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My Belief in the True Nature of God

Updated on May 16, 2012

...all you have to do... is listen...

This is NOT God.
This is NOT God.

Humanity has been taught that the nature of God is, like us. That we are created in God's image and we have decided that that means God is like us.

We have been taught to believe that God is a wise old man, sitting on a cloud in heaven looking down on his most beloved creation, humanity.

"We believe in one God the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth..."

I believe we have been taught wrong.

I believe God is not a man, nor a woman, nor is god human-like. I believe we are similar to God the same way a microscopic organism is similar to us. I believe our own arrogance is what has lead us to believe we are the most cherished thing in God's creation. Our own arrogance and desire to be more than we are, or ever will be.

Reinforcing the belief that God is an all powerful wise old man, is the belief that God had a single son. One and one only, and that single solitary offspring, in all of creation, was born as a human man, on the most important planet in all of creation, Ours.

Again... I believe this to be arrogance. It may stem from our human need to be more than we are, or from the fear of being unimportant.

***If Jesus really was God's biological offspring...Then I doubt he is an only child. I believe that God, being God of all creation, would have sent an entity like Jesus to every civilization, on every planet in soon as a "Jesus" was needed, and they were ready.***

The fact that God loves all of creation as much or more than us does not make us unimportant. We are important. The same way a single small piece of a puzzle is important to the whole. Without every piece, the puzzle cannot be complete. But we are NOT nor will we ever be the entire puzzle, or even the most important piece in the puzzle. Even though that is what we would like to be.

We may have even been created by God through other creations of God. The same way God created the machines that humanity has learned to manufacture.

I believe that God created everything the way God wanted it to be and God's creation can not be changed by us. We can learn more about creation, and change that which God allows us to change, but the true laws of God cannot be broken. All powerful after all means ALL powerful. The ten commandments are not about God's law they are about man's law, and the survival and control over a group of people.

God's laws are more like this: You cannot venture into space until such a time as you have mastered the physics of space flight, the science of gravity and have mastered the environmental controls necessary to survive in space. The learning required is the playpen wall that keeps us from getting to a place we are not yet ready for.

Like a good parent that keeps their child from being able to go into a busy street (until the child can understand the dangers). God keeps us in a place of relative safety until we are capable of understanding the dangers and have  learned to overcome them and protect ourselves.

Anything we can achieve we should achieve. Learning and growth is what God wants from us, what God intended for us. Again, there is nothing we can learn that God does not already know. We cannot learn how to do anything that God does not intend for us to learn, "all-powerful" remember... Defying God is not possible, therefore anything we do we do because God allows it.

We cannot punish God by not believing.

God does not need us to believe in God. The simple truth is we feel better believing we have some small power over God, some ability to control and/or influence God against God's will.

We do not.

In the grand scheme of things... Humanity is simply not that important... nor that powerful. But we certainly are arrogant enough to convince ourselves that we are or that we do.

Lucky for us, God is not a petty tyrant that hurts us for our arrogance or because we insult God with our inability to understand that which is supremely simple to God..

 God, the all powerful benevolent being that has an unending love for us, simply would not do that.

So why does God allow us to destroy each other? Why does God allow those we love to die? Why does God allow suffering?

Because without Evil, Good could not exist.

Without suffering there could not be joy.

Without hate there could not be Love.

Without hot there could not be cold.

Without up, there could not be down.

The ability to choose to be immoral, or even evil, is necessary. Because without the freedom to chose we would all be slaves. It is our choices that make us who and what we are, and the ability to chose only one side is no choice at all.

It is again human arrogance to believe that God would break God's law, make an exception for someone we love just because we love them. Every person in creation has someone that loves, or loved them. Every death is mourned by someone.

By my logic, death is to God what a hiccup, or a sneeze is to humanity. Death is only scary to those who have no control over it and no understanding of it. Death is only scary to us.

God does not fear death. God is not separated from the entities God chooses to be with by death. Death is not a mournful occurrence to God. It is just a hiccup. It is only mournful to us, because it separates us from those we wish to be with.

Believing that God would want revenge against an entire race of humanity for the death of Jesus is like believing it just to kill an entire family because one of them sneezed.

The other side to God's laws are the consequences of our choices. They too are unbreakable, once you have decided to venture into space and have mastered what it takes to get you there. You will have to deal with the consequences of those choices.

Choosing to do evil has consequences and sooner or later we will pay them. Doing good is the doing of evil only to evil, by doing only good, and the consequences to that action are peace and tranquility. So even though evil must exist, evil does not have to be powerful in anyway.

 As God intended it, as God created it.

The Love of God...

Seeing, truly and honestly, where we (humanity) fit into the puzzle might make some question whether God loves us at all, or the depths of that love. This concept, like all concepts dealing with the nature of God, is a very complex and tricky thing to describe... But I'll give it a shot.

Infinite love divided into a fraction...

Imagine a super wealthy man, for simplicities sake lets put his wealth at 1 billion dollars. Now lets say the percentage of love he has for any given person translates into what percentage of his wealth is given to that individual. A person that has 1% of this man's love would receive 10 million dollars. A person that is loved by this imaginary man at 50% would receive 500 million dollars. Now imagine that this imaginary man had unlimited wealth, it never ran out and it never reached a top limit... The percentage of his wealth that someone would receive would always be the same, limitless, even though the values would be different. 1% would still be smaller than 50% but the actual percentage would be the only way to differentiate the value. Once we tried to put a limit to it, an actual dollar amount, the value translates to infinity, to unlimited love, or in this case unlimited dollars.

Values that we humans set so much stock in, lose their meaningfulness when dealing with infinite concepts. Percentages are as good as I can do, only by using percentages can I bring any meaning to the level of love God has for us. The bottom line is a 1% share of infinity, though vastly smaller than a 50% share, is still equal to the 50% share because the shares are infinite, limitless, and unending.

I hope that brings you some understanding... and some comfort.

This model of percentages translates to the concepts of infinite goodness as well, and God is infinitely good...and... infinitely evil (by choosing to be infinitely good God does infinite evil to evil, which makes God infinitely evil... to evil... <grinning>...I told you, it is always complex).

Be Good... Choose good, do only good and you will be what God is... A being of benign neutrality.

God's true nature.


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