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The True Meaning of Wisdom

Updated on November 21, 2014

Wisdom in the Bible

The essence of the bible is of wisdom, however, there are books in the bible that specifically pertain to wisdom. What i mean by that is these books give you examples of situations in human life, to show an individual what and what not to do in important situations. Without these examples, we would not know what to do nor how to act in life's circumstances. Without wisdom, there would be no light in this world as we know it at all. There would be no justice, life as we know it would be in utter chaos. Wisdom is beyond the physical realm as well as the mental, it belongs in the spiritual realm, as God's attendant, for wisdom comes from the Lord.

In the Bible, more specifically Proverbs 1:7, Solomon, the books author states that "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge." To this statement a person might ask, "what does it mean to fear the Lord." to answer this, we just have to think about how is it that we wake up every morning, who woke us up? We may think our bodily functions did, but it goes deeper than that. We have the sun for the day, and the moon for the night. This is no coincidence, someone formed them. The constellations in the sky that line up like a puzzle, no human made that. The Lord formed these things, and if we fear his creations powers (wind, water, fire, earth, lightning, storms), how much greater we should humble ourselves (fear, respect, honor ) before the one who created them.

To fear the Lord, means to hate what is evil. This makes sense because everything that the Lord does is Just. The Lord does not mean to harm nor hurt anyone. It was us through Adam and Eve who decided to listen to the voice of the devil, instead of the instructions of God. To hate evil his to hate all sin and wickedness. As it says in the book of psalms 6:9 " away from me all who do evil, the Lord has heard my weeping." For if you love God, how can you love evil, this would be contradictory.

The wisdom that is taught in the Bible even gives us examples of how wisdom should be used in our day to day lives. In the book of Sirach (Ecclesiasticus), why in general, people are reluctant to let others borrow "4Many treat a loan as a windfall, and embarrass those who have come to their rescue.Until he gets something, a man will kiss his neighbour's hand, and refer diffidently to his wealth; but when the loan falls due, he puts this off, he repays with offhand words, and pleads the inconvenience of the time." (Sirach 29: 4 and 5). These passages are showing us why people act the way they act. If you choose to accept the truth of the matter you can increase your knowledge.

As we have seen so far, there is a lot of wisdom to be gained from the word of God. If we choose to love God and fear what is evil, we would do well to read and understand the Bible. True wisdom is to fear the lord, which means to respect him. To respect the Lord would mean to adhere to his principles. To adhere to the Lords principals would mean to detest what he hates. What the Lord hates is evil and all of those who do it's bidding. Everyday we wake up and go out into the world, the is a battle going on. Yes, there are physical wars on earth, we all hear about it in the news daily. However, there is another battle going on in the world that is spiritual. This spiritual war of good versus evil has been going on since the dawn of man, which side are you on? If you are on the Lords side that is great news. If you want to be on the Father's side, get involved. If you need wisdom ask the father for it, he will grant you it. Start by reading the bible and asking the holy spirit of God to understand what you are reading. Remember, true wisdom comes from God, the guider of wisdom.


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