the cool and composed sign of the zodiac), the winter season takes a turn to the northern hemisphere. This is the time of new hope, new ambitions, new goals and little bit contemplation of the old time. Just as the symbol of Capricorn i.e. the mountain goat keeps going higher, the Capricorns set new and bigger goals for themselves and start taking steps to actually achieve them.

The Traits of Sun In Capricorn

When the sun is present in Capricorn, they tend to display the following traits


Capricorns have the Earth sign which relates to the tangible life aspects. Therefore Capricorns always go for the things that can be seen, felt, touched, used and heard. As they are a cardinal sign, the expression of Capricorns is action-oriented.

Capricorns are highly ambitious and set their eyes on a particular goal to achieve but most often, this goal is tangible in nature such as some material aspect is involved. They are highly practical and tend to achieve what they plan in their life by working towards them.

Hard-working and Perseverant

Along with a strong sense of achievement, Capricorns are also hard-working and perseverant therefore, they are known to “reach the top of the mountain peak”.

You would hardly find a Capricorn sitting idle. Capricorns are always planning something new and quickly changing ideas into reality by putting a lot of effort into it. Capricorns are usually not the ones that would leave the work in between. They tend to work hard until they reach the top. Even then, Capricorns have the next goal prepared for them.

As Capricorn is ruled by Saturn planet, it gives them the consistency and commitment required to achieve the goal by overcoming every hurdle of the way.


Capricorns are indeed very responsible when they realize something is their duty. You can often observe Capricorns in managerial positions where they can take up maximum responsibility.

Capricorns also possess the responsibility of making the best use of the available resources. They tend to get maximum out of what they have. Whether they have to fulfill any obligations, make practical decisions, or even make the best out of a moment, Capricorns are known for doing it. They are patient and have endurance when it comes to fulfilling their responsibilities. By making highly pragmatic decisions, they develop an appreciation of the available time, resources and options at hand and would hate to waste them.


Capricorns have Cardinal sign and also comes under Earth, that joins together to make Capricorns born leaders. They always tend to find their way up the ladder and like to be in the top position. Usually, the leadership traits come out in a professional setting or their careers but they can also show in other aspects of their life.

As mentioned earlier, Capricorns are highly responsible and hardworking, they like to take a leadership position and enjoy being on a certain “standard”. They have clear ideas in the head through which they give direction to others and navigate various tasks. Therefore, mostly the Capricorns are found exercising their authorities in some executive positions like CEOs of a firm or directing a huge film, etc.

Traditional and Conservative

Capricorns are totally not the risk-takers. They like to be prepared for what’s coming their way. They are more conservative in their approach and are guided by transitions. They do not want to take a new approach when there is already one laid out for success. They conserve their resources and do not like to waste it even a little bit. The famous proverb, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” totally fits the Capricorns. They gain something valuable and then maintain it without getting their hands into something unknown and risky.

Arrogance and Dignity

Capricorn is the sign that maintains its repute and status-quo. If they have reached certain ultimate success in their life aspect, they strive hard to maintain it. They are proud and maintain their dignity in front of others.

Capricorns are extremely concerned about their repute among others and what impression they make on people. They care about what people have to say about them. Being reserved and serious is sometimes seen as a part of being proud and arrogant for the Capricorns. Sun, when comes into Capricorn, makes them highly aware of their sense of self and reputation that also teaches others what the value of a good reputation is. Therefore, Capricorns are not likely to do or say anything in the public until they are sure what response they are going to get out of it.


Well, when the sun enters the Capricorn, it’s not all happy and shiny. Capricorns tend to achieve big in life but at the same time are faced with failures and self-doubt. Since Capricorns set very hard goals for themselves to achieve, they often feel stressed out when they can’t seem to achieve it.

Capricorns can suffer from inner tension as well when things are not going their way. They can be hard on themselves for not living up to their own expectations and get very severe in attempting to take control of the events, circumstances, and outcomes in their life.

This trait of self-doubt can hold back Capricorns if they do not work on it. They need to understand the value of patience at this time. They will get to the top but gradually and therefore, they just need to be more relaxed and perseverant instead of stressing up for rushing through the things. Capricorns would learn a lot during this phase of “achievement over time” which would benefit them in their future life when they would reach the peak of their career.

Spirituality and Wisdom

Sun in the Capricorn makes this sign very interesting when it comes to joining spirituality with practicality and wisdom. Capricorns represent how to take lessons from spirituality and put them to practical use.

Capricorn is also denoted by the very ancient symbol of “Mer-Goat” which is half-fish and half-goat. This creature is known for the derivation of wisdom through physical and intuitive realms. Often Capricorns possess a very strong desire to search the aspects of spirituality but in a very practical way, that they can put to use in their daily life.

Further, the sun in the Capricorn symbolizes civilization. It relates to civil society and institutions. Just as there should be an innate will to do good in the people of the society to endure cohesive structures, Capricorns represents humanity and spiritual wisdom for doing good.

Highly Sensual

Just as much reserved the Capricorns appear in the public, they are more open than that in the bedroom. Their personalities tend to take an opposite turn when the door is closed and drapes are pulled. Capricorns have a high sexual drive which needs an outlet to express. Their sensuality is developed highly and Capricorns know how to express it.


Capricorns work hard, but they party harder! They are said to be the life of the party. Capricorns when decide to enjoy themselves, take full advantage of all the available resources and the moments. They can literally become the “party-animal”, enjoying themselves and making others enjoy too. When they decide to celebrate and relax, no one can stop them there as well.

So, as much the Capricorns are known for their hard work and achievement, they are known for their celebration and relaxing attitude too. Learn from a Capricorn to enjoy each moment to its full extent.


Many astrologers agree on the point that Capricorns are very difficult to interpret, enigmatic and mysterious. They are not easy to read through and are quite secretive. You always think that you know a Capricorn but you don’t. Capricorns tend to hide many untold truths behind their composed face and reserved attitude.

Some Tips For When Sun is in The Capricorn

When the sun is transiting in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, there are some tips to help the Capricorns get the maximum out of it

Focus on Business

It is a great time to focus on the business and be in control. Capricorns should get organized and start to plan the future for the long term.

Take Charge

Capricorns are known for taking charge and being in the leadership roles, however, this is the time when Capricorns can make the most out of being a little bossy around.

Work Harder

When the sun is shining on the Capricorn, there is no time to take rest. This is the ideal time for achieving big through working hard. If Capricorns have been thinking of putting some extra hours into their work, this is the best time to do it.

Dress Like a Boss

Since this is the ideal time to achieve something big in the business and career for Capricorns, they should dress like it. Image and first impressions are very important to Capricorns so during the sun, dress like a successful businessman.

Don’t Be a Spender

Save money! It is very important to be thrifty in this phase. Capricorns are working really hard to earn money so they should not let it go to waste. If they have to go shopping, they better buy some quality stuff that would last longer.

Avoid Being Burnout

Although it is the best time to work hard for success, Capricorns should not let themselves burnout. They should understand the importance of relaxing and having fun for a while during the busy schedule.

Sun In Capricorn Celebrities

We know you are always looking forward to seeing which famous celebrities share your zodiac sign. Well, here we are! Presenting you some of the famous celebrities who have the sun in the Capricorn. Observe them and read about them to look at what traits you have in common with them and take inspiration from their life journeys.

Some celebrities with the sun in Capricorn are Pitbull, Martin Luther King Jr., Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali, and Jim Carrey.

The Journey Of Sun In Capricorn

Coming to this world with a sun in Capricorn has its own charm and obstacles. Capricorns with sun innately seek practical wisdom. As they grow older, they set higher goals for themselves and start working hard towards them. But only time tells that patience and endurance is the key to overcome obstacles of the way. They plan for the long term and achieve what they desire in life eventually.

If you are the sun in the Capricorn or know someone who is, these traits are going to help you out in understanding the personality dimensions in detail.


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