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The Truth Behind Skin Tags, Birthmarks, Moles, the Ancient Science of Moleosophy.

Updated on December 18, 2011
got it?
got it?

I Was Simply Living My Life Till...

One day after work I was at home, in the front yard laying on the grass I decided to get up. I walked to the front of my house. I looked up into the sky and to my amazement I saw a cloud formation that appeared to be a person with their arms stretched out to his side. At that moment I saw another cloud formation move to the back of the person, it was a turtle or tortoise. At that moment I looked again and I saw a cloud formation that appeared to be a group of people holding hands. One was on top of the other. The figure on the bottom, the turtle on top of the figures back, and the people on top of the turtle’s back. As soon as it was complete the cloud formation stopped moving and was just there. I looked back at the one n the bottom, at his face, and my face shined through. The light from the sunlit the clouds like that. At that moment and much to my amazement again, I looked to the front of the formation and I saw three perfectly symmetrical clouds that were dots, form a triangle. At that moment a voice came and asked if I was this. Of which I thought it being the symbol itself. I nodded, yes. Can you picture this. I knew the three dots. Because my mother has mole configuration on her thigh just like it. When I was young, a child. I felt led to go into my mother's room, for what i don't know. And there I saw it. (the writing on the wall). I asked, mom? What is that? She looked at me and said, "diamonds." In a sequence of dreams I had as a child, a collage of pictures in my head, I was standing in the desert. Even though I was a child, in my dream I was who I am today. grown! It shows me walking with the sun is behind me. And I also see ruins. As soon as that happened, I saw a sequence of me startled. I fell back and backed up, then this crazy looking, funny looking cat. Not a house cat, like a lynx or something. That's where it switched to another scene of my brother's head, just his head, floating slowly towards me. Then it breaks and everything seemed to stop. I was there, from the torso up. With my hand on my hips and this look of seriousness, to me. It held. 23 to 25 years ago its still holding. The scene changes again. This time it is me and three friends standing in front of a grove. Which changes, from everyone of us posed with a dog. The it changes and I see the star of David. with the "G" in between it. It looked like it was on parchment paper. It caught fire and started to burn. The scene then goes to a moving film that showed me walking by it, and not even caring, totally despondent about the situation. Next the scene has a red tint to it. You see the word cats. As the word begins to spin really slowly you see a little spark, like a shine in a diamond. it got intense as the word spanned.

This is a depiction of a pendant, reportedly used by King Solomon to aide him in the apprehension and deportation of evil and unclean spirits.
This is a depiction of a pendant, reportedly used by King Solomon to aide him in the apprehension and deportation of evil and unclean spirits.

A Dream Is Just That...

In one, I see me walking into a restroom. As I step in my attention is shifted towards the toilet. Upon which stood a gold tin with white and pink flowers in it. At that moment I hear something call out, "Solomon?"

I am standing in front of a desk with a lamp on it. Instead of pulling it, I just snapped my finger and pointed at it. All in one motion. It came on and there was I, smiling. It shifts to where my elementary school is. I was a kid now. the film was hazy also. Its me in the front followed by five others and our teacher, i suspected, being the tallest. As we walked in line I through my hand in the air like I was presenting something. As I threw the flew something from my hand, what looked like dust. It sparkled and formed the phrase, "Paint A Perfect Picture." Then out of nowhere a brontosaurus appeared. end of dream...

Gloria Foster
Gloria Foster

I do a lot of searching. The moles I know are one thing for sure. And that's "CHARMS!" Undoubtedly we all who posted here lead lives that may be somewhat charmed. Have you ever seen the Matrix 2? In it the oracle, Gloria Foster, who has passed away, had a lot of moles on her chest. And her neck. (excuse me). The only association at that time I could make is that one of our mannerisms is the "hand to the side of your neck" hold. I feel a strange attraction towards this female. From her hair to the way she smokes her cigarettes. It is definitely something vicious. YES!!! MOLES DO HAVE A MEANING AND DIRECTIVE IN LIFE.

The Sun, The Moon, & The Stars.
The Sun, The Moon, & The Stars.

The Sun(devilstar), The Moon, & The Stars

Hopi Indian Culture speaks of 'manna'. You know, the stuff that was spoken of in The Bible. And other religious texts. The Hopi’s say that manna is the stuff from which magic is made. I was sitting around one day, and i saw a vision of Ms. Foster. She was sitting down then something grabbed one. It went poof. and it was all good. The thing that pulled them was what I believe the Hopi’s call The Great Spirit! I have a lot of experiences. Magic has always played a key role in my dreams. What can I do to bring this into my reality? Not just my dreams. Have you ever had an experience about corn? Or walking on top of a green mountain? Frogs, Dogs, Cats, Lions, Tigers, Turtles, & bears. The three dots and the three fates in Greek mythology? Or the holy trinity? Solomon and his three sons Vlad Dracul and his three sons. Three Kings of Orient, On and on and on. And when Zeus said I would put him in my thigh, does this has any relevance to the mole configuration on this person I know thigh? Is there any relevance to the three gods in Hindu religion. If this woman, Gloria Foster, and my friend Chris Reeve’s mole configuration on their neck. Which when I gazed upon i saw the constellation Orion, or cancer(since they are similar?) Are they the twins Artemis & Apollo? Who subsequently killed Orion? Since Ice Cube has the same three dots under his eye, and made an album called The Predator, is the crab, since in the movie the predator has a mouth like a crab? Is he Gaea, or mother earth’s husband? Including me, I have a mole in the corner of my eye. One on my neck. and the other on my forearm. And I have always called the one by my eye, the sun. The reason I call the one on my neck the moon(since i was young i had a little manna one next the one on my neck, which always reminds me of the bright and morning star, which can be seen in the early morning, meaning the one that is always close to the moon in the morning, is Venus.) And why is Jesus and Lucifer called the "morning star," which is Venus. Or the little constellation i see in the morning. Which subsequently is the crest of the Islamic Faith. The crescent moon with the star above it? What’s going on here? About my three moles… And Ra will carry the sun, moon, & stars into the underworld to illuminate the underworld. And no matter what, in our next life, what we wear will follow us. Most people live their whole life not knowing or seeing the magic happening in their own lives. The little things? Like moles.

Prophecy Fulfilled/Duty Fades

25 years later I was at home, doing nothing. When I walked into the restromm, and to much of my amazement, the gold tin with the flowers. As I walked back towards the living room on the same exact table stood the same exact lamp. I tried but to much of my disbelief, I was unsuccesful. But I am still painting pictures, or am I sorting through a pre-world photo album of sorts... ???Past Life??? That wasn't the only thing weird about my home. The scene shows me riding in the back of a car. With my finger atop the side of my nose. The next thing I know *BOOM* i looked and saw a mushroom cloud billowing into the air. At that point I and the car am magically transported to another scene. Now the car was special. It was like one of those old school zuit suitors car with the small windows. I step out close the door and walk off. Music in the air and a brilliant nostalgic feeling. The scene shows the side of my house and then it moved to the window and then it moved into the front of my grandmothers room door. I saw, what appeared to be me, folding my arms in an embrace. There was someone in the bed. There was a thought lingering about that I were supposed to be there doing that to pull the sickness, bad sprits, whatever it is out of her.

Lee-Lee a.k.a. VICIOUS The Truest "G"
Lee-Lee a.k.a. VICIOUS The Truest "G"

I Knew It Was Coming

Upon returning home from college, my mother had acquired a dog. A chihuahua type but one of the big ones. Her name was "Lee-Lee." She was an awesome dog. It was picturesque. She was colored black and white. Like a cow as a friend told me... The scene with her was simple. I was laying down and she was next to me. I was playing the covers. She jumped up and just looked at me. Then I heard something say Erik you are our one. Lee-Lee was on cue, one day that exactly happened. But in a previous one it showed her standing looking back. Then I see, who at the time I didn't know existed, a friend holding a cigar and the leash. The tint in that picture was so ideal. Lee-Lee to me was one, all that be needed was a diamond collar. Times changed....

A Motto To Live By
A Motto To Live By

My sister once asked, is it corn? Are we here. My answer. Do you want to be here, or do you want to go further. I want to bring all of us together! Cause I believe that if we assemble, we will see the true power of the corn. And change this world for good. The lesson I learned from mythology, you cannot blame god or the gods. Why? Because the are only human! We are here now. Lets make this change. All we got to do is take one step towards on another. And the God that we have all fallen to, will take care of the rest. I feel an overwhelming emotion of love just thinking about it. a voice explained to me. a voice explained to me.


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    • brwnidgrl profile image

      brwnidgrl 9 months ago

      I have 3 freckle looking moles that make the same triangle on my ankle. I noticed it at 7 years old and always felt it meant something.

    • Hamad Irfan profile image

      Hamad Irfan 6 years ago from U.A.E

      Nice work!


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