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The Truth About Online Psychic And Tarot Card Reading Services

Updated on July 24, 2013
Tarot readings Can Now Take Place Online
Tarot readings Can Now Take Place Online

The Times They Are A Changing - Who Could See That Coming?

Since the earliest days of the Tarot card, which it is thought to have originated in Italy more than 500 years ago, the Tarot card deck has been used as a means of helping people to understand their lives, their future and past and what factors are shaping the course of their journey through the years.

Every year, many thousands of people consult with a psychic or tarot card reader. These meetings usually take place at the home of the psychic who is carrying out the reading and are carried out in return for a fee paid to the reader.

That arrangement is fine for those who have access to a local psychic or Tarot reading service but many people, unfortunately, do not fall into that category. Often they live in areas with no such service and would have to travel many miles in order to see someone for a psychic consultation or a Tarot reading.

All The Fun Of The Fair – And A Serious Side Too!

In years gone by several solutions were devised in order to overcome this. Psychics, fortune tellers, mediums, spiritualists, palm readers, Tarot card readers and crystal ball readers all took to the road and took the show to the people.

Fairgrounds, seaside resorts and busy towns and cities all played host to those wanting the services of those who could throw some light on life’s curious mysteries and unravel the past in order to give some guidance for the future.

Travelling psychics became commonplace in many areas and often attracted large crowds with people seemingly being willing to queue for several hours if necessary to get a reading or consultation. Many psychics became celebrities and had a huge following in the UK and throughout Europe.

Enter The Media, Did Anyone See The Admen Coming?

National newspapers began to run horoscopes and gradually these were supplemented by additional chargeable services that could be ordered from within the newspaper. These services included fortune telling and tarot card reading amongst many others.

With the telephone finally becoming affordable for ordinary folk during the course of the 1950’s and onwards, telephone based consultancies began to appear. The latter part of the 20th century saw the advent of the mobile phone and they are now, of course, ubiquitous and affordable by almost everyone.

As a result, telephone services from everything from astrologers through to fitness coaches started to spring up and prosper.

Premium rate numbers meant that psychics and mediums, tarot card readers and clairvoyants, were all able to offer their services over the telephone and were able to take a proportion of the call’s cost in order to give them a profit.

These services still thrive to this day and form a very important part of the earnings of many psychics and clairvoyants.

Astrology And The Tarot Lead The Way In A Race To Harness The Internet For Psychic Profit.

The Internet isn’t as new as many people think it is. What’s new is the way in which it enables people to bring a service to an audience who, otherwise, would not have been able to access or afford it because of the need to travel and possibly stay overnight.

Telephone services did well but suffered from a lack of visual content – when carrying out a tarot reading there is a strong visual impact produced by the imagery on the cards as they are turned. That impact is lost on telephone readings.

Early adopters of Internet based tarot reading services and other related fields found a whole new, and virtually limitless, audience t market their services to.

A well designed and constructed website, however, with good graphics and, these days, possibly a video link or YouTube video to reinforce the visual content, comes as close as possible to a live reading or psychic consultancy. These services are starting to be offered by a variety of providers and are increasing in sophistication every day.

So, if you have wanted to take advantage of a tarot reading or to consult a psychic about various aspects of your life, check out one of the excellent online tarot card or psychic sites today.


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    • profile image

      Renee 3 years ago

      I like how the site filters out the Con Artist Psychics, The Psychic I use here (David) was much more accurate than my Psychologist!!!

    • Tyler Blakes profile image

      Tyler Blakes 4 years ago from Orange, California

      Real Tarot readings are hard to find online, but I got a reading from one of the Psychics on I only got the first 5 minuites for free, but I was willing to pay after the psychic proved his worthiness