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Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn - If You Are One of These, It Means You Are "Cardinal", and Ready For Action & Success!

Updated on July 15, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

The Triplicities and How They Balance

What are the Cardinal signs?:

Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

What are the Fixed signs?:

Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus

What are the Mutable signs?:

Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo


How Does The Cardinality Mode Influence Your Sun Sign?

Cardinal refers to Action. Fixed refers to Shape and Form. Mutable refers to change and shape shifting. This article will specifically deal with how Cardinality influences the below 4 signs.

Aries - Cardinal Fire

The Spring is all new, the Ram is the mountain bound beast who first feels the springtime sun on the peaks. The Cardinality of Aries is ACTION. Aries is A Fire Sign. Thought is not big. Aries are not aces on precognition or considering or pondering or self-reflection. Any thoughtfulness for Aries happens AFTER the action has exploded into being. Then they look around. Then they wonder what happened. Then they contemplate the accident that they just caused. Then they figure out who else to blame, if its to explain to an officer. However they are constructed, they honor themselves. An Aries can be quiet and reflective, but then he thinks he may be the smartest Aries in the world. His intelligence may be limited, but his sense of self is so strong that his comprehension of his inner originality knits his/her identity together that he/she calls it smarts or brains, but what it really is, is originality, pride, glowing, beaming self - blazing through their wonderful bright smiles. They don't finish well. Cardinality has little to do with finishing.

Cancer - Cardinal Water

Now, we have to think how an emotional, moody being is also action-oriented. Well, think of it. The crab skitters around picking up pebbles and food as the pounding tide washes over them. This image is perfectly marvelous. The crab is fearless. The hard shell covers the soft insides, and so they never drown, they just smile back at you through their crystalline eyes and ready for their next assignment. Logically the crab is close to home, resources, children and their little rooms. They abide in their oceanic psychic intuitive world and their working world. If you have a cancer lover or friend, or are one yourself, appreciate this dichotomy, it explains much. In times of stress and turmoil, they are the first ones in the street, picking up the pieces, and organizing the abandoned or lost. Also, they can have a strong temper because their forces come into being because of this cardinality. Yes, they cry, but it's usually the tracks of their tears that you see. Their real tears were shed before they reported for work. When cardinality was just creeping over their motherly selves into martial arts experts.

Libra - Cardinal Air

When you think about Air, you can't see it like you can water and fire and earth. It is the most ephemeral. So when you think of adding action to air, you have to envision PLANNING FOR ACTION. They say Libra is the sign of the Balances or Justice. Don't dismiss balance. Balance is what holds skyscrapers in the air. Balance is what holds relationships together. Balance is imparted to conceptual activity to make earth and fire and water work together. Think of the scripture: "In the beginning was the Word..." When you see an active humming almost lyrical voice, smiling and patting for cooperation and a spirit of togetherness, a long lean body that is just a little too good looking. That is a Libra in action. What is the Achilles Tendon? Because the world is dynamic. Because creation is always in motion. The Libran idealistic paperwork that they bring to the construction site, often gets coffee, cigarettes, a little booze, and sometimes some blood spilled on it. Libra gets rattled when that happens. You see their quiet, or loud response is always: "If everyone had just followed the paperwork, nothing bad would have happened. Libra in action is determined and relentless, but also just a little bit naïve, and little bit nervous and overwrought. But constantly reaching for perfection, and the ideal is a big burden that does bring with it these wearing qualities. Remember though, they are always back the next morning with make up, combed, washed, poised, and ready to go.

Capricorn - Cardinal Earth

Capricorn is about as "down to business" as you can get. Earth is the topic. Cardinal action is the mode. The goat is a planner and a boss, and realistic and practical. And it's all done on the edge of a cliff. Think of those construction workers who walk the steel on construction sites. Capricorn walks the steel of parties, gatherings, new societies, clubs, politics, legislative sessions and publishers. Capricorn puts the earth into all kinds of configurations. Because the goat is actually a creature of unknown origin with a fish-like appendage, it has a mystical knowing about how real things come into hard manifestation. Once somebody said to me: "They are evil." I said. "Hold it, it's just that feelings and sensitivity are not high on their list of priorities. Making things come into being with hard determination is what counts for them. They can be almost everything if they really try to do so. They are very talented. It's just that most of the time they would rather work on priority number one, in their highly prioritized lives. If fun is number one that day, then damn it, they are fun. With the best jokes and the loudest laugh. Why? Because it says it right there in the "How to Be A Happy Cappy" Book. And there is a Capricorn way of doing everything.

Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable - Get the Big Picture and Find the Other Smaller Activities

To understand the 3 modes think imaginatively about these natural forces: Beginning, Middle, End.

Another way is: Plan, Establish, Change.

More poetically, think of these three forces as the plant, bursting (cardinal)through the ground, the Stems and Roots powerfully building the plant that is to come (fixed).

And the blossom and leaves and seeds become all the Mutability of the Natural.

© 2010 Christofer French


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