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The UFO Enigma: Mystery Files

Updated on November 9, 2012

What is a UFO? Well, any object, be it man-made, natural or extra-terrestrial that is observed to be flying and defies identification, is by definition an Unidentified Flying Object.

The term these days however has become synonymous with "Flying saucers", or visitors from another time, space or dimension. This is understandable because many of these objects seem to move in ways that are clearly under some sort of intelligent control.

Sceptics would say that is because they are nothing but mis-identified aircraft and the intelligent control is being provided by the pilots of those planes. The apparent plausability of this explanation fails however, because many of the incredible movements displayed by such unidentified craft would produce such crushing accelerative and G-Forces that they would kill the pilot and probably rip the craft to pieces.

Perfectly natural phenomena like lenticular cloud formations can be mistaken for UFOs
Perfectly natural phenomena like lenticular cloud formations can be mistaken for UFOs | Source

Sceptics, often encouraged by government agencies, claim that most UFOs are simple mis- identified natural phenomena. An often bandied-about statistic is that 95% of all UFO sightings can be placed in this category. This statistic conveniently skirts around the fact that the remaining 5% , cannot be explained away. Even government and military agencies reluctantly admit that they cannot logically account for these reports.

The statistic is somewhat misleading however, because of course once an object has been identified (be it meteors, balloons, weather phenomena etc.) it is no longer unidentified and so ceases to be a UFO. The logical upshot of this of course, is that ALL UFOs, by definition are unexplained.

Still, that's only 5% of all those reported right? Yes, but what does that 5% represent in real terms?

There are (at a conservative estimate) an average of 6000 documented sightings every year, which represents about 300 sightings per year which simply cannot be explained away. In the 65 years since the Roswell incident in 1947, we are talking about 19,500 UFOs that cannot be explained away by scientists, military or governments.

Ancient Astronauts: Our Extraterrestrial Legacy
Ancient Astronauts: Our Extraterrestrial Legacy

Gods or Extraterrestrials? The history of the human race and our true origins can be traced back through archeology and a careful study of our past. Many of the worlds ancient sites and amazing artifacts show ancient man's use of advanced technology but how was this knowledge gained?


Ancient Evidence?

So, are these happenings to do with Alien visitors from another planet? Well this is not of course, the only theory. It has been suggested that what we are witnessing may be visitors from another dimension who have discovered how to breach the dimensional barrier, or even that they are our future selves travelling back in time!

Whether you believe in the "Alien" theory or not, one thing can be agreed - Something strange is happening. Something which is outside our normal sphere of science and knowledge and contrary to popular belief.

This is not a recent phenomenon. Evidence that we have been receiving such visitors have been recorded since the very beginning of written and pictorial records. The Astrophysicists Carl Sagan and I.S.Shklovski in their 1966 book Intelligent Life in the Universe, cited the ancient Sumerian legend of Oannes, a fishlike being that is credited with teaching Mathematics, Agriculture and the Arts to the Sumerian people. Sagen felt that because of the legend's consistency and detail, it was deserving of much closer scrutiny as a possible record of extraterrestrial visitation.

Rama and his celestial flying machines the "Pushpak Vimana" depicted here as boats held aloft by birds.
Rama and his celestial flying machines the "Pushpak Vimana" depicted here as boats held aloft by birds. | Source

Hindu Examples

Hindu mythology tells many tales of how their Gods and their Avatars were able to travel from place to place by means of flying vehicles which were known as Vimanas.

Dating from the fourth and fifth century BCE , the Ramayana cites many examples:

Book 6 "The Magic car"

"This chariot kept with utmost care

Will waft thee through the fields of air

And though shall light unwearied down

In fair Ayodhya's Royal town".

Book 6 "The departure"

"Swift through the air as Rama chose

The wondrous car from Earth arose

And decked with swans and silver wings

Bore through the clouds it's freight of kings".

"Sons of God" or "Watchers" communicating with a flying craft?
"Sons of God" or "Watchers" communicating with a flying craft? | Source

Biblical Examples

Many ancient astronaut theorists claim that the Bible clearly cites evidence of extraterrestrial visitation from the past. One such text offered as an example is the Book of Genesis 6:1 and a more detailed account in the Book of Enoch which tells how the visitors or "The Sons of God" were a group of 200 "Angels" called "Watchers" who had come to Earth to breed with Humans. The theorists claim that they were known as watchers because their specific task was as observers of humankind. The fruit of matings between Watchers and Humans were known as the "Nephilim" who were said to be giants and "consumed all the acquisitions of men" The Watchers were credited with teaching humankind about Astronomy,Meteorology,Metallurgy, Sorcery and cosmetics!

Egyptian Heiroglyphs

It is claimed that evidence for ancient visitation can even be found in Egyptian Hieroglyphs such as the example below which it is claimed, depicts various flying machines, disk shaped craft and a helicopter!

Hieroglyph allegedly depicting spacecraft and a helicopter
Hieroglyph allegedly depicting spacecraft and a helicopter | Source

More Contemporary Examples

There are many more contemporary examples such as in the following links:

Nuremberg 1561 UFO sightings

Nizza Space Ship Sightings 1608

The Dogon - Star people

All of which depict happenings which took place long before the dawn of modern technology or even before the concept of Extra Terrestrials as we understand it existed, And yet they all report events that are difficult to explain without invoking some sort of "visitor from the skies "scenario.

Whether we believe that such stories actually depict Alien visitation or not, we can all probably agree that something out of the ordinary is happening and whilst some of the stories could be explained away by other interpretations, there are others which seem to be direct descriptions of soberly observed events that defy any prosaic explanation.


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  • kalinin1158 profile image

    Lana Adler 4 years ago from California

    Hi Bill! I have enjoyed both the content of your article and your writing style. I came across your hubs when I was reading someone else's hub to which you made a comment that the so-called aliens might be us from the future and that the time travel paradox explains why they have been so illusive while there's so much evidence of the alien crafts visiting Earth. Sargent Penniston's account and the binary code he received telepathically ("Exploration of Humanity continuous for planetary advance") seem to support this hypothesis. I just thought I'd say hi and great job writing :-) Voted up!

  • Gaizy profile image

    Gaizy 5 years ago from Denbigh, North Wales, UK

    Thanks efeyas - Nice to be back :)

  • efeyas profile image

    Elizabeth 5 years ago from Some Sunny Beach, USA

    Gaizy glad to see you are back at it! I missed reading your Mystery Files! Voted up!