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The U.F.O. Truth Files, Part III, Lessons from the Allan Incident.

Updated on April 21, 2017

In Nov. 1980, England, an experienced policeman named Allan (Surname unknown) was on night patrol when he saw an object which he was not able to identify. At first he thought it to be a hot air balloon which had fallen down due to some reason. After a while he took his car nearer the object to investigate it. He found that it was an elliptical object made up of some kind of a metal. The lower part of the object was rotating, while the upper part was still. It contained black colored panels all around it in a line that seemed to be windows. He found that the object was about 4 meters high and 6 meters wide. Allan came back in his car and started to draw a picture of the object. While he was doing this he noticed that the trees on the side of the road started shaking vigorously, though he was not experiencing any kind of vibrations, sitting in his vehicle. He did not even hear any sound. In panic Allan started his car, but as soon as he did it he felt a powerful jolt like an electric shock. After a fraction of a second he found that he was sitting on the other side of the seat, though still in his car. Allan was perplexed. His wristwatch had stopped. Allan was feeling dizzy as if he had been hypnotized. After a while when he recovered from his state, he realized that a long time had passed between the times he had been transferred from one side of the seat to another. He had no account of the time that he had lost.

Slowly things started to fall into place. He remembered being picked up from the place where he sat in his car and being transferred into a room. He saw a two meter tall creature standing in front of him. He told Allan to lie down on a table which seemed to be a metallic one, without speaking. It was as if he was communicating with Allan telepathically. At that time more than 7 creatures entered the room. They had dark black eyes. The most astonishing fact was that Allan felt at ease with these creatures as if he had met them before. Allan could remember no more but other police officers confirmed that they had also seen a bright light in the sky which was like something they had never seen before. Allan claims that what he had seen was real.

Almost at the same time at another corner of England, people, experienced vibrations like those of an earth quake. One of the terrified people was Hugh Edwards who believed that he had seen a flying saucer. He described that the object was of the size of a bus and had a white colored streak in between. It was flying above the mountains and started to come down as if it would crash on the mountain but it suddenly swerved and went behind it, disappearing at the same time.

It was creating a strange buzzing sound while flying through the air that left hugh stunned and gazing at it. One of the terrified people watching this incident was a district nurse who thought that the object was a plane and that it had crashed. She with her daughters drove up the mountain to give first aid to the wounded passengers. When they reached almost at the top of the mountain they were shocked to see a huge bright orange ball of fire on their left side, quite far from them. They still thought it to be some kind of an aircraft on fire. As they had settled a little they realized that the orange ball was not on fire at all, it was very still. It was something like a miniature planet. They also saw a small pulsating light that was approaching the object. It was travelling in a zig zag path.

Astronomer Renn Madison suggests that it was some meteorite that had fallen and its impact coincided with an earth quake. No search team went out, thus there was no proof that was found, on the authenticity of the report.

In this way many alleged UFO sightings have been suggested to be actually the result of natural phenomena. Another example of such a report is as follows. In March 1981 policeman Derreck Ingram saw and photographed what he thought was an aircraft that had landed on a hillside. He saw a group of 3 intense lights. He drove up the hill but was not able to find anything. It turned out to be a complicated reflected light created by white lichens, green lichens, quartz crystals and rain which all happened to be there that day.

In Nov. 1987 at Gulf Breeze Florida, builder E.D. Walters claimed to have seen and photographed a UFO. He made a lot of money by publishing the photographs. It is said that he had photographed the object with the help of a Polaroid 108 camera on which it is easy to superimpose the photos. Bruce Maccabee who is a researcher and a staunch believer of UFOs analyzed the photos. Maccabee has written a lot of articles and books on the subject of UFOs. According to him the photographs are genuine. Critics say that a model of a UFO was found in the apartment of Walters. A person named Tommy Smith claimed to have seen him taking fake photographs. The truth behind these photographs was never found.

Many a time in the history of research of UFOs, reports have been submitted which explain contact with aliens. These reports, though criticised have not been disproven till date. Some of them have become classic cases while the others are still disputed over their genuineness. A report which tends to fall out of both the categories, though remaining a mystery took place at about 6:45 PM on 26th June 1959 at Boianoi, Papua, New Guinea. A Church father William Jill, and 38 other people witnessed a bizarre sighting. They saw a strange orange light north of Venus, which when it came near, turned out to be a circular UFO with a wide base. The people were able to see four creatures sitting in it, but they were not able to give a detailed description as the object was not that near.

This UFO sighting happens to be a strongly supported one. Another of such a convincing sighting took place when a police officer saw a fireball falling from the sky near Socorro, New Mexico on 24th April 1964 at 5:45 PM. When he drove to the place where he thought that he had seen the fireball falling, he saw 2 tall men in one piece white suits and an egg shaped object landed in a narrow trench. While he was gazing at this object with astonishment it blasted off with a roaring sound, leaving behind dark marks where it had landed. These marks were later investigated by a French Physicist Jaques Vallie who classified the encounter as that of the third kind.

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