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The Tenth Astrological House

Updated on April 14, 2014

The Tenth House

Just as a framework is provided by the zodiac for talking about planetary positions against the stars, the astrology house chart is the frame work for speaking of body positions that are relative to the ones that people on earth observe. Sometimes, this particular perspective is called local space since the definition of each house is in terms of the personal horizons of each person and the direction compass on the surface of the earth.

Life Themes

The life themes of the 10th house include monuments, mentors, the guiding influence of a parent, legacy, status, the calling you have for your life, Midheaven, career and authority. While the 6th house determines how you make income streams with jobs and how you make a living in general, this one is related to Midheaven. It is a public persona expression, and how you are seen as a world stage figure. Here, the dynamics you find will feature how your destiny is fulfilled over time to become, in some area, an authority. The mastery of Saturn is won hard and the rewards that this house will bring come with time through careful progress.


Another thing that marks this house is worldliness which, on your lasting legacy, has an impact. What is referred to here is the enduring impact this has on the community by what you create and by your actions. It could be the shaping of younger minds, theories, buildings, books and monuments. It is where you will find signs that guide you through being able to achieve what you truly came on earth to do. Others call it how you make your mark and the destiny of your career.

The Father

The 10th house is related to the authority figure of the father. The main reason for this is that traditionally, he is the coach that shows you how to make your own way in the community. These days, however, it could be any mentor, significant family figure or the mother. In your life, the authoritarian teaches you the 10th house life lessons and how your power ought to be claimed.

Material Realm

With its signature being Capricorn, this house deals in the realm of the material. This house features insights that show you how, in the real world you should act and how things get done by you. Since this often requires a real, inward authority, this house in its full expression is a bedrock and solid type of power. It is achieved from perseverance, wisdom and experience and a cumulative success history. If you happen to be experts, this planetary and sign of this house shows you what field you are likely to be well-built in.

Social Success

Referred to as the house for personal destiny and social success, the tenth house is opposite the fourth house and corresponds to the professional career of the native as well as his elevation socially compared to the background he has of his family. It is a symbol of his achievements and ambitions in the community. It is also related to potential fame and the general public. This house is in the natal chart’s southern part and is located right at the top.

Social Status

Also known as the Social Status House, the 10th House is about the place attained in your social circle or group in general. Think authority and status and what it consequently conveys. The community role you take is also considered. This house speaks of received promotions and the fame that is coming your way or which you commonly have. It also includes the social activities and types of business partaken by a person. The tenth house happens to focus on how the community as a whole sees you and how you see yourself with respect to achievement. Through the tenth house, you work on self-manifestation.


In this house, vocation is important. What role will best fill the one you select? How much in life do you plan on achieving? Motivation, ambition, professional goals and career are all considered I here. In a context that is more practical, rules and employees are also covered as well as other establishments such as government bodies that have abilities of ruling over you. Along with the work of your life comes the challenge of authority over others, although there generally will be people who lord over us.


The matter on how these gifts will be managed by us and the status that comes with it is important to this astrological house. Will you truly be a help to society by using power or will you be reckless and wilful? After all, not all people are cut out for social success on a grand scale or equipped to significantly aid society one way or another. You might also want to note that many of the success which people achieve come about with the help of the community, and do not occur in a vacuum.

Making an Impact

An individual’s relationship to society and to a group is something that the 10th house highlights. For things to be improved and an impact to be made, you will need to feel kinship to causes. It is through doing these things that social status is achieved in a manner that is really worth it. In addition, the 10th house also addresses fathers which are generally the parent with more authority within the family. Ruled by the planet Saturn, this house is also Capricorn-ruled.

What You Make of Yourself

It is a tenth house matter when it comes to what you make of yourself. Your worldly status, public reputation and career are a tenth house issue. These suggest your contribution, optimally, to the society in which you live in and the quality you want to be remembered for, respected and admired.

Public Image

This house is also an indication of the tendency of one’s career as well as image to the public, rather than the private image. It also has to do with the parent who has a bigger influence and people with authority or power over you such as judges and bosses. Yes, in this house, careers are affected by planets, including the house cusp’s sign and the sign of the ruling planet. However, what many astrologers might tell you is that Mid Heaven angles and aspects, all of which begin in the 10th house are absolutely important in determining the areas of career that are best. When the sun is in the tenth house, for instance, this is where attention is craved. Naturally, the sun would want to be the boss no matter what the work happens to be, which is why the sun does not point in a particular, single, direction of careers. As long as the sun is in the 10th house, there will be authority and favourable attention and the person with a chart this way will tend to be happy.

Your Calling

In your horoscope, the 10th house points to the needed direction that needs to be taken in terms of your profession or your calling. All people are called to achieve something on earth which contributes anything to the community. In one way or another, you need to integrate yourself into the bigger world of which you happen to be included in and the 10th house reveals the optimal method of this becoming integrated, both for the world and for yourself. On the cusp of the 10th house, the sign appearing will give clues that are undeniable to what your calling or path ought to be.


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