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The Sun Meditation

Updated on January 9, 2020
Stephen Austen profile image

S.P. Austen has practiced, written on and taught the subject of meditation for over 40 years.

Consider the sun. It does not ask you for anything in return for the light, warmth and energy it provides for you. It shines on the good and the bad, the just and the unjust, giving of its radiance to all living things, yet the sun itself is not in the least bit diminished for it.

Likewise, if we are radiant and generous it does no harm to us. By behaving benevolently in a sun-like manner we place ourselves above our own problems and become a blessing to all those who come into the sphere of our influence.

Holiday makers in their millions go off looking for the sun in order to bask in its light and get sun-tanned. In a similar way, when we radiate a generous, kindly spirit to others, many are drawn to us by the ‘light’ that shines from us and we become a light for the world.

In this meditation we are going to visualise that we become the sun. We are going to see and feel that the sun is shining in and through us. We can also heal ourselves in this practice. We are that sun.

Image by: jplenio
Image by: jplenio | Source

The Inner Sun

In spiritual and metaphysical parlance it is said that humans carry within themselves an inner sun. It is that primordial light that comes from the Godhead, as we are each and every one of us a part of the Supreme Being. If the Deity is depicted as a great shining light, like the sun, then each one of us is a spark from that one true flame. We each carry within us the potentiality to be sun-like, to be deus incarnata. Jesus even said, "Know ye not that ye are gods?"

If we look at the life of Christ, and can accept some of the more esoteric and metaphysical events surrounding his life and teachings, there is one magnificent instance which stands out where this inner sun was revealed by this great spiritual master; the Transfiguration.

At the Transfiguration, Jesus revealed the inner light to a select few of his disciples, and began to radiate with an inner light so that even his clothing shone like the sun. His face became bright white light, and was so bright that the disciples could not even look upon him. The Gospels of Matthew 17: 1-8, Mark 9: 2-8, Luke 9: 28-36 describe this event, should you wish to read about it.

In this meditation we are going to work with light; we are going to channel light through the chakras and become a radiant, glorious sun.

Image by: doreen_kinistino
Image by: doreen_kinistino | Source

Visualise the Sun

Seat yourself in a comfortable position that works for you, and begin with several long and deep breaths in through the nostrils and out through the nostrils as you slowly become centred and calm. Allow the breathing to gradually become slower and deeper, and, as you do so, begin to visualise that a glowing ball of light, of a golden white hue, is entering your body.

Pull this light down from the top of the head, as if there is a source of light shining above your head; a light like the sun itself. Draw that light into the top of the head and feel that as you breathe in, this light descends all the way down through your body.

The Sun in the Chakras

If you are familiar with the chakras, then you can gradually 'enlighten' each of the chakras with this light as you visualise it descending into all of the major chakras, one by one until you reach the base of the spine.

Breathe in the sunlight, and see and feel it radiating from the top of the head at the Crown chakra; next, breathe the light into the Brow chakra, and then breathe the light into the Throat chakra, then into the Heart chakra, then the Solar Plexus chakra, the Sacral chakra and finally the Base chakra.

Spend several minutes breathing in the light into each of the chakras in this way. Imagine that the sunlight is entering the chakra and radiating out in all directions. See strands or filaments of bright white light shining out in all directions like a star at night.

Feel the warm rays of the sun in the chakras. Allow those rays to penetrate to the deepest parts of your physical body, your emotional being and your mental and spiritual being as much as you are able to feel that.

Allow the sun in the chakras to radiate outwards in such a way that the chakras merge into one which permeates your entire body, like a great ball of golden-white light. You become that sunlight and can feel it penetrating to every particle of your body, emotions, mind and spirit. Every cell in your body is cleansed and every atom is activated and transfigured into a higher counterpart.

Image by: Activedia
Image by: Activedia | Source

Heal Thyself

This meditation can be a wonderful self-healing technique if used in this way. If there are any diseased parts of the body or emotional issues or mental/spiritual conflicts, allow this meditation to become a healing practice. Feel that the rays of light penetrate and cleanse everything at the deepest possible level.

Stay with the meditation for as long as feels comfortable and right for you. Come back out when ready, by simply reengaging with the breath. (There is a strong likelihood that your breath has become suspended after doing the chakra breathing when visualising yourself as a radiant light.) Just slowly breathe consciously now, in and out, and perhaps wriggle your toes and fingers to feel fully present within the body once more.

The Radiant Sun

As you come out of the Sun Meditation, try to carry the presence of divine benevolence with you as you go about your day. Allow your inner spirit to bless all those whom you come into contact with, as a radiant sun. As you become proficient in this practice, you will be able to feel the presence of this inner sun at any time you choose to recall it. An inner radiance will be felt from within yourself, mostly coming from the top of the head at the Crown chakra, often felt as a pleasant tingling sensation on the very top of the head.

Allow a touch of inner spiritual glory to shine on those around you, from a place of quiet knowing, a benevolent place that seeks nothing for itself save only to radiate the light to others; do this in secret, let no one know what you are intentionally radiating outwards into the world. The pleasure of doing this practice brings its own rewards. Others will feel the uplifting effects of your radiance. Not all, but many will, including animals and the plant kingdom.

You are shining as a bright point of light. You have become a Spiritual Sun; a blessing to this world of sorrows.

Image by: OpenClipart-Vectors
Image by: OpenClipart-Vectors | Source

© 2020 S P Austen


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