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The Sunday Atheist Report

Updated on February 16, 2020


I know, I know, as soon as you saw that title you ran for your bibles and crosses, said a hail Mary and knelt down and prayed for my heathen, misguided soul. I felt it, a wave of…

Nope, nothing happened, some of you I’m sure were taken aback, and many of you deep inside feel I may be evil. I’m not, I just don’t have the same belief as many of you do. I was actually brought up in a christian household. My grandmother was the vice superintendent of the Sunday School. She used to lug my ass to Sunday School every Sunday, and after that to the church.

I didn’t realize how much of that time I felt was wasted till I got a little older. I gave up those excruciating Sunday games at the age of 13. Still, for awhile I would go to church on those special occasions, such as Easter and Christmas. Most of which we would witness the fashion show critique. Yup, many used those joyous occasions to see who was wearing what, and gossip to others how awful it looked. I eventually phased those out of my life as well.

Now before any of you get your panties in a bunch, I’m not here to tell you how wrong you may be, and how right or wrong I may be, nor am I going to try to “convert” you to the world of atheism. I leave that converting to those who go door to door to try and peddle their religion in that way. I’ve had experience with that “try to convert” when a friend of mine married a Mormon lady. I’ll just let you know they are long since divorced, and leave it at that.

I’m not here to argue my way is better, it is for me, maybe not for you. I would like to say that any moral judgement you may make… well as a christian you do know that isn’t your decision, right? I will also add that I don’t need a book to tell me how to live a life and be a morally balanced person. I’m 61 and haven’t killed anyone yet, and believe me I have had the urge a time or two in this lifetime.


Have you ever had those young men come knocking on your door, and as soon as you open that door, they are going to try and convince you that they have a better way and their prophet is the one you need. I try to be patient and tolerant of these young men, after all, they have been brainwashed since the time they were born. Spend two years walking the roads, trying to convert people into their religion. Some of them actually know how to take “NO” for an answer, but then you have the odd one show up, and I swear they are worse than a shady car salesman.


I know it isn’t proper to go grab a lady by the private parts, because when you’re a star they let you, because we all know that is wrong, well most of us do. I also know that rape, sexual assault, bigotry, racism, slavery, murder, stealing, and all those other bad things aren’t right as well. If you look into your book, you will see that a few of these things were permitted and encouraged in those many years ago which that book was based on.

That is something that does irk me, basing a religion on something that was written many years ago, and if we are to believe those people actually existed, the book was put together many, many, years after their deaths. It is also known that many things were purposely left out, it sure would be nice to know what was edited.


So no, I don’t need that particular book to tell me how to be a moral person, though many people think I do. If anything, we should treat each other in a kind and gentle manner, be caring and loving, and try to help others who can’t do so for themselves. It truly is that simple.

When it comes right down to it, all anyone really wants is to be happy, be able to get by in this lifetime and not be bothered by things they shouldn’t be tormented with, yet we all know that isn’t the way things usually go…


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