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The Theory of Generational Ghosts

Updated on April 26, 2017
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Bonnie Taylor is the author of the Not Forgotten novels, a paranormal fiction series available on Amazon.

What is a Generational Ghost

The term generational ghost is used to describe the earthbound energy of a departed family member. This could, in theory, be a loved one who has recently passed on or an ancestor who's energy remains perhaps in a long established family home. They are thought to be active spirits with a defined purpose, most commonly, to continue looking after living family members or to pass on a specific message to the living. Some cultures believe so intently that the energy of their ancestors remains with them, they continue to involve them in family and community functions. In our culture, many people believe that they have at one time been visited by a departed loved one either through apparition, dream, or a simple case of devine intervention llike a guardian angel.

Generational Ghosts vs. Ancestor Worship

A belief in generational ghosts and ancestor worship are not one in the same. Ancestor worship as practiced in many primitive cultures still plays a significant role in some cultures today. It is the understanding that the impact of those who came before us does not end when the person leaves the earthly plane of existance. Primitive cultures did not correlate ghosts and ancestor worship and,in fact, feared the idea of ghosts but reverred the spiritual embodiement of their ancestors.

A Pueblo Indian belief indicates that the dead transcend and become one with their forefathers. ceremonial prayers are sent to the forefathers to ask for harmony, health, and prosperity.

When are Generation Ghosts Present

There is one school of thought that suggests that generation ghosts are ever present though they may not always make their presence known. Their energy may be bound to a place, an object, or a member of the family. They are holding on to something or someone that hold dear.

Others believe that genertional ghosts visit their loved ones at the time of their passing to say goodbye but then move on from this existance to take the next step in their journey. These people may also believe that the spirits of their relatives come for them when they are ready to join them in the spirit world, acting as their escorts to the other side.

Still others think that generational ghosts visit the living during particular life events like the birth of new children to the family. And finally, there are those who believe that generational ghosts act as guardian angels forewarning us of danger and secretly aiding us in our decision making.

Regardless of the motives or behaviors of generational ghosts, more people are comforted than frightened by the idea that their loved ones are still present in some form and participating in their lives albiet in a potentially passive capacity.

Guardian Angel or Generational Ghost?


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