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The Ultimate Power Harnessed

Updated on January 6, 2019
Robert Coello profile image

Robert is a father, husband, chef, life coach recording artist, sculptor and would love to add "Author" to his list of dreams fulfilled.

It's supper time and everyone is seated. I picture Jesus, glancing around the room and counting heads. "Ok looks like they're all here". He looks again, just to make sure Judas is present, otherwise "the plan", will not work. Although there was that nano-second that unbeknownst to His guests, Jesus sighed and wished things could be different.

But immediately His heart skipping a beat, He looks to heaven and whispers, "Father, not my will, but Yours be done.”

I feel secure with that conjecture, as a result of Him, the One and only sovereign God being fully acquainted with every human emotion. But there is a tall order here, that only Jesus himself could fulfill.

Before dessert is served, seated there, fully man, fully God, the One that under His garment housed the power to create endless galaxies, oceans, and universes. He could have swiftly and without hesitation or any resistance annihilated the one known enemy seated there, clutching the money bag. This chosen one however was in a very strategic way the “guest of honor". The catalyst, the one who would ensure this chronicle continue all the way to Calvary.

Jesus suddenly pushes His chair back, stands up, and does the unimaginable. Are you kidding me? This King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Son of God, walks over and fills a basin with water, grabs a few towels then crouches over even "lower", and one by one washes the feet of those He loved. Those that dropped everything when they heard Him utter the words "follow me". And here they were, next in line to have their feet washed. After witnessing countless miracles and being able to attest that He is truly the Messiah, the Son of God, the savior of the world. This cannot be!

They had no grid nor could they truly fathom what was happening right before their very eyes. Which is exemplary in the way that Peter responded.

Something tells me though that this was the "group think" of the moment.

Nevertheless, Jesus was not in the least moved or driven off of the path ascribed to Him. He washes His disciples feet not excluding the one who would "betray" Him. He then returns to His seat. He dons his teacher hat and proceeds to explain the lesson. This time, in a not so parabolic language , so that they would clearly understand.

I can only scratch my head as I play this footage on my head monitor. I look around the room as well and see the puzzled, perplexed countenance of the disciples experiencing truth in motion, yet feeling clueless? Not completely, but certainly not fully embracing what was on the radar.

Who are the guests at your table? Who is the one or the ones that you know that have or will betray you? Did you even invite them? Were you not aware that they are necessary in order for you to complete your mission? "Sometimes", in our own ignorance we keep them at bay that are essential for us, "the seed" to go into the ground and die so that life can spring up.

Why not take some time today to symbolically set the table, and invite those that have hurt, betrayed, abused, left, abandoned, forsaken you? And rather than use your power to annihilate them, you instead, choose to push your seat back, stand up, fill a basin with water and go to each of them and wash their feet? And as you do, forgive and release them. I mean, really release them.

Subsequently , take a seat and enjoy the dessert that Jesus himself will serve you for having followed the mandate, the blueprint that was the very meaning behind what He did that night long ago.

As the world around them went about her business, around that table, The King painted for us, a matchless, priceless, timeless image that reveals the secret in how others would know that we are truly His disciples. Let’s willingly give to Him what He paid for. Love wins.

Before dessert is served, seated there, fully man, fully God, the One that under His robe housed the power to create endless galaxies, universes, and could have swiftly and very easily annihilated the one known enemy seated there, clutching the money bag, was in a strategic way the “guest of honor".


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