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The U.F.O. Truth Files, Part I: The Suppressed Reports

Updated on April 24, 2017

There are many people who have reasons to believe that we are constantly being visited by creatures from other planets. The reports submitted by these people have something in common. Most of them have seen an Unidentified Flying Object or a UFO whose presence cannot be accounted for. These UFOs are considered as the mode of transportation for the aliens.


There are so many reports and photographs about UFOs and alien encounters, that the UFO societies have been flooded with them. About 90% of these have been explained as aircraft, weather balloons, rockets, huge birds and even insects. But the remaining 5% have not been explained. The UFO societies say that eyes from other planets are watching us, as so many people have sighted these objects. All of them cannot be wrong.

On June 24th 1947 at 3.00 PM in Pendleton, Ore, an American pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying his private plane when he saw 9 bright saucer-like flying objects. According to Kenneth these objects were flying at the incredible speeds of 1200 MPH and at about 10000 feet altitude. The pilot was not able to guess what these objects were. Arnold was a United States Forest Service employee engaged in search of a missing plane. When he saw these objects they were flying between MountRainer and MountAdams in WashingtonState. He told the press that these objects were weaving in and out of formation. Another person (unidentified) who lived in Utah also confirmed seeing such objects flying over Ukiah Mountains.

The above report gave UFOs its first popular name of the ‘flying saucers’. After this event, the TechnicalResearchCenter of the United States Air Force’s Air Medical command started monitoring UFOs. On the same day of June 24th a Pendleton couple reported a sighting and so did a farmer from Portland named F. Johnson. He claimed that he had seen 6 disks like objects over the Cascade Mountains on the morning of 24th June. In this way sightings experienced by Arnold triggered the start of a new era. Since then reports have been flooding in practically from everywhere around the world. People have been seeing UFOs all over the World. Reports of sighting them have come from more than 150 countries.

In 1978 a unique incident occurred in Melbourne. Pilot Fredrick Velentich noticed something approaching him. He radioed the ground control that what he had seen was orbiting on top of him and that it was not a plane. When he was about to tell the base what it actually looked like, the radio contact died out. Nothing more was heard from him at that time. However he somehow escaped and when he reached Yakima, Washington he reported everything he had seen. He said that these objects flew very near to the mountain tops as if they were linked to one another. He described their formation as that of a chain. On the other hand more such incidents occurred in New Zealand. These bizarre incidents forced Melbourne T.V. crew to mark the air route between Willington and ChristChurch. The T.V. crew’s cameramen shot some 2000 frames of film on 16mm. They documented the presence of some mysterious objects and when research was carried out by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, optical physicist at U.S. Navy, the film revealed an intriguing flying object that was mysteriously oscillating at a constant frequency from a large bright yellowish to a white circular shape, to a dim yellow and red triangular shape. Dr. Maccabee suggested that this object was throwing a forceful light of about 100000 watts. He also calculated that they must be travelling at a speed of about 3000 MPH. The history of sightings of such flying objects is quite old. Even Columbus reported, ‘a light shimmering at a great distance, though resembling a star but does not seem to be one.’

There have been so many incidents of UFO sightings all over the world that it is difficult to enumerate them. It was 17th April 1966 morning and the person was Dale Spour of Ohio. Dale and another person stopped at the roadside to investigate an abandoned car. Suddenly they saw something rising from the woods. They chased the object for about 70 miles, at the speed of about 105MPH. In this case Spour was helped by a policeman and radio too. In 1970 another incident occurred in Saladare. A red ball making the sound of an airplane swept the area. It knocked down stone walls of a bridge and uprooted many trees. It also destroyed many buildings. Surprisingly no incident of fire occurred.

There have also been many other incidents. On July 24th 1992 a jet owned by Air Canada was flying at an altitude of 3000 meters from New York to Vancouver. It reported a dull cigar shaped object on collision course with it. It suddenly turned left and disappeared.

All the above reports right out of the Vault marked 'X' for eternity can indicate, if not prove , that we have been visited by extraterrestrial intelligence and rather than turning a blind eye we need to analyse seriously, the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe.

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