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The Truman Show: A Devotional

Updated on March 18, 2014

Truman Show trailer

The Movie

In The Truman Show, Jim Carrey is Truman Burbank, a successful businessman who lives in the 'perfect' world of Seahaven Island. Everyday, while leaving for work, he greets the neighbors across the street by saying "Good morning! And in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night". He has a nice house in a nice neighborhood with a beautiful wife and lots of friends. The only problem is, none of it is real.

Truman's entire life, since birth, is the substance of the most popular TV show in the world, The Truman Show. All of Seahaven Island is a massive production studio, and all of its' inhabitants actors, except for Truman. The show's creator, Christof (Ed Harris), oversees the entire operation from a command center way above Seahaven. He and his team go to great lengths to control the environment and ensure that Truman never realizes what's going on.

However, like life, nothing can stay perfect forever. Strange things begin to happen, like a light plummeting down to the street from atop the studio, and the radio broadcasting his every move during the drive to work. Even at work, as he awaits the elevator, the doors open, revealing a crew of actors and designers eating their lunches. Quickly, someone puts up the wall panel and the elevator doors close.

This was the last straw. Truman's paranoia, having gained steam, left him determined to try and travel to Fiji, where he believes a lost love and her family have gone. The travel agent tells him there are no flights to Fiji. Wanting to just get away at this point, Truman tries to take a bus to Chicago, but before it can go anywhere, it breaks down. He finally goes home, appearing to be content to stay home.

As Truman sleeps, Christof pays a visit to the command center to make sure the day's close calls and craziness have subsided. As he watches Truman sleeping, he becomes suspicious. He has an engineer zoom one of the cameras in, quickly realizing they have all been duped. Truman had escaped and his whereabouts were unknown. Christof immediately forms search parties of all the actors and producers, and turns up nothing.

Finally, he suggests they look out into the sea, where they find Truman sailing and attempting to get away. Christof uses his advanced weather program to really punish and come down on Truman to stop him from discovering the truth about his world.

Truman's boat finally runs into the edge of the massive studio. As he ascends a set of stairs toward a door, Christof's voice booms out, seemingly from nowhere. He begins pleading with Truman, explaining to him the origin of the project, and that Truman can remain free from pain and suffering if he stays. As Truman appears to be in deep thought, Christof exclaims "Say something! You're on national TV!". He slowly looks up toward the sky and says "In case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight".

The Message

I think that alot of people can relate to Truman's story here. It is very easy for us to succumb to the mundane, to the schedule of 'work, eat, sleep, repeat'. We may have fun at times, laugh with friends, cry, play games, etc. The truth is, there are many of us who don't think there's very much to this life, or that there are any possibilities beyond our daily routine. The fact of the matter, though, is that there is so much potential for you and your life.

There is a God in Heaven, and in our hearts. If we open ourselves to Him, a whole new world will be given to us, one that's been here all the time! The transition to a Biblical story may not seem easy at first, but you don't have to look far. The story of Saul/Paul is, I think, the perfect example. Saul was a very mean and terrible person, attacking, ridiculing, and helping to imprison anyone who proclaimed Jesus as Lord and Savior. However, on the way to Damascus, he was blinded by a light from heaven. After speaking with Jesus, and being still blinded from the light, Saul went to Damascus, and after three days, had his vision restored by Ananias. Now, instead of imprisoning or murdering believers, he was telling of His greatness as the true Messiah.

There is alot more detail to that story, which I encourage everyone to read about. This story, as well as The Truman Show, are just a couple examples of how you can live your whole life believing that your world, your story, is a very limited one. In fact, there is something even bigger and better in store. Have you ever felt you knew everything was one way, only to find out different? Was there one specific instance, or series of instances, that showed you the potential of a life much greater and fulfilling than the one you have now? It is my sincere prayer that everyone who reads this gains some new interest or revelation concerning your greater purpose. God Bless!

The conversion of Saul
The conversion of Saul

Have you ever limited yourself, only to find there was more to be experienced?

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